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Just with other elements of the English language, it is important that the teacher is familiar with grammatical terms. As native speakers we do not often think about the grammatical structures that we
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In this unit I reviewed the importance of building rapport within the students when starting a new group to teach to, as well as to analyze their English background and motivations beforehand. It is a
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This unit discussed the different kinds of classes a teacher can be faced with, e.g. young classes, or classes with lower levels. Furthermore, it includes information about how to deal with more speci
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The previous unit was concerned with the two receptive skills, reading and listening; this unit is concerned with the two productive skills, speaking and writing. Practicing the speaking productive s
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Pronunciation is a difficult task for our students. From time to time the student will ask me whether it is important to study phonetic script. To me I think it is better if you know how to read phone
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This unit was another refreshing one. I was able to see the reasons behind a lot of the more common problems that teachers like me face every day in classrooms. I am both a tutor and a teacher, so I g
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Planning is always very important so the teacher is ready for what he has to do and also be ready for questions or problems that my come up. Be prepare and flexible is also important because the stude
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The balance of being a good teacher is precarious and one has to be extremely conscious of their behavior at all times. The most important things for being a good teacher are being kind, being knowled
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Unit 4 was an overview of present tenses.I did not know that each of the three tenses: the past, the present and the future has four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. I can
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In this unit I have learned about pronunciation and phonology. As a teacher it’s necessary to be able to understand and be able to teach about pronunciation. Without the right pronunciation English
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This unit discussed what course materials can be used and when they are best suited. Obviously a course textbook is fundamental to most courses, but it should not be relied upon and definitely has dis
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Alta Vista
evaluating students before,during and after an english learning course is very important because it helps in planning, monitoring and general evaluation of students' progress. Firstly, the level of th
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This unit has shed more light on evaluations of students and why it is necessary. I have a better understanding of the different kinds of test, their differences and why they are given. They are a num
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In this unit, we watched two videos of the same teacher and class, but two very different attitudes of teaching. In the first video, the teacher did not begin with an engage phase, he simply started a
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This unit provides an insight into the different types of modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The unit provides the usage and rules for modals, defining the diffe
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I found it interesting to note that 'family problems' is included as a potential reason for problem behavior. Although the idea of having 'family problems' encompasses a large topic, I would have thou
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What is expected of a teacher is clear, I really appreciate that this was set out in the first module. The fact that all roles are clearly established in the beginning gives me a sense of placement in
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Modal auxiliary verbs, such as can, could, may, should, would (etc.), are used to express obligation, possibility, ability, and permission. Their use also marks the formality of an expression. They a
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The two videos were very good examples what "dos and donts" during a lesson. The first video made me cringe and I felt sorry for the students. The teacher wasn't prepared and made the students feel u
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The deeper understanding of tenses has been a mystery to me until now. I have not studied tenses in this depth as a native learner of English. It is enlightening to see the logic that applies and th
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It is well known that vocabulary is very important. In order for students to learn a new language they need to be exposed to it. I think that sometimes this may be difficult with students who go abo
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Arkansas City
No matter what type of English we are teaching: general, business, etc. What matters the most is the students we are teaching and their needs. The rest can come together with preparation. As teachers
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Teachers should have an array of qualities to help students to be successful. For example, teachers should show by their teaching style that they love what they do. By demonstrating that, the student
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This unit focused on the special groups of learners that teachers may be presented with. Teaching young learners is extremely rewarding but can be difficult because they lack the attention span. Lesso
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This unit mainly focuses on the receptive skills, reading and listening, which are equally as important as the productive skills, speaking and writing. Tips dealing with reading or listening are intro
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This unit covers how to teach special groups; children, beginners, individual students, business english, and english for specific purposes(ESP). Including many how to keep an open classroom with ins
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Unit 4 introduces the English tense system. The English tense system can be confusing as there are 12 in the English language. Many Asian languages have only one tense and most Slavic only 3 tense
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Pronunciation and phonetics are my favorite topics in English, despite of being somehow difficult to understand in some aspects, it is fascinating though. Intonation, stress, rhythm, phonemic chart he
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i have learnt a lot about grammar especially about the differences between the adverbs and the adjectives one that describe nouns and the other that add meaning or information to the action. I also me
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In this unit 2 different types of class were showed: the first video shows a grammar lesson where the students appear to have trouble with the lesson content. The students were confused and intimidate
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First off, thanks for those links to all those websites that will be helpful in future lessons. I am a believer in a high amount of technology being used in the the classroom as high-levels are used
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We live in a society where saying the right words in a wrong way can be deemed impolite or rude. The difference between giving an advice and ordering someone is not just in the intonation but also the
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Understanding there are different levels and knowing what knowing what groups your students fall in will be helpful in when choosing the techniques or methods to motivate them to learn. Teaching child
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This unit was great. It contains concise and clear thoughts and ideas on methods and approaches for different kinds of classes. Teaching beginners can be tricky. Not really if you add this unit's guid
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This unit is the most challenging for me as I have never really studied grammar formally, rather, I have acquired my way of working within the English language as a first language learner. The openin
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Baldwin City
In this section, we learned about the different tests and ways of evaluation teachers can use from before the class even starts, and throughout the whole semester. At the beginning, there are two test
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Unit 14 was about course books and lesson materials. A teacher can choose to use a course book where in general a teacher and students are less challenged unless the chosen course book fits perfectly
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Unit 12 focuses on the two productive skills: speaking and writing. Speaking and writing, in opposition to receptive skills which focus more on written skills, focuses more on verbal skills, such as
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This unit covers the importance of lesson planning. First lesson planning aids the teacher logistically, they can be used as a reference to stay on target and also lesson plans are used as a record of
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This has been an incredibly interesting and very challenging unit with many new 'Science' concepts brought to the understanding of language learning and development. The disappointment has been in the
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This fifth unit introduces us to some very interesting psychological strategies to keep a good rapport in the class without necessarily sacrificing the teacher's dominant position (which may lead to a
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Baxter Springs
This unit was basically a compare and contrast of teaching techniques. A friendly and approachable manner is more conducive to student learning. The teacher should be prepared to model every phase o
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In this unit I learned about the coursebooks and lesson materials while teaching English. Books and materials can be divided into 2 groups: authentic and created. Authentic material is anything a nati
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This unit, I don't understand what the clear object is. But,, anywa,, I think the first lesson is more familiar scene than the second one. I don't know which one is more like me, but I feel like I lea
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Bel Aire
Unit 1 gave a good introduction of what constitutes a good teacher and a good learner. At this stage I am most interested in the qualities of a good teacher as that is the reason I am taking this cou
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Belle Plaine
This lesson was quite interesting in that I have never really taught any multilingual classes or classes for business learners. These two groups are very interesting to me, even if they are not the ki
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In unit five we explore the relationships of the collective with the individual- with both the instructor and with other students. Beginning with how the teacher can present themselves in a respectful
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When teaching English to foreign learners, there are many levels and groups that arise in a classroom. If teaching beginners, the teacher should know if the students are false beginners, young beginne
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This unit brought me back to the times when I was learning Japanese in the Philippines and when I was tutoring English in Japan. Back when I was studying Japanese, my mentors used random Q&A approach
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This unit explained how to manage the classroom as a teacher. It provided insight into how to properly set up a class room with regards to student seating as well as how to utilize different group wor
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