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This unit taught me grammar and the different parts of speech. I already have knowledge on this subject, but it was great to have a refresher of the different types of each part of speech, and the rul
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The main focus of this unit was on Theories ,methods and techniques of teaching.n this chapter various method of teaching where covered,this includes; -Grammar-Translation which puts more emphasis on
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Ak Chin
This unit covers the basic components of what a good teacher is and what a good learner is. Several characteristics that a good teacher can employ are prompting students, monitoring classwork moderate
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Ak-Chin Village
This unit has really broaden my scope. First, it gives me inside of what students have to know about language. They have to be exposed to it, understand its meaning,how its constructed and be able to
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Alamo Lake
I have learnt a most important part of English language from this unit and that is Grammar. I have read about Parts of speech, explanation and basic rules of each part of speech as well as the uses of
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Ali Chuk
I’m quite impressed with technical expertise of this unit. The authors of this unit demonstrated the ability to take a complex subject with a lot of details and break it down into easy understandabl
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Ali Chukson
In this unit I learned about teaching special groups of students. From beginners to business professionals different groups of student swill have different needs to be addressed and assessed. There a
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Ali Molina
The information in this unit was presented with an expert knowledge. Too often this type of units (grammar) lacks a real in-class situations and practice perspective. But I really like that in this co
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In unit 11 teaching receptive skills, reading and listening, was introduced. This included how we read and listen, such as pre-existing knowledge and practice in predictive skills, skimming, and deduc
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This unit is an overview of the relationship between learners and teachers. In my opinion, the most important characteristic of a good teacher is able to motivate learners. He/she should make teaching
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I learnt that teaching pronunciation is important. I have never learnt the phonetic symbols when I was learning English in school so this unit was an eye-opener for me. I realised that pronunciation i
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This was a good review of Unit 3. However, I'm finding questions in most tests that do not have clear or exact examples in the reading material. For example, Question 14 in Unit 7 asks about a Patchwo
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This unit explains the different usages of the future tenses. By watching the teaching ideas shown in the video, I am also able to better understand the differences among the various future tenses. In
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Apache Junction
This unit covers several different clauses, in addition to subtleties that can be used with passive and active voice. Transitive and intransitive verbs are introduced and explained. This lesson is ver
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This unit covered forms of assessment used before and during the course of an EFL course. Before entering a course, a placement exam is usually given to decide which class would be most suitable for t
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Arivaca Junction
In this Unit, we learnt the parts of speech their characteristics and the role they play in a sentence. It gave clear explantions about grammar topics and help me to better understand in a brief expla
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Arizona City
Unit five is about managing the classroom. This is not an easy task for the teacher. The classroom should be managed in a friendly way while being at ease with the students yet maintaining disciplin
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Arizona Village
I have learnt in the section of ''Evaluation and Testing'' about educational setting, assessment, evaluation, and testing are all used to measure how much of the assigned materials students are master
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As mentioned in the unit, it is easy to neglect the productive skills in class for they are considered as either a quiet time or an unorganized time. This unit allowed me to realize that general step
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Ash Fork
This unit helps me know that "might" and "may" are modal auxiliary verbs that remain the same for all persons. And "don't" uses the auxiliary "do" in question and negative form. This unit also makes m
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     When I decided to become a teacher on broad , I realized that I have no knowledge about  the new technology tools that are currently being used in most schools  . This unit  it's  extreme
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Avra Valley
This unit introduced course book and lesson materials. I learned that course books are very emotive issue which has advantage and disadvantage. It designed for general audience so not suitable for spe
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This unit was focused on past tenses which can be categorized into 4 types; 1.Past simple tense - Its is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past,for past actions when the time is giv
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The lesson covered aspects of grammar and the definitions of word use kin great detail. This is the core of what I imagine the focus of the teaching will be for intermediate students. I feel the tough
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Bear Flat
Unit 6 Past Tense. This unit is the most easy for the fact that the explanations are clear and give comprehensible examples. The 4 tenses under Past tense Past simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, a
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Beaver Dam
Unit 15 Evaluating Students. In this unit i understand the different types of tests, assessments, and evaluation. Each level and different needs and focus of study differs in the level of tests and as
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Beaver Valley
This unit covers the planning lessons in details with a very good examples. It starts with the most important functions of writhing lesson plans: and aid to planning, a working document, and a record.
