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To keep the classroom fun and engaging, a teacher can and should use a variety of teaching aids and utilize various equipment when available. The most classic and basic equipment will be the blackboar
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Agoura Hills
This unit communicates the basics of the past tenses. I found the irregular verb chart to be very interesting because these verbs have past tenses that are very different than the traditional regular
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It is the first time that i have opportunity to approach a variety of teaching methods. As i can get from this unit, we should apply different methods to different learners depending on levels of them
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This unit has been straight forward to understand.I have learnt that using coursebooks helps the teacher to follow up a specific syllabus for the level they are teaching therefore providing a guidelin
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When introduce a communicative activity to the students, teachers must create the need and desire, in the students, to communicate. If these factors are not present, it is far less likely that the ac
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Aliso Viejo
The final unit focused on potential problem situations, and the areas in which they can arise (e.g. gap in student ability, overuse of students' native language). It also dealt with the importance of
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In this unit, I learned about the four main future tenses which are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous. In addition, I also learned about the 'going to' fu
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Amador City
This unit provided the crucial information about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals were deeply broke down into those categories with so clear form illustration and usage examples that it
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American Canyon
This unit focused on examination and evaluation. It is important to have a sense of where the students are at with their English language proficiency at the beginning of the course. From there consist
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The las unit addresses common problem situations such as the first lesson, how to begin lessons (warmers), different english levels of the students, large classes use of the students native language d
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Teaching aids and equipments are an integral component In any classroom.In this modern age, there are unlimited tools and resources that teachers can utilize to facilitate the teaching process. Some
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Angels Camp
In this unit, I learnt the future tenses and the usage. There are seven types, which are the future simple, the future Continuous, the future Continuous, the future Perfect ,the future Perfect Continu
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this unit explains how to use different equipment in order to deliver a correct lesson.The greater part of the demonstrated present day compelling instructing and learning techniques and apparatuses a
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Apple Valley
This unit focused on the importance of lesson planning, especially for teachers who are starting out. Everyone may develop their own planning style over time, but for simplicity it is best to follow a
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There was a big difference between the 2 classes. In the 1st, the teacher didn't introduce himself or address the class & there was no engagement phase. He also scolded the late comers. There was much
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The unit provides us with useful tips how to approach individual groups of students. Only seldom can we find a group where each student has the same motivation, background or level of English. Therefo
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Arroyo Grande
There is a wide variety of ESL course books that are designed for students of all levels and ages on the market. So teachers might be confused with the question - how to choose the perfect one for the
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The content of this unit is very interesting and in my opinion it can help many teachers and students in the learning-teaching process.Having a good relationship with your students is very important t
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I feel that the unit is very helpful and very easy to understand.The sub-sections of the unit are easy to follow.The content is very straight forward and i did not have any difficulty in following.I h
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In this unit, I was able to review the different teaching methods that I learned in Unit 3. These methods can be easily applied in introducing a new language; vocabulary, grammar and functions. Of cou
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This unit is basic grammar. Normally, in every day speaking, we don't think about sentence structure -- or rather, parts of speech -- because we speak English naturally. I had forgotten about the inf
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Unit 12 describes the 2 productive skills which are speaking and writing. A good English speaker has a good level in both accuracy and fluency, both of these are equally important. An effective way to
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The first part of this unit covers modal auxiliary verbs, which are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb, for example, if we want to stress an obligation we have we say “I really
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In this unit I learned just how many aspects there are to consider in planning a lesson. It was helpful to begin to work with the time constraint of an hour-long class (in this case), and to begin to
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I h ave learned that there are many different tools that are located within a classroom depending on the funding of the school and where you are going to be teaching. The most important thing when tak
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Managing the myriad of different tasks and situations that occur in the classroom each day requires considerable skill. Effective classroom management is a critical skill that I believe teachers acqui
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This unit was about books and materials, and what a teacher should expect when deciding if they should use one or not. It is nice to have something to refer to, and not have to make up every lesson pl
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Baldwin Park
This unit provides enough information to understand about the vocabularies and it's importance to teach a new language , to teach any new language the students needs to be introduced with new words or
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This lesson is slightly a review of material covered in previous lessons, but the key topic is on coursebooks and lesson materials. As mentioned, not every course may use a set textbook, but if one is
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The purpose of unit 19 is to describe the different types of groups you will be teaching to, and how you can tailor your lesson to the needs of those learners. An example of this could be when teachin
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This second unit primarily was concentrated on classifying parts of speech. It went over the different types of nouns, verbs, and adjectives used in a sentence structure. It also talks about the way i
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This unit makes a great guide for us, teachers, to create an effective lesson plan. Not only does the unit inform us about the functions, principles or contents of the lesson plan; it also provides us
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Bell Gardens
The purpose of this unit was to show how all the concepts we have learned thus far in an actual classroom setting. It displayed both a better and worse way to handle a class from clip 1 and clip 2. Fr
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Unit 5 focuses on classroom management. This can involve discipline, building rapport, teacher talk time (TTT), student talk time (TTT), student activities, instruction, and classroom arrangement. I
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This Unit has been helpful in that it practically demonstrates how to use the ESA engage ,study and activate methodology and mixing them up to make lesson interesting either using Patchwork or straigh
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In this unit I learned about the different types of testing and evaluation tools available to the TEFL teacher. When I think about it, the main thing that surprised me in this unit was how few catego
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this unit describes how important it is to practice students for reading and listening in order to improve those skills. there is always a process to approach for a proper lessons such as engage , s
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There are different method techniques of teaching.It's important as the primary objective of teaching is to learn the student.It's good to use different approaches and methods to challenge myself to f
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Beverly Hills
Past tense is very similar to Present tense in terms of its aspects and their usages. There are four different Past tense types; 1. Simple past tense : V2 / Did 2. Past Continuous tense: was / were +
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Big Bear Lake
This module felt like a review of previous modules. It reminded me a lot of when I taught English in Thailand. When I was in Thailand, it took a while for me to get to know the students and their inte
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Unit eight is about future tenses, which can be tricky due to the similarity between future perfect and future perfect continuous. The future is complex and hard to predict, which is why having palm r
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This unit was very informative as i have learnt different types of teaching aids a teacher can use in the classroom. Gone are the old days when teachers only relied on the use of blackboards and chalk
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Blue Lake
This unit focused on creating a proper lesson plan. At first, there is a lot of variable information to take into consideration such as your learner's objectives, class level, size, etc. but once the
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Unit nine was about lesson planning. It is easy to get caught up in having too many lessons in one day, but it would be worse to not have enough. The teacher would have to make things up as she goes,
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I found this unit to be very intuitive. Nearly everything that was mentioned made sense to me and was what I would have expected. Nonetheless, it was good to have the basics of managing a class spell
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this unit delivers the direct and indirect speech and it is also describes the main features of each tense pattern. direct speech rehashes, or statements, the correct words talked. When we utilize coo
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Grammar, vocabulary, and function, ie how the word grammatically fits into the sentence and how it interacts with the other words in the sentence, are the necessary building blocks to learning languag
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In my opinion in this unit we can learn a lot of things,when you are on charge of a class of kids,teens or adults you have different students and of course different groups, you are the same person wi
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This is important because what materials you have can be very important as a new beginner teacher. It is also important to choose your materials wisely in order to best suit the students that you are
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This unit is about troubleshooting. A new teacher may come across different types of concerns at the beginning of their careers. There are many ways to improve a teacher's lessons and establish rappor
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