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This was definitely a refresher for me. Growing up using future tenses, it is so interesting to think about how language works and process. I used these language functions as a kid without fully under
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Rose Hill
Troubleshooting is the final lesson of International TEFL and TESOL training, and it addresses most common issues and challenges that teachers face, with useful tips on how to deal with them. Problems
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I believe this unit was a great start to the TEFL certification process. The unit describe the roles of a teacher in an articulate manner. This allowed me to better understand teacher's involvement in
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After reviewing unit 2, I realised how much of my english speech/writing has been naturally gained. Before reading this chapter I thought I had a basic understanding of different grammatical component
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From my experiences studying other languages, I know the past tense can be difficult for some compared to other tenses. The past tense brings out a lot more irregular situations and is heavily impacte
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Rush Center
While there are advantages to using a course book, there are times when some adjustment might be needed in order to present the lesson. Any lesson involving currency will need to be adapted to the lo
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English tests are a very useful tool to measure a learner’s current level, what’s this student is lacking in terms of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and what actions should to be taken for th
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Russell Springs
Sources and resources are helpful to creating higher levels of interaction and engagement in lessons, thus in turn, supporting greater progress and higher levels of learning. They do this by reducing
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Testing and exams were focus of this unit. Of course, evaluation is a vital aspect of teaching, so it was useful to learn that there are various ways of testing, and that sometimes official guidelines
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Like the present and past tense, verb conjugations can be particularly complicated and thus potentially difficult for a student. It is therefore imperative that the teacher has a solid understanding o
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This unit is covering the importance of pronunciation and phonology. Phonetics of each word and syllable come into consideration that may seem natural and obvious to a native speaker, however taking i
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This unit covered teaching receptive skills. I had not realized that receptive skills could be broken down into the 4 categories as this is not something native english speakers typically think about.
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This unit was about equipment and teaching aid. A teacher can use many sorts of equipment and or teaching aids to benefit his classes. Be aware you know how to use any equipment or teaching aid effici
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This unit was very difficult for me. I have no background in understanding the language from this angle. Even in other languages I speak there is not this level of understanding. I think that I would
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This unit showed me what an effective and ineffective teacher would be like while in class and how each can affect the students. While watching the videos, I was reminded of one thing: a good teacher
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In the past I taught business English, but going forward I am not sure. Given my current situation I can expect to encounter students who are not familiar with the Roman alphabet. Luckily, with the
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Scott City
In this unit I learned that there are different roles a teacher can and should take on while teaching a class. The roles varying from the sole leader to intently observing each student while they stud
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The most important people in the classroom are the student and thus the teacher must cater for their requirements. Part of the teacher's job is to create an environment conducive to learning and thus
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Besides course books, there are many teaching aids that can be used in the classroom to increase the effectiveness of and interest in lessons. The main one is the board. It is important for teachers
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In this section we learned about how to teach receptive skills, which include reading and listening. Both of these aspects are equally important when teaching a new language, one cannot be successful
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There are some issues that commonly arise in EFL classes, and as teachers we can take the experience of other teachers to avoid problems in our own classes. We can make sure we use our first lesson w
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The unit was very informative in that it provided details of the different types of students that I will encounter. I was unaware initially of the proficiency levels that are used to distinguish and a
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The final unit of the course provided some good insight and review of the previous units. Focusing on troubleshooting, the unit reviewed different aspects of teaching such as "first lessons", warmer a
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This section looked at two videos where the lesson went very different for the class because of the manner in which the teacher approached classroom learning. The first video was not as successful in
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In this unit, an overview of common grammar points was given. along with examples for how to use each in a sentence. I think it was very useful, as the last time this was taught to me was in primary s
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This unit describes various teaching methods, several of which have influenced current TEFL practice. The teaching method that this course is based on is known as ESA or Engage, Study and Activate an
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I found it very useful to expand on the present tenses. The different uses that tenses that are not “strictly” defined in the “present” category can be tricky for students. I dare say that the
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Sharon Springs
This unit was quite easy for me. I have taught this information to many of my students in the past. Although I never really though about the reasons behind this language, I am very familiar with it, s
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There are four basic skills in any language grouped into two; receptive and productive where the receptive include reading and listening and productive speaking and writing. all the skills are equally
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Silver Lake
It is interesting to understand the various international exams available and for what purpose. I am familiar with many, but not all. Understanding the different purposes of each testing/evaluation
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Being able to modify speech, convey emphasis, and place importance is terrifically important when speaking. Think of the difference between "could you find me a doctor" and "you must find me a doctor
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Smith Center
I'm currently teaching adults students, from beginner to intermediate level. Among them, some are housewives, some are students, others are businessman. Teaching adults is quite different from teachin
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For this unit, I think it's safe to assume that modal verbs and phrasal verbs are among the most challenging grammar topics for students. The study of modal verbs in English is somewhat different from
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In my school there's a placement test for each new student and progress tests when they accomplish every unit. If after the progress test the teacher considers that the student should be upgraded or d
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Unit 16 taught about conditionals clause i.e. if/when and various types of it such as zero conditionals; first conditional; second conditional; third conditional and mixed conditional as well as when
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South Haven
Based on the information provided in this unit, there is a detailed breakdown of the different types of teachers and learners we may encounter in the classroom. Because of the information provided, I
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South Hutchinson
Unit four is focussed on present tenses and gives an introduction to the tense system in the english language. The present tense is divided into the four forms ie.(simple, continuous or progressive, p
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It was helpful to review the parts of speech that I learned many years in school. Some are immediately obvious, but others such as transitive verbs, past participles and gerunds certainly require revi
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This was a good follow up to Unit 3. The information in this unit focused more on what parts of language the teacher should be focusing on when teaching students. I do agree and acknowledge with the i
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This unit focused on teaching phonology and pronunciation of words. Often times, teachers to do not focus enough attention to this subject as we as English natives do not think twice about our own pro
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Spring Hill
Methodologies - Grammar Translation, Audio – lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communicative Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, The silent way, S
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St. Francis
In this section we learned about conditionals which in short are sentences that contain "if", which refers to past, present and future situations. The first conditional is "Zero", which refers to acti
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St. George
This unit really helps with getting an introduction to listening and reading. The skills are very important for students and some of the tips included in this lesson help me to understand how I should
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St. John
This is an interesting task to complete. One or two of the questions here are confusing. Question 6 - he does ask further questions, without clarifying and keeps confusing the learners, and he keeps
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St. Marys
In this unit I learned the difference between all the parts of speech. This includes; nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, and many more. There are many different parts of speech in the english
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St. Paul
There are various verb forms in the past, but they are analogous to the present forms: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. In the same way as present, the two main ideas are the form
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Here we have gone through the classroom management this unit helps a teacher to establish a class in a professional manner it provides us information about the gestures eyecontacts and the voice we sh
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There are many methods and techniques to be used in a classroom when teaching the English language. these methods point out the different activities and factors to consider bearing in mind the type of
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Speaking and writing are equally important, however, writing skills are often neglected in the English language classroom. Many traditional games can be adapted to use in with language learning in var
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In this unit, I found the many troubleshooting tips and solutions to be helpful. Role plays and controlled practice are good ways to work with reluctant students. Ensuring activities are level appropr
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