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Unit 5 discussed key fundamental techniques and responsibilities of a teacher to manage and assist the flow in the classroom. Even before a course or class begins, a teacher can use his/her position a
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Unit 17 goes into great detail the numerous pieces of equipment and teaching aids, that a language instructor has at their disposal, for the benefit of their students. Explaining the pros and cons of
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This unit gave an overview of the most common equipment and teaching aids for the TEFL classroom and their best usage norms. It made me think about just how much interest and clarity using a variety
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The unit discusses the correlation of the teacher and the learner. To be a good teacher, you must be able to form a strong relationship with your students and show that you care about them. Aside from
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In Unit 09 I've learned the importance of making sure you create a structure for your lessons, while also being flexible, and tailoring your lesson based on the student's needs. Being able to plan eve
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Unit 19 talks of the importance of adapting the teaching style of a class depending on the student type and classroom. For example, teaching adults and teaching children will have big differences in m
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This lesson has taught me that reading and listening skills are both very important when learning a new language. Also that reading and listening for different specific purposes is very different from
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Menlo Park
The purpose of this unit was to give an overview of the differences in teaching lessons depending on the make-up of the group that is being taught. For example younger students are going to in general
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This lesson was given in order to show the different types of management for the different types of personality of teachers. How to establish respect among the student, and mainly focused upon the man
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Mill Valley
As a native English speaker I was not aware that the present tense had so many different forms. The first two- simple and continuous are certainly the simplest to understand and explain! I think it
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Again, it is very interesting how the sentence structure of the past is divided into 4 forms that have nuanced meaning. I don't remember ever learning these forms, yet I have been using them without u
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Lesson materials are a teacher’s wonderful assets. They help make the lesson flow more smooth, interesting and fun. These materials can either be authentic or created. Authentic materials are every
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Mission Viejo
The topic of this unit overall was to introduce what qualities to look for when nurturing students, as well as what qualities we should strive for as instructors. There was also an emphasis placed on
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This unit is describes the says how a language can be taught. It mentions how new vocabulary should be selected, e.g. it makes sense to start teaching relevant vocabulary (vocabulary which is likely t
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Receptive skills, ie reading and listening are as important as productive skills, ie speaking and writing. Receptive skills are based on pre-existent knowledge that can color how the learner will take
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In this unit there are four diffrent types of present tense simple present,present continuous,present perfect,and present perfect continuous but there are also twelve verb tense form in English.Review
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There are three ways to assess a students level, including, tutorials, evaluations by the students and tests. There are a number of tests done throughout the course, for example, students are to take
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Monte Sereno
This unit is about classroom dynamics and what makes the best teacher/learner dynamic. To be a good teacher one needs to be passionate and dedicated to all facets of the classroom experience, includin
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different methods and techniques are very important to deliver an interesting lesson for the children. the new technology also gives the great opportunity for teachers to use new techniques and equipm
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Penmanship is the least area of focus, but a very integral part of writing. It is important for an English learner to practice the accuracy of basic letter formation, as well as, and correct spelling
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Monterey Park
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Unit 2 focuses on the different types of speech in the English language: articles, adjectives, nouns, verbs, prepositions, and many variations of the types. With nouns, there are common, proper, compo
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There are Five types of classes-Teaching Beginners,Teaching Individual Students,Teaching children,Teaching Business English,Teaching the monolingual and the multilingual class. The most useful part f
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Moreno Valley
This unit covers the importance of pronunciation and phonology. When learning a new language, many students often carry about understanding the language and speaking it before wanting to take more car
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Morgan Hill
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Morro Bay
This unit was different. The two different videos offered a lot to keep in mind while teaching. The first showed a teacher with an unconfident lesson plan and an inconsiderate style of teaching, while
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Mount Shasta
In a very objective reflection of this unit, I concur with the fact that good teaching must involve a good communication and a positive interaction between the teacher and students. In order to have a
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Mountain View
This unit explains effective class building techniques such as how to write a lesson plan that allows the teacher to be prepared for the class but also flexible. Staying flexible allows the teacher to
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This unit provides us with detailed information on equipment and teaching aids we may use in the classroom. It aims at many different teaching aids such as an overhead projector, interactive whiteboar
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This unit is explains the different methods and technics which can be applied in a class room. As there are many different ways and technics to teach English it is important to know the students in th
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National City
This unit is about productive skills. Productive skills are speaking and writing. Learning to speak a language and write at the same time can be beneficial to students in better learning and understan
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This unit helped me recall and review the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. The unit explained the affirmative, negative, and question forms of each
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Nevada City
In unit 5 the focus is on managing the classroom. I've learned the different methods to create a healthy and positive classroom atmosphere through direct and indirect actions. For example; with direct
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Unit 2 provided an overview of the parts of speech. It was helpful to re-learn the building blocks of English grammar: adjectives, articles, adverbs, conjunctions, gerunds, nouns, prepositions, pronou
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This unit gave me the opportunity to see two English lessons in progress all with different approaches in teaching effective and non effective.I have learnt that a teachers attitude is the key that pr
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Newport Beach
As far as there are many things that English teachers need to fit into their class time like vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and so on, pronunciation often gets neglected. However, pronunciati
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In this lesson, we refresh our minds with the present tenses and learn ways to incorporate each tense into example sentences so students have a better grasp at the difference between present simple, p
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This unit is about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are hard to understand for students because they could have different meanings depending on the sentence structure. S
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Unit sixteen is about grammar and direct speech. There are many different forms of conditional sentences that use if/when. It is hard for non english speaking students to use the right one, because th
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In this lesson, we covered why teachers plan lessons and how to go about the task. The three main reasons we plan lessons is to write down what students should learn by the end of the lesson, a aid to
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Present, Past and Future tenses have certain similarities when it comes to usage, form and structure, Continuous forms feature the form of the ‘to be’ verb plus the -ing form of the verb. Perf
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First lesson: For new group and existing group. Try to use activities to 1) eastablish rapport;2?Find out about the students;3)Find out the students'need 4)Find out the English level of each individu
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It’s really up to the instructor whether he/she would like students to purchase the required textbook. Keep in mind, whatever students don’t buy, teachers need to supplement it with their own crea
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Unit 13 was one of the most informative lessons for me thus far. Having been through school all the way up to finishing the university level, I've never once in my life had an instructor go over the p
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In this unit, I learned many of the structures of future tense for the first time. This is not generally something covered in my English program or pedagogy training, so it was new to me as a native E
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gain, as with present and past tense, future tense also has four forms. Yet, furthermore, there are three more tense structures that can be used to express future meanings. These three forms include
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Orange Cove
Grammar may appear to be very challenging area of language for both learners and teachers. Therefore, teachers should not only to have profound knowledge in this area, but also to be able to dissemina
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Unit one was about the teacher's ability to communicate with many stages of English speaking learners. It talked about the way a teacher can improve their skills by interacting with the student at the
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Reading over the methodologies involved I felt that probably one of the most important skills or qualities to have as a teacher is flexibility/adaptation. This is, I think particularly important when
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One of the key items I learned by watching the two videos is that attitude and some preparation can make all the difference. One obvious point about lesson one is that regardless of the teacher’s kn
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