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This unit was introduction to phonology and pronunciation, and the teaching of both. The section on intonation included explanations and examples of rise/fall intonation, fall/rise, and flat intonatio
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Vocabulary - all the words that are known or used by a particular person. There are some criteria to consider in choosing a vocabulary such as appropriateness, frequency, coverage and teachability. In
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This unit says that each class material has its advantages and disadvantages. Class textbooks, real life materials, as well as the other work books related to course materials can help in various ways
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Bitter Springs
I this unit i learn about the formation of intonation. This is when the speaker speaks with intentions to say no more or expecting the other person to speak. We have the fall/rise pattern which is a
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Black Canyon City
Attitude and mood can be a great difference between students learning something and learning nothing in one day. I have learned this throughout my years of supervising younger workers and the aura f a
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I learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology and the difference between the two. I learned about the different intonations and how fall and rising can affect how we perceive the sentence. Ther
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This lesson definitely hits on the topic I find the most challenging when learning a foreign language. It takes a lot for the brain to produce content, as compared to simply reading and comprehension.
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This unit deconstructs why some of my teachers in school were seemingly excellent while others were drab and ineffective, despite having similar levels of knowledge. Though the characteristics of a go
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Well I think that this unit was the one that most captured my attention up until this point since pronunciation is such an important part, I think that to me the most important part is to make student
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Stumbling a bit because of different names for the verb forms I had previously learned. Function is the same; I just need to distinguish continuous and progressive. It seems simple enough, but old hab
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In this unit I have read that how to write a lesson plan.Apart from that have read why does a teacher needs lesson plan in class during teaching the students and how to write a lesson plan or princ
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Engage: Get the students talking and thinking in English on the topic of phone conversations. Number 9 (First Activate) is a bit confusing because Answer No. 2 states "Get the students to prepare ..."
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Having classroom management and good discipline is crucial to having rapport and a relaxed learning environment. Establishing boundaries early and consequences for crossing the classroom boundaries is
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Bullhead City
Unit twelve focused on the productive skills which include speaking and writing. These skills are used to communicate. Many students tend to focus more on speaking than writing as it is an easier skil
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I learn that planning can depend on different factors such as experience of the teacher, and that planning for a class may or may not be necessary. I think it also depends on the type of school and cl
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This unit was quite interesting for me to learn more about my own language. It was stated in the text that most of these concepts are not even taught at the university level, and definitely were not p
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Cactus Flats
I have learned a great deal from this unit how to teach special groups. There is the beginners group of students who have no English background at all.I am full of knowledge on teaching beginners as i
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Cactus Forest
I felt it was very beneficial to me and well worth my time and effort. The material was very knowledgeable and I thought it was organized in a good way. As far as how you went into details and made it
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This section of the course material covered briefly the major aspects of grammar in the English language. I brushed up on some rusty areas that seem natural to me as a native speaker, but now I am ab
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Camp Verde
This Unit covers the basic components for teaching ESL. The Unit covers several different learning theories and strategies such as Grammar-Translation, Suggestopedia, Audio-Visual, Task-Based Learning
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Campo Bonito
Unit 12 Speaking and writing including games. The exam in the first part is a little easy to understand because of the simple analysis that the students will be doing. Though, in the second part of th
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Cane Beds
In this unit about common problem situations, it was very good points that was brought up. I enjoyed the key points about starting the first lesson, and the different activities you can to establish r
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Canyon Day
The information given to us in this unit was very valuable and informative. Material was interesting, well managed and close to real world and life experiences, especially the differentiation of diffe
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