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In this unit, it discusses about the different types of nouns such as common, proper, compound, abstract, and collective. Within the nouns there are two sub-categories: countable and uncountable. Also
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I have learnt in this chapter that establishing a good rapport with students will yield positive outcomes it promotes participation and bonding with the teacher.I have learnt that a teacher should use
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After studying this unit, it is informative for me to acknowledge how a good teacher is and how to understand my students in practical classes. As a ELS teacher, it is advisable to not only provide ex
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Garden Grove
At this unit we saw a same teacher perform 2 lessons in a different in different style. I'll start with the second one, the lesson was well structured, the teacher obviously had a clear plan for the l
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There are many modal auxiliary verbs that can be used to express a number of different ideas such as obligation, possibility, probability, permission, prohibition, ability, and advice. You can also us
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This unit has been challenging for me and the tenses are sometimes confusing.I did not know future tenses can be broken down into numerous tenses for example the future simple tense is the one i thoug
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This unit gives us a thorough overview of what is expected from us, as teachers, to focus on when managing the class. I found the part of how to establish rapport and class spirit especially useful. I
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This unit's focus was on teaching pronunciation and phonology. This was a difficult concept for me because I have not worked with phonemic symbols since the second grade. Thankfully, ITTT has provided
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Unit four was about present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous tenses. It gave examples of the forms, uses, typical students errors, and ways of teaching an ac
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I enjoyed this unit because I was able to take a more in-depth look at the different teaching methods and techniques. There are nine listed teaching methods discussed. Personally, I learned about so
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Grand Terrace
This unit covers the types of tests that students typically take. During the Spanish classes that I had taken from middle school through college, I found that regular progress tests were essential in
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Grass Valley
In this unit, I got many reflection of the class management skills which I uesed in my class, like the Eye contact,gesture,voice,classroom arrangement, giving instructions and establishing rapport. I
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This unit focuses on teaching productive skills, such as speaking and writing using games for practice and comprehension. As teachers, we want to incorporate accuracy and fluency in the lesson, that w
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This unit describes some of the teaching aids that can be used and explains the advantages and disadvantages. In general the right equipment and teaching aids can be a great way to bring the world int
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Grover Beach
In this unit, I learned how to create a lesson plan based on some exercise pages provided within the unit. I used the lesson plan template also provided and came up with not only the procedure portion
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This unit laid out the foundation for basic teaching. The reading and video discussed the multiple different roles a teacher takes on in a classroom and the relationship between the teacher and the st
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I feel that this first unit gave a good overview of the basics of teaching and learning. Good teachers paired with good learners, make for the optimal classroom experience. It was really helpful t
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Half Moon Bay
I have to admit, I thought this unit was the hardest so far. I am still somewhat confused on the uses and have mainly just been looking at the structure of the sentence to tell which is which. I would
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From my perspective, I highly appreciate your wonderful materials that include a whole host of knowledge regarding coursebooks and lesson materials. It's quite interesting and easy to understand how t
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Hawaiian Gardens
This unit covers typical teaching scenarios that a TEFL teacher may experience, including students teaching in their native language, new groups, students with difficulty listening, etc. There are alw
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Here we are establishing a framework; that is to say a place from which to effectively springboard. Also touching briefly on lessons of cultural sensitivity (Saudi Arabia response), this is where stud
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Unit four is about Present Tenses where most of my confusions were clarified and answered. Even I myself got a little problem with identifying errors. Here, I learned that though my grammar may sound
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Just like the present tense, the past tense also has four forms. Past Simple, when in the affirmative is formed by adding –ed or –d to its base form if it is not an irregular verb. This is typica
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In this unit I learned about the basics of teaching vocabulary, grammar, and functions. At first I was not sure what a function was, so I am grateful that the unit explained this concept, which inclu
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Unit 15 is a look into the different types of tests and evaluations given to students to assess their knowledge in speaking English. The differences in the tests allow us as teachers to figure out whe
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Hermosa Beach
In this unit I have learned about the complex relationship between a teacher and a student, or 'learner.' I've learned the roles that a good teacher needs to play to strategically engage his or her le
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Placement test~ Help teacher place the new learners into the correct class. It includes multiple choice, spoken interview and written part. Progress test ~ Make both the teacher and student know
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Hidden Hills
“I had no illusions about you,' he said. 'I knew you were silly and frivolous and empty-headed. But I loved you. I knew that your aims and ideals were vulgar and commonplace. But I loved you. I knew
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This unit provides us with a brief overview of future tenses in the English language. It may be one the most complex systems and thus it is very important for teachers to be able to explain this area
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This unit primarily dealt with ESA, engage, study, activate. Engage is the class warm-up, meant to get everyone into the right mindset and attitude to learn. Study is the primary learning portion of t
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By being a native English speaker, I often take the process of learning pronunciation naturally as a child for granted, but this unit has opened my eyes on the importance of including pronunciation ma
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I found this unit to be one of the most challenging so far. There has been quite a bit of thinking and analysis involved for me in telling the difference between these future tenses. In the past, I
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This unit provides us with useful information about intonation, stress and articulation as parts of phonology or the whole sound system. It is essential for us, teachers, to be familiar with this area
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Huntington Beach
This section was helpful to create a template I can use to make a plan. Going into this lesson I had no idea a good way to put a plan into writing besides coming up with day to day plans. This gives
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Huntington Park
In this unit we study the future tenses. They are the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, present simple and present continuous. It can be cha
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This course unit was set out to provide a firm grasp and understanding of what teaching English is from a base level. It begins with both the motivations of the teachers and students, which then goes
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I got a lot out of this course. I liked refreshing my mind on grammar & having a better understanding of how our language is organized. Being introduced to the ESA method is most helpful: using a warm
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Imperial Beach
While teaching, it is very important to create the environment that allows students to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning and how is it formed and be able to actively use it. Therefore
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Indian Wells
I have to admit that I was a little self-conscious about standing in front of  well educated, high-class disciplined  professionals who need English language particularly associated with their jobs
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The final unit focuses on troubleshooting and thankfully gives suggestions on first lessons. With the first lesson, the teacher will either be faced with a new group or existing group. Both come with
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Reading and listening involve receiving information and so they are called the receptive skills. It is the ability to understand what you hear and what you read. We read and/or listen for a purpose a
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This unit reviews all the equipment and aids used for teaching: whiteboards, projectors, visual aids, worksheets, cassette recorder, videos, CD’s etc. A list of resources was provided, including Yo
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The other two skills along with the receptive skills are the productive skills, which include speaking and writing. When focusing on speaking, a teacher can emphasize different aspects of speaking by
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The future tenses are particularly interesting because we might want to express a fact: I will go; or something that will be in progress in the future: I will be going; or something completed: I will
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Modal/phrasal verbs and passive voice are advanced topics for the English learner and may take a while to comprehend. Modal auxiliary verbs express a few different ideas such as obligation, possibilit
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There will be challenging situations that’ll arise and test your skills as an effective teacher. You should always know what to do, how to improvise, manage and still make the lesson smooth and valu
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In this unit I learned in depth about the different parts of speech. Prior to this unit, I thought that I was pretty knowledgeable about this topic already, however I realized that there is much to le
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Jurupa Valley
Future tense is one of the complicated subjects in English Language. There are many usages and and forms of that. At the same time present tenses also can be used with future meaning. The structures o
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This unit's focus was on future tenses. The four tenses discussed were.future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous. There was also a fifth tense known as the "going to"
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King City
I really like how this section breaks down the conditionals. It will help to teach the student different ways to formulate these conditional sentences. The form is almost like a mathematical formula.
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