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Reading and listening are two of the four basic skills of language, and are also known as the receptive skills. Both can be used in various ways by an individual such as using them for skimming, scann
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This was an important unit because there are a lot of challenges that come with being a teacher. I have not formally taught anything before and I am nervous to do so, so this has been a helpful unit t
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This unit gave an overview of present tense verbs. There is quite a bit of subtlety differentiating some of the forms, especially present perfect tense verbs. It is useful to have the usages spell
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Rohnert Park
The 7th Unit, Teaching New Language, makes everithing a lot easier. It gives you a lot of techniques for teaching each part of new langueage. It explains you your possible mistakes. It gives you very
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Rolling Hills
The receptive skills are listening and reading, as learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. Whereas speaking and writing are productive skills. All four of
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Rolling Hills Estates
I knew a decent amount about classroom management before completing this unit; however, classroom management is still one of the things about teaching that I am most afraid of. It was interesting to l
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To sum up this unit, it tackles the issue of various methods and techniques of teaching language. It gives us a brief overview of what methodology we may apply and what are the limitations it may have
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Unit 3 was a in depth look at the many different methods of teaching language that have been developed throughout the years. Going in depth on the pro and cons of each method, I've learned several dif
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There are 5 main conditionals in grammar that state some sort of consequence while using the word ‘if’, including, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and m
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This unit went over the different aspects of managing a classroom. From the effectiveness of eye contact, gestures, and voice, to the different methods of establishing rapport, and building respect. I
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Unit 16 was a little trickier for me than some of the previous lessons. Specifically in the changing of the tenses in the reported speech, I really had to think about some of the answers for a minute.
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San Anselmo
The focus of this lesson was the various kinds of equipment that can be used by teachers in order to engage students in ways other than listening to you talk, or by interacting with each other. They c
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San Bernardino
This unit it is based on the different methodologies of teaching English as a Foreign Language. I've learnt that with so many different methods is it difficult to choose which one is the best, and th
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San Bruno
This unit is really interesting and I think is the most that I have to work with. It got the techniques right down to the details and that's helpful specially when trying to teach younger students. We
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San Carlos
This unit is really important because sometimes the teacher feels obligated to use the course book designated for the class and sticks with it, or in some cases, doesn't know what to do because the co
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San Clemente
Throughout the history of teaching and learning languages, there were many different methods and technics applied to achieve better results. This process hasn’t stopped yet. Nowadays, in the field o
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San Diego
After completing this unit I have a much better understanding of how to structure sentences properly. I've learned the relationships and rules to which each part of speech should be used successfully.
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San Dimas
Unit 6, Past tenses. I was absolutely sure that this one would be easy for me. But then I've started a task sheet. It turned out that things I've known for a long-long time are very hard to explain to
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San Fernando
This unit shows the importance of utilizing different devices in the classroom. I think it's really important that the teacher knows how to use a device before the start of a lesson, that way the teac
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San Francisco
Classroom management is the process by which teachers organize the class, create and maintain appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings. The proper usage of eye contact, gestures, variati
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San Gabriel
This unit informs prospective teachers of the importance of selecting new language for the students to learn. In addition, great care is taken into consideration in the ESA structure of how the class
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San Jacinto
It finally came to the last unit!!!! Feel more than just excited now. “It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched for they ar
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San Joaquin
The unit is about the productive skills: speaking and writing. In this unit I learned that writing and speaking are equally important. Most people think that speaking is more important and the student
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San Jose
I feel that this unit was very helpful in breaking down why and how we use our receptive skills. Such as we could be reading or listening for two different reasons; purpose or pleasure. Or to ensure y
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San Juan Bautista
This unit was about the roles of the teacher and the students. As an education major, I agreed with all of the roles presented for a teacher to have. A teacher must be flexible and be able to change f
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San Juan Capistrano
I never realized how much goes into present tense. Before this unit, when I thought of present tense, I only thought of 'I am' statements. It's amazing to me how I followed all of these rules without
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San Leandro
This unit focused on the third and final tense of English; the future tense. Though it had more formulations and overlapping than the other two tenses, the future tense was an easier review because f
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San Luis Obispo
Short but effective unit. I am grateful that I have made it to the end, and also thankful for the effort that your company has placed in putting together the necessary information to help me to becomi
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San Marcos
The focus of this unit was pronunciation and phonology. Essentially it went over how we use intonations, stressors, etc to convey different meanings with the same set of words. It also explored how pr
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San Marino
This is a good way to break down the different tenses of past, present and future in order to help students learn the subtleties of the English language. Instead of teaching them all of past, present
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San Mateo
This unit was focused on classroom dynamics rather than on English grammar. However, it is an important unit in the sense that an unruly or disorganized classroom can lead to failure no matter how wel
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San Pablo
This unit I learned about the receptive skills: reading and listening. It's very important that a teacher knows how to implement different activities to improve these skills in the students. One of t
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San Rafael
After finish the study of this unit, I got some basic ideas about the teachers' role and the learner's role in a class. In the unit, it covers several aspects as following: 1.What makes a good teacher
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San Ramon
There are 3 good stages to teaching a student English. There have been several sections on the tenses, but the students can't use any of that without vocabulary. And with both of those, they can't use
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Sand City
This unit focused on Conditionals and on reported speech. Conditionals allow us to use the word 'if' in combination with 5 different conditionals (Zero, 1, 2, 3, and mixed) which all have their differ
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In this unit i've learned that there are eight main part of speech.Noun,verb,adjective,pronoun,adverb, preposition,conjunction,interjection.Some part of speech like Proper noun that indicates the spec
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Santa Ana
Evaluation is a really important part of the teaching course although I can see why not all teachers like it. I think that it's important because that way a teacher knows the strengths and weaknesses
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Santa Barbara
From the unit I learnt what makes a good teacher. I particularly appreciated the video in which we learnt that being fair, knowledgeable and able to motivate students were the top three factors people
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Santa Clara
The student participated in both classes, and the teacher uses all the teaching techniques to make the student understand what he was teaching them. The Engage stage,study stage and activate stage wer
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Santa Clarita
The focus of the second unit was on breaking down individuals sections of sentences into tangible categories. It provided the basis for English sentence structure and and what the formal names of the
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Santa Cruz
This unit describes the use of the present tenses, basically an action that is currently going on or usually carried out or something that currently or generally exists (Present simple - Present conti
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Santa Fe Springs
This unit reminded me of the lesson about verb tenses but not because this lesson referenced verb tenses and their changes. Rather, this reminded me that there is much to grammar that "I understand, b
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Santa Maria
This unit talks about the different present tenses forms which are: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and perfect continuous. This is something that can be confusing to understand an
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Santa Monica
This unit discusses classroom etiquette. Class structure is very important because the classroom ideally needs to be large enough to accommodate all of the students, yet the tables and furniture shoul
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Santa Paula
This unit went into detail about the intricacies of the English parts of speech many of us native speakers know intuitively but may take for granted because of how they are picked up. English as a lan
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Santa Rosa
Similar to unit 16, this unit was particularly difficult, especially the phrasal verbs, because I never think about why I use the speech the way I do in normal conversation. I believe it is very impor
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I find teaching and developing speaking and writing skills more difficult than that of reading and listening. I used to encounter students who are good in listening and reading, but when I asked them
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This unit deals with the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continous. It is also important we learn about the tense system of the English
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This unit's focus was on how to approach teaching a new language and the criteria the teacher should consider when selecting vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, and teaching language funct
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Scotts Valley
In this unit I learned about how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. I'ts important to understand how to teach new vocabulary to the students. First of all, you need to
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