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Culver City
This unit discusses the many ways a teacher can teach his or her class through the use of various teaching aids. I believe it is imperative to have dictionaries in the classroom as they are definitely
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This unit addresses reporting of direct speech and how many different ways there are to convey meaning. The proper way to convey is to change as little as possible between the original sentences struc
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In this unit, I learn that the present simple tense is the most common tense in the English language. There are four different tenses which includes present continuous, present perfect, present perfec
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Daly City
This unit outlines some of the key intricacies of English grammar, covering basic verb tenses to gerunds, conjunctions, and beyond. The most interesting and alarming takeaway is that I often use these
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Dana Point
Phonetics are a concept that is integral to learning English properly. While learning phonetic script is one possible way to approach the matter, it is not the most effective means through which to te
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This unit outlined a framework for understanding teachers and learners, and the important aspects that can help a person in each role thrive. While my preconceptions about the differences between youn
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Unit I tells about the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. Though I had already taught in school, I find this lesson very interesting and informative as I got a different perception
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Del Mar
This unit talks about conditionals and reported speech. First, it talks about the usage of the word "if" in present, past and future tenses. The zero conditional is the if/when + present tense, presen
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Del Rey Oaks
Breaking down different roles of a teacher is also a very good way for me to think about ways for a teacher to keep things moving and exciting in a classroom. A lot of classes in the US focus 100% on
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While watching these two videos one could see the difference in teaching styles as well ad the difference in the participation of the learners. The students participated more in the second lesson than
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Desert Hot Springs
I think this section gave me a lot of good ideas as to how to break down a lesson. Not doing the same thing through out the whole lesson will help keep the student's attention and as a result the stud
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Diamond Bar
This unit can be a little bit confusing for students. There're many ways in which they might express an action in the past and finding the correct one won't be easy. With that said, I think the unit g
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I thought it was particularly helpful that it was stated not to use the book in the first lesson of a new class. Often times teachers and students need to establish a rapport with one another and this
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this unit describes how to teach for special groups such as individual class, group class, children and business English. it also discussed about how to maintain the student's attention during the les
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This section addresses the use of course material and study books. One of the main points made is that the teacher needs to be aware of the material available but only use what is helpful for teaching
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Dos Palos
Teaching special groups entails teaching one student to teaching many students who come from various walks of life in the same room. I have never had a one-on-one teaching experience, but I believe st
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Unit 6 is about Past tenses where I learned about when to use them. Thanks for clarifying their usage though it seems to be a little complicated when it comes to past continuous and past perfect cont
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Teachers obviously need material to teach from in class for their students. Text books aren't always attractive or up to date. The best way to tackle this problem is to choose the best text book one c
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This unit has been structured in a way that helps the leaner understand the importance and purpose of using a lesson plan as a teacher.I have learnt that having a lesson planned out for each lesson he
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I have been a classroom IT teacher in several higher education institutes for about 15 years so this unit was not new to me. I have taught many ESL classes and have found that one of the biggest facto
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East Palo Alto
In this unit, I learned about the future tenses, which were kind of confusing. I learned about many different teaching ideas that could be used in the activate stage when teaching about these topics.
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The lesson in Unit 8 was an overview of the several different forms of future tenses. Going into detail, the usages for Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, "Go
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El Cajon
This section was definitely much more difficult. Putting everything into context was more subtle than I expected. Because even the study sections seem like activities it is hard to tell which section
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El Centro
In some languages, verb tenses are different from English or do not even exist. In English, the concept of tense is very important. So teachers should have a good knowledge of the tense system to be r
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El Cerrito
This format for teaching language is extremely handy. It is still difficult as all languages are, but it breaks it down into a formula so forming the sentences become like forming a math equation. In
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El Monte
English grammar has always been and still is a true challenge for almost everyone . As confusing and difficult it is to learn for foreigners ,the same ,sometimes is for a native English speaker .
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El Segundo
In this unit I learned about all the different teaching methods that exists like grammal-translation, audio-lingualism or the silent way, as well as a positive and negative of each one. What I take fr
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Elk Grove
It was very interesting to see two different videos about two similar lessons with two different attitudes from the teacher. In he first lesson you don't see an organization, a lesson plan, is more li
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Teaching productive skills consist of speaking and writing. We learnt about speaking activities in the classroom, such as controlled, guided and creative as well as why it is important to encourage st
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It is necessary to monitor a students progress in learning English. A few ways in doing so is giving tutorials during the last 10 minutes of class. This way a review of material will serve as a reinfo
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The type of books and material: authentic materials and Created materials ( crosswords, word search puzzles, role-play cards, flashcards, Gap fill activities, picture stories) Course books: student
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In this unit, I learned about the two skills of receptive and productive. The receptive skills deal with reading and listening while the productive skills deal with speaking and writing. Receptive ski
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this unit is about the lesson plan which is important for teachers in order to maintain a proper lessons with students. but the most important thing is it describes that you should not stick to the le
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Conditional sentences and reporting speech are two more advanced topics when it come to teaching English as a foreign language. Conditionals are sentences that "if" or "when" expressions and can refer
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The unit is very helpful to those who have not had a teaching experience of a real class situation.It opens one's eye on the requirements of how to manage a classroom the dos and dont's. In my opinion
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This unit served as a refresher for me. I was able to review the different parts of speech. They’re the building blocks of forming sentences. Identifying the usage of every word in a sentence still
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I feel that I have learnt on a deeper level the intricate relationship between student and teacher and how to become an effective and supportive teacher without effecting the students learning of the
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Conditionalls Zero Conditional: *Form: If/when+present simple, present tense. *Usage: action or fact First Conditional: * Form: If +present simple, will * Usage: a real situation in the      f
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The Evaluation and Testing unit explains the what kind of test exist and how they can help teachers teach and plan lessons more effectively. Placement tests, progress tests and diagnostic test are usu
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I was curious about this particular unit when I started the ITTT TEFL course. I was wondering exactly where and how we were supposed to get lessons and syllabi. This unit helped me understand a big
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This unit provided an in-depth look at each of the different parts of speech that English contains. It was a good refresher of common rules and not-so-common exceptions that may be difficult for stude
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Unit 12 focuses on speaking and writing, which are the production skill sets. When it comes to these two skills, accuracy and fluency play a big role. Accuracy focuses on on producing correct and accu
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I learned the ins and outs of grammar all over again in this unit. As the ITTT TEFL course materials mentioned, I am a native speaker of English, but I had forgotten how to explain most of the gramm
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Fort Bragg
This unit focused on three sections. The first one being modal auxiliary verbs. These are verbs that add on to the meaning of the main verb of the sentence. An important note for the usage of these ve
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Fort Jones
This is a good, quick last lesson. It is a good last thing to put in a teacher's mind before they go into a classroom. The first class is the most important because it sets the tome for the classroom.
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This section explains the purpose and importance of lesson planning. A few suggestions of how to structure the lesson plan are given. The general idea is to have a guide at hand, how ever it doesn't m
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Foster City
Past tenses have many similarities with present tenses in continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms. What students will need to know about past tenses includes: formation, usages, regular and i
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Fountain Valley
There are a lot of equipment and teaching aid that can help to make lessons more effective and interesting and to make students more focused and motivated. Whiteboards, smart boards and overhead proje
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Unit eleven was about how effective a lesson is depending on the attitude of the teacher, and the way in which he taught the lesson. In the first video he was very negative when the students said an i
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It was a struggle to get my head around the names of these tenses as some descriptions have changed since I was at school learning grammar but I digested and then re-digested the material until all I
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