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Buena Park
I have learned so many teaching methods!!!! Feel motivated now!!! I have learned the teaching procedure systematically and I’ll bear these useful teaching skills and methods in mind in order to be a
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this unit describes how to maintain a good rapport in the very first lesson of a teacher and also it gives different techniques to use during the first lesson in order to achieve the attention of stud
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This unit discussed teaching reading and listening, which are also known as receptive skills. There are many reasons why English learners will need to learn receptive skills. The first reason can be f
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This unit of tenses has been challenging for me even with the use of video lesson.I was having trouble understanding the differences,even with the use of examples for example which tense to use on whi
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As a native English speaker, tenses are something that I use without thinking about them. This makes this lesson rather difficult. In order to teach someone how to speak properly you need to not only
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California City
This Unit shows examples on how to teach students new vocabulary based on what level they are and how useful it will be to them at the current time. Teachers can know they are selecting the appropriat
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Evaluations are an important measure of student progress and the strength of their English ability. Evaluations can take many forms including those done by not only the teacher, but self-evaluations d
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In this unit, I learned about the engage, study, and activate phase. There are different structures such as the Patchwork ESA, Straight Arrow ESA, and the Boomerang ESA. This unit taught me about the
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In this unit, we were to watch two videos of a teaching lesson with the same instructor teaching 2 different styles, a correct and incorrect way. In the first video the instructor walked in the classr
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this unit is important to understand the difference between accuracy and fluency of a language. It brings out that accuracy is important at the beginning and gradually a teacher can improve the fluenc
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This unit deals with different ways of evaluation and testing of students. It provides us useful information about placement tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, external tests and practice tests.
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Canyon Lake
Special groups include beginners, individual students, young learners, Business English or English for Specific Purposes and monolingual or multilingual classes. These groups will require a special ap
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Conditional sentences are typically sentences that have an ‘if’ clause and a main clause. There are five main types of conditional sentences. Zero Conditional, refer to actions and facts that are
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Unit 10 contained two recorded classes in video format. One example showed how class should not be taught and the second video showed a good example of how a class could or should be taught. In both v
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This unit provided a breakdown of teaching techniques and learner styles that was helpful in organizing patterns of classroom behavior. I learned the importance of choosing the appropriate teaching te
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this unit describes how a teacher can deliver a same lesson in two different ways.first class was totally neglected.no lesson plan and and teacher was not totally ready for the lesson. but in the seco
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Its a challenging chapter.I have learnt that modals can be used to express different ideas like possibility,permission,ability,advice and obligation.Phrasal verbs are difficult to understand for stude
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Cathedral City
This unit is about pronunciation and phonology. This is a very helpful unit because I never learned phonology and wouldn't have been able to teach this to students. As a native English speaker, phonet
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In this unit, I learn that intonation is important when questioning or agreeing, disagreeing and confirming statements. It's also important when expressing emotions and feelings. The falling intonatio
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This section is about the two receptive skills reading and listening. I believe these are two very important skills as they are essential for students and they need to dominate these two skills if the
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Evaluating students is a core component to teaching a class. There are many ways that a teacher can assess a student's language level, whether it be by tutorial, student evaluations, and tests. In thi
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This unit may possibly be one of the most useful units because this unit teaches us how to keep the students engaged throughout a lesson through various teaching methods, strategies and activities. I
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Chino Hills
Unit 1 offers a template regarding the roles of both the teacher and the student and details the levels of student language proficiency. The key takeaway of this unit is understanding the dynamism a t
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In this lesson I’ve learned the different roles a teacher will play in the classroom, knowing when a “good” teacher will use them and how. A good teacher will recognize when to play controller a
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Chula Vista
This lesson discussed conditionals and reported speech. I thought that this lesson was easily the most difficult lesson yet, because it makes me really think about the tenses when I typically don't th
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Citrus Heights
Once interaction with students begins, teaching becomes more than just a concept. Repetition of concepts will probably be necessary, so it is important to make space for their possibility within your
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The videos kept crashing but I was able to watch both lessons eventually. I saw the influence/effects of the teacher’s attitude on student performance. The teacher’s way of classroom management, t
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As English has become necessity, more and more individual classes or Business English classes are on demand. This unit provides us with useful information on how to approach individual groups of learn
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This unit was about the phonetic sounds that are used to indicate the different intentions and meanings of a word in a sentence. The intonation in a sentence is different than the stress put on an ind
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Unit fifteen is about evaluation and testing. This is an important part of teaching, because it will let the teacher know the english levels of the students. There are many tests that are given throug
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I am happy because there is an online international tefl training that help to expand the knowledge of english.I feel excited to help others and share my knowledge to them.In my opinion only a good te
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I feel more organized in knowing that there are 4 forms to the present tense. There are subtleties in speaking & writing English. Do we mean to say something generally in the present perfect or that s
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This unit is extremely important as it gives us a clear idea of how to explain formation of conditional sentences and how we need to work with tenses when reporting speech. There are five types of con
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In this unit I reviewed the various present tenses of the English language. It was particularly helpful to have an explanation of the negative and question forms alongside the model for affirmative us
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In this unit, the main goal is to have the students listen and understand the vocabulary. There is a difference on how people listen to or read words. There can be a purpose to listening and reading,
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Unit is all about the Past Tenses and describes the difference between the 4 Tenses: Past simple, Past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The concept is similar to the 4 present ten
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Unit three was about the different types of teaching theories, methods, and techniques. There are no right ways to teach a class, but as long as we follow these three basic rules of Engage, Study, and
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In this unit we learnt about conditionals & reported speech. There are several types of conditionals, such as zero conditional form is if/when + present tense, present tense, First conditional if + pr
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A lesson plan is a teacher’s guide or map. I’d like to think of it as the “recipe” for a day full of exciting learning. It is therefore very essential in the process of both teaching and learn
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In this lesson, it discusses about the approach, method, and technique of teaching. In addition, this lesson discusses about audio-lingualism which is about listening and repeating of a drill. I learn
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In the teachers first lessons, the goal is to help build rapport between the students and with the teacher, find our about the students needs, and find out their English level. Before starting a lesso
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This unit was in order to present the challenge many learners of English face when being introduced to the present tense. For a native English speaker these things may seem trivial for they have grown
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The take-away of this unit is that a good teacher guides her students to learn. Rather than being the 'sage on stage,' it is better to have different interesting activities to engage the students so t
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When problems arise within a classroom, many solutions can be made depending on the situation. For example, if a teacher is new to a class, give a survey or play a game to help know the students bette
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Corte Madera
There are many criterias which we need to take into consideration when selecting vocabulary to teach in our classes. Students need to know about some points such as meaning, use, word grammar, interac
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Costa Mesa
This unit is really important because teachers sometimes are afraid of their students. A teacher should never be afraid of the English level of his/her students and how difficult can it be. If the stu
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This unit has been the most challenging of all units done so far especially the translation of phonemic texts to standard script.The unit did not explain the alphabet more in order to help learners ho
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Unit five was about how to monitor and manage a class, whether it is a small intimate setting like tutoring, or a large sized class room. There are many different reasons for positioning the tables an
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Crescent City
The start of this unit was really bright and shiny, basic rules of modal verbs are very coherent and logical, especially if using tabular charts like in unit 18. The uses of them were clear and tense
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Unit three is very essential for me as this gives me a clear insight on the different methodologies and techniques which I have forgotten for a long time. There are newly introduced approaches which
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