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This unit is about the differences between speaking and writing. When speaking a new language is may be easier for a student to learn how to pronounce words that are similar to their own language or o
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La Cañada Flintridge
I learned a lot from this unit. I realized how little I knew about the parts of speech from completing this unit and how hard it must be for English language learners to learn the grammar behind the E
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La Habra
This unit describes the ‘Parts of Speech’ of the English Grammar, an important tool to write properly in English. It shows how words relate to each other. Parts of Speech, is divided into groups a
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La Habra Heights
In this unit I learned about the different methodologies there are when teaching English and the positives and negatives of each approach and method. I learned that many methodologies have built upon
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La Mesa
Grammar is an essential part in the process of teaching English. When teaching it, a teacher should have a good knowledge. One of the first subjects to teach is 'parts of speech'. A learner should lea
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La Mirada
Tenses' is one of the most difficult subjects both for the teachers to teach and for the students to learn. It is quite possible for students to get confused about the usages of each tense as there ar
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La Palma
From this unit, I gain a more clear view of part of speech, such as the use of pronouns.In my opinion, the part of pronouns and prepositions will be the most difficult part of English learning and tea
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La Puente
This was a super helpful unit about the different forms of past tenses. The explanations and example sentences were easy to understand and brought some clarity to confusing topics such as the differe
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La Quinta
This is something really important for a teacher. This unit talks about the different types of groups and student that a teacher will face during his/her career. To me, it's really important to establ
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La Verne
This unit provides the basic outline for lesson planning, as well as what some of the positives and negatives are of the different kinds of approaches to lessons. These were further broken down into t
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The unit deals with modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It efficiently points at the different usage of individual modal verbs such as may, might, can, could, would, be able to, should, must, hav
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Laguna Beach
This unit is about using equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. Using equipment such as overhead projectors can be beneficial not only to the student's learning, but also to the teacher. Projec
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Laguna Hills
The biggest takeaway that I got from this unit is how important it is to deviate away from the course book. The course books are an excellent guide and blueprint to the flow and organization of the cl
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Laguna Niguel
In this unit I have been introduced the Present tenses, which are Present simple,Present Continuous,Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. In my opinion, most of the students will have proble
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Laguna Woods
At this moment, this is the most difficult unit. At the same time, this is the most helpful unit. I had to read it twice in order to absorb everytihg. Realized that you can't use one methodology all t
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Lake Elsinore
In unit three I've learned about the different theories, methods, and techniques used to help lesson plans stick with your learners. Through different ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate) methodologies t
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Lake Forest
I find the material presented in this unit in regards to English teaching methodology, to be a very important information which enhances the process of teaching English by empowering and facilitating
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When I was a child growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere my family used to have a wonderful time dissecting sentences over the meal table. It is a fond memory and this unit really got me back
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This is a very important unit in learning as it helps learners get to improve their writing skills in terms of understanding what they are writing ,communicate speaking accurately and fluently.I have
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First unit gives a clear picture about the roles of the Teachers and the students.It focused on each characteristics that a teacher should possess in order to be a good teacher.acting as a manager, or
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This structure has shown me ways of examining students when teaching and teachers can use testing to place new students into the correct class according to their language ability.I have learnt that it
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As with any language, grammar and vocabulary are the keys to communication and the building blocks to language. Unit 7 has brought back the ESA structure to show how one can apply this structure when
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There are many types of groups an ESL teacher may be asked to teach, and this unit focuses on a few of them. Teaching a beginner group can be extremely intimidating, especially for the inexperienced t
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Lemon Grove
As a good teacher we need to know and be able to use mutliple and suitable teaching methods in our classes. There are many different techniques that we can benefit from in order to make the learning a
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Conditionals are sentences that express past, present, future speculations and/or possibilities. Mosty of the time, these sentences contain the word if or when. There are five main ways of constructi
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In this unit I learned that in English the present tense is separated into four. The present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous tense. I equally le
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Throughout a student’s time learning English, they are certain to have a variety of assessments, especially through exams. Before enrolling in a course, a student may take a placement test to determ
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Live Oak
There are 4 main skills in language learning; reading, writing, listening and speaking. These 4 can be broken down into 2 categories; receptive which are reading and listening and productive which ar
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This unit helped me reflect on the qualities I might find in a good teacher or learner. It focused in particular on the relationship between a student and a teacher and how developing that relationshi
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I don't remember ever studying the conditional in school, but when I speak and use it I am amazed at being able to do so naturally. I know sometimes I wonder whether I had expressed myself correctly.
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Unit 5 is about Managing Classes which I think is one of the most important things the teacher should know and learn. This is important because it is only having a very good skill in managing and org
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Loma Linda
Use of proper tenses require context to approach correctly. The 3 main building blocks of past, present, and future are actually split into even more detailed sub sections of up to 12 forms. Contracti
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Unit 7 was a look into using the ESA method to teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions, of English to a non-native English speaking student. From this lesson I learned how I should decide on what voc
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The modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The basic rules of modals: they are “can, could, may, might, shall, sho
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Long Beach
From this unit I realized that the relationships between teacher and students have a great influence on the effectiveness of the lessons. The more motivated and caring the teacher is in the classroom
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This unit involved two videos to demonstrate how different lessons can happen in an ESL setting. The first lesson involved the teacher causing a lot of confusion in his students. There was no engage p
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Los Alamitos
In this unit, I learnt the lesson plan is very useful for me to prepare a lessom. I don’t need to script everything of a class and it is very important to make it simple and keep it flexible. In a l
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Los Altos
In this unit, the focus was on the differences between the two main receptive skills (reading & listening). Both are very important, but how they are taught and learned differ greatly. This unit also
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Los Altos Hills
This module certainly touched the deepest intricacies of English grammar. Speaking honestly, I don't know if teaching the rules of grammar for intransitive phrasal verbs would actually benefit high sc
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Los Angeles
This unit shifted the focus onto how to teach vocabulary, functions, and grammar to a classroom rather than hitting any single tense/grammar point. The main idea is that different formations of the ES
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Los Banos
I am not sure this section needed to be a unit of it's own. It seems rather simple for it's own unit. However I do think it is a good idea to tell a teacher different options and items that can be use
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Los Gatos
This unit focuses on the future tenses. Similar to the unit on past tenses, I am amazed by how little I think about the tenses that I speak during conversation. All of this is natural discourse for me
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Unit 2 is about the different parts of speech which I believed is the very basic in the study of English language. I learned so much from this lesson as I had made grammatical errors which I thought
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It is important to know the different between receptive and productive skills and what the importance and functions of each of them is. This has also been a nice unit because it has given many example
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In reading this unit, I was able to learn the different roles that a teacher takes on in the classroom. I was able to see that I was naturally doing some of these, without knowing why. In the end, I g
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This unit deals with productive skills such as speaking and writing. It gives us a clear image of how to guide speaking and writing activities in the classroom. As far as speaking activities is concer
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Mammoth Lakes
This unit describes the proper way how to use future tense, Giving clear directions on how to used each section which include future simple, future continues, future perfect, future perfect continues,
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Manhattan Beach
It's a good unit to revise and know about tense , specifically in this unit about present tense , although there was a little less explanation after simple present tense , but it's concise and good en
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This unit heavily teaches concepts of teaching grammar, vocabulary and its functions. It gives a blue print of how teachers should introduce new language to foreign students, such as how we should cho
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This unit is a run-through of moal auxiliary verbs, active and passive voice,phrasak verbs and relative clauses. Modal verbs are helping verbs used to express, request, obligation, capacity, certaint
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