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This lesson was to show how skills are to be applied when focused on the productive skills of a English learner. The number one thing for all teachers is to engage the student and prompt participation
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Pacific Grove
I don't honestly understand the usefulness of the phonetic script. If it is not something used with all languages, it sees like you would have to teach the students the phonetic alphabet just to teach
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This unit gives us a useful overview of what we need to know about parts of speech in English language. It provides us with a brief description of each part of speech and it focuses on the most import
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Palm Desert
I have to say that Past tense is not easy for both teachers and students. In the unit, I learnt that there are four types of past tense. Past simple tense is for a completed past action. Past Conti
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Palm Springs
The topic of this unit was structure for sentences taking place in the past. Specifically, on past verb conjugation. This lesson was similar to the one on the present conjugation in that all the verb
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Unit 8 is about Future Tenses where I find myself a bit confused just like with the Oast tenses. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot too especially when it comes to the usages of: will and shall / con
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Palo Alto
Teaching future tenses is very challenging because not only the concept of future tense might not exist in student’s L1, but also there are a lot of structures with future applications such as prese
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Palos Verdes Estates
This was a very good and thorough review of basic grammar that a native English speaker does not think of. None of this is necessarily new material as it is second nature. However it is presented in a
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This section is about teaching special groups such as young learners or Business English learners. The content explains that when teaching children it is important to adapt to the children, this way t
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I didn't know that there are such things like receptive and productive skill in teaching the four basic skills in language. Though, I'm a Science teacher, I find it very substantial to understand and
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Unit seventeen is about equipment and teaching aids. From my experience, most college teachers were reliant on, and only based their teaching lessons, from behind a computer screen. It is essential ho
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A good and prepared lesson plan can make or break a class depending on the teacher’s experience and goals, but one must remember that a lesson plan, although structured seriously, should not be an i
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Paso Robles
This unit covers modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modals are used to express obligation, permission, probability, possibility, advice, ability and prohibition. Modals verbs are followed by a v
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As a teacher, I honestly enjoyed this unit. It named things just the right names. It certainly encompass qualities and responsabilities of both teachers and students and it gives us a better insight i
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This unit helps the teacher select coursebooks and lesson materials. The type of materials suggested are authentic and created materials. Both have their advantages. With authentic materials, the teac
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I learned about the different roles of a teacher and how a good teacher should behave and certain traits they should possess such as being fair to the students, have a good knowledge of their subject,
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Pico Rivera
When teaching English as a foreign language, the most obvious and most frequently attended to aspect is that of speaking. Teachers and students alike often practice fluency and accuracy of spoke Engli
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This unit was particularly enlightening for many reasons. I particularly appreciated the video in which I learnt a great deal about the different methodologies of language teaching in their historical
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This unit was a great refresher of English grammar and it really helped me understand a lot that I had previously not fully grasped. In particular, the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Adjec
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Pismo Beach
Lesson plans are the most important preparation a teacher can do, especially a new teacher. Lesson plans should be detailed enough to guide the classroom properly but not so detailed that they become
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From this unit I learned important information for my future career as a teacher. I've got very usefull information about learners, such as different kind of motivations, difference between ages, leve
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This unit is extremely important since it shows real class scenarios and two very different ways of teaching. The videos in this unit are confirmation of how teacher's attitude can influence students'
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I had no idea that there were so many methods & that methods had names. I did recognize an earlier method I had while studying German -- the grammar-translation method. I notice that the lexicon metho
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Pleasant Hill
I think this unit is essential in the English learning process. I've seen a lot people making errors when they have to use present, past, past participle and future. It gives them a lot of trouble and
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I find this unit extremely useful because it tells new teachers how to properly teach about vocabulary items, grammatical structures and functions in the English language on each stage of teaching (en
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Equipment and teaching aids can make a lesson more interesting for the students. Several resources are found in a teacher's classroom such as: whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, projectors, CD play
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Point Arena
It is good to see repetition in language. This is what will help teach students. As with the present tenses and the past tenses, the future tenses have their 4 typical forms. It is starting to feel a
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What I would say is that your materials and videos are so realistic and useful. Through 2 videos, I could realize some mistakes I sometimes make, then I could improve my teaching techniques in classes
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Port Hueneme
In this unit I learned about the qualities that makes a good teacher and basically it's about having a good personality and being fair with all the students. Also, this unit talks about the different
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It was very helpful to be able to see the difference between ineffective teaching and effective teaching through the videos in this unit. Especially in the second lesson, it was helpful to see how t
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Course books and materials was all about the various materials teachers can use to make the lesson more interesting and enjoyable. In summary this unit gave examples of created materials such as cours
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Portola Valley
This unit emphasizes the importance of teacher behavior during the class and different things that the teacher can do to have the students attention while at the same time allowing for the student to
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Learning how to manage the classroom is vital to the students learning as a whole. Making good eye contact that is relaxed and implementing gestures and body language that they can understand is impor
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Rancho Cordova
This unit was similar to the last, but here the focus was on productive, rather than receptive skill. Here the focus was on speaking and writing, which is complicated in English by the fact that there
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Rancho Cucamonga
This unit one of the most important so far as my personal thinking because managing a class is very important as the first requirement to start any class.Any teacher should be concerned to establish t
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Rancho Mirage
This unit gives insight on how to manage and run a class when teaching English. Proper uses of gestures, group pairing, class arrangement, eye contact, name uses and so on are given to ensure a produc
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Rancho Palos Verdes
This lesson provided a nice review of some hesitancies of teaching. I feel somewhat more comfortable about dealing with "troubleshooting" in the classroom. In particular, I want to learn more about th
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Rancho Santa Margarita
I am glad to have studied this module. Although brief, it reminded me of many little things that I should stay alert for, such as business English students being rather tired during class. I intend to
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Red Bluff
As an inexperienced teacher I find lesson planning very important as it helps me to focus on how to achieve learning objectives through lesson stages, gives me something to refer to during the lesson
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Evaluation is important in understanding both the learning and teaching process. Evaluation helps teachers find out what students have learned; understand how well the students have learned the knowle
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In this unit I learned about the the receptive skills, listening and reading. I was introduced to the specialist skills of predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information, & deduction fro
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Redondo Beach
The focus of this unit was on the present tense and its various forms. The present simple, the present perfect, the present continuous, and the present perfect continuous are all forms that are used d
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Redwood City
Receptive skills - reading and listening. There are two main reason for reading and listening: for a purpose; for entertainment. Reading and listening are not simply matters for the eyes and ears, b
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The subject in this section is about pronunciation and phonology. Technics and methods of how to teach this subjects are given. For example drawing out mouth diagrams for specific sounds. Intonations
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To be honest, i am pleased to get this knowledge. I did not realize i made many teaching mistakes until this unit. After reading this in detail, i need change the way i manage students in my classes.
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While reading the brief description about the unit from the PDF before watching the video, I was somehow under the impression that the first video was supposed to be the example of a "good" lesson whi
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This unit summarises the importance of a good choice of materials and course books in our class. It deals with three types of materials we may use with our students: authentic materials, created mater
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Rio Dell
This unit discusses writing and speaking. Many students have a very difficult time with writing and are often more interested in developing better speech skills, however this lesson demonstrates the i
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Rio Vista
This unit is about course books and lesson materials. In elementary and high school, I remember often completing assignments that were taken directly from teacher's course books. If used in the correc
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I definitely have a greater appreciation for the international phonetic script after studying this unit. I never knew what the symbols meant, how they were pronounced, or what the need was. I also can
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