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Seal Beach
Classroom management is one of the key factors of teaching. Just as being an expert on English Language, we have to be an expert on classroom management in order to set up a perfect classroom atmosphe
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This unit was about teaching special groups. There are many different types of students in the classroom. Some students are children with low level english and need more fun activities to hold their a
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This unit was helpful in understanding how vocabulary is introduced to new learners,learners will now know how to describe ,write and understand meanings to words.I have learnt that through vocabulary
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In this unit, it discusses about classroom arrangements and ways to manage a classroom such as the advantages and disadvantages of teacher talk-time and student talk-time. I learned that when teachers
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this Unit is to identify the different forms of Present tense and it is very important due to the misunderstanding that teachers are having throughout thinking about when to use which form.Thus the un
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Shasta Lake
From this Unit, I am introduced varies of methodologies which people use to teach English till now and get the strength and weakness of each of them. I knew the PPP is more effective in teaching at l
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Sierra Madre
In this unit I learnt about lesson planing, phase of the lesson and engaged phase activities in the lesson planing. The teacher need to excises paitcent with students in order to let them gain knowled
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Signal Hill
In Unit 3, the primary focus of discussion encompasses the Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) teaching elements with some information regarding common lesson plans. My big takeaway of this lesson was n
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Simi Valley
Definitely the most important takeaway about this video is how important it is to have a good attitude while teaching. It is very clear that the teacher in the first video was easily frustrated from h
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Solana Beach
This section gave good ideas to implement ways to physically make a classroom feel a different way. The classroom dynamic will likely always be changing. However the horseshoe and circle formation in
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Just like traditional students, business students have their own individual needs that should be catered to as much as is reasonably possible. This job becomes significantly easier when the teacher is
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I find Unit 10 so interesting and made me feel so excited to teach in such group of students. I have obviously seen the difference of the two lessons from the very beginning. I love how the teacher
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Unit 19 focuses on the types of classes we will be working with. Usually there are different beginner levels in a class, therefore instructors need to be aware of students needs and clear with instruc
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I found this unit to be highly logical and mostly common sense. For example, using a gesture that makes sense to the people you're talking to is necessary to convey the proper meaning, a gesture that
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South El Monte
I liked this module quite a bit. I have taught little in writing, yet I wonder: how to teach kids to focus on aspects other than handwriting? When I taught English as a foreign language, my students w
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South Gate
This section helped to show me that not all forms of testing need to be a long, formal test at the end of a section. Because my education was in math and science, these formal tests are what I am used
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South Lake Tahoe
This unit was really beneficial to learn because I knew there were other aspects of the language to teach besides vocabulary, but didn't know what they would fall under. I feel like the go to lesson f
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South Pasadena
This unit covers the four present tenses: the present simple, the present progressive (continuous), the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous. I particularly enjoyed reading over the ten
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South San Francisco
This lesson felt rather difficult; especially reading the phonetic script. Honestly, it felt like learning a new alphabet. The poem in this unit really provided some context for the non-phonetic natur
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St. Helena
This unit was about teaching receptive skills which are skills a student uses for the functional aspects of reading and listening. These skills are split into 2 main categories of reading for purpose
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In this unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. I found this to be another one of the more challenging units. I really had to think to make the distinction between grammar po
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Unit 8 covers the last of the tense system with the seven future tenses including: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple, a
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Suisun City
This unit went over classroom dynamics on a fundamental level and introduced new concepts related to establishing rapport within the classroom. Consistency in teacher behavior (i.e. coming to class on
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In unit 7 I learnt ways of how to teach non-English learners the language for example how to teach them the vocabulary, how to select vocabulary and what students need to know about the vocabulary, as
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This unit presented distinctions between the following groups of TEFL students: beginners, young learners, one-on-one learners, students of business english, multilingual classrooms, and monolingual
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Sutter Creek
Unit 7 discussed grammar and vocabulary and how the ESA framework introduced to us before can be applied to the teaching of these concepts. When selecting vocabulary to teach, it is important for the
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This unit outlined the general principles for writing a lesson plan, but the content seemed more sparse than other units. Perhaps this is because of the inclusion of multiple pages of blank templates
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I found this learning unit extremely important as I learnt about the different types of nouns, adjectives, verbs, articles, adverbs, pronouns, gerunds and propositions/conjunctions. These various part
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This unit taught me the various roles and characteristics of an effective teacher. I learned that my role as a teacher will vary depending on the situation, but more than anything else, I should be pa
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Today’s unit focused on pronunciation and phonology where we learn how to teach students pronounce English and translate tones and intonations using rise/fall sentences, depending on what they are a
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Temple City
The productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. In contrast, receptive skills which are listening and reading are used when learners are perceivi
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Thousand Oaks
This unit explains the importance of lesson planning. I think it is so important not to create such a rigid lesson plan, because it restricts the ability to flow in accordance to the direction of the
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I learned the fundamentals of lesson planning in this unit. I really knew nothing about that before. I feel much more confident in the basics of being able to structure a lesson for students now, al
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Unit 14 is a unit that helps list out the pro's and con's of selecting and using certain course work with your student. While using published coursework is typically a tried and true method with a set
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Unit 20 is a relatively short lesson on some of the difficulties or situations a teacher might encounter when teaching an English class. For instance, all teacher will have to meet their prospective s
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Mastery of proper teaching equipment and aids is essential to effective teaching in the classroom. Students learn more effectively and are more engaged in the classroom when there’s something to hol
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Unit 2 discussed the grammar rules I will be teaching to my students. Although most of these rules and concepts should already be ingrained from elementary school, it was a great overview. The lesson
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In my opinion it is quite good to practice the tenses and go on running with them.The content is complete and the explanations and examples are easy to understand.I love this part of the test, it rema
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Unit seven is about the structure, and grammatical usage, as well as teachability of vocabulary words. When introducing a new word, the teacher has many ways to help them learn. Including role-playing
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We learn that merely reading the text or listening to the instructor doesn’t mean they will understand and resonate with the content. There has to be a level of interest and purpose. A way to help m
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Unit 11 covers the ways in which we can use language receptive skills of reading and listening to teach English to our students. The unit breaks down the two main reasons for reading and listening int
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Twentynine Palms
Language Teaching requires great responsibility. A teacher should have many important traits both personally and related to the profession. A good teacher should be kind and patient, caring, motivatin
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In this unit, the productive skills consist of speaking and writing. I learned that the accuracy is in the study stage while the focus of fluency is towards the activate stage. The accuracy helps corr
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Union City
I think the lesson on the course materials was mostly common sense. However I have had language teachers in the past who relied all too much on the textbooks and it got old very quickly. Because of th
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Unit 5 was about evaluating students, we learnt about the various tests, such as placement test: used to place new students in the correct class based on their English level, progress tests which are
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This has been one of the more difficult units for me. Grasping the idea of the phrasal verbs was kind of hard. It is crazy how frequently we use these type of verbs and most people don't even know tha
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Unit 18 was a look into several different grammar concepts for English. Modal auxiliary verbs are meant to express a speakers attitude or feelings, and help us to better understand the urgency or cert
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I am shocked by how many different future tenses we have in English. I learned Spanish as a second language and thought it was incredibly difficult that they had a handful of different past tenses. Ho
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The material covered in this unit was not new to me as I am already a teacher and have had 15 or so years of classroom experience. However, it is always good to refresh. I feel the important focus of
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€Intonation: Definition~ the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. Pattern~ rise/fall~ indicates argreement, Finishing of what you want to say fall/rise~ indicates surpr
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