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Valle Vista
In this final unit, I learned how to deal with different problems including first lesson, warmer, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, difficulties with listeni
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This chapter helped me to understand the different ways that one can manage a classroom and allowed me to reflect on past teaching experiences and what I felt worked best. I've come to really favor an
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Verde Village
In this unit I learned about modal, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The modals are can, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't, and ought to. I learne
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This unit covered management in the classroom. There are various ways to change the atmosphere of the class and make it feel more comfortable, conducive to learning, and help build rapport between stu
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This unit was very useful and interesting for me because I spend every day many story lessons. Now I know my mistakes and errors. I will use the example of patchwork lesson during my teaching process.
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Wagon Wheel
In this unit I learned about teaching receptive skills. This unit focused on the receptivity of students mainly when listening and reading. All four areas of receptivity are equally important for a
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Wahak Hotrontk
This Unit provides insight into effective strategies for implementing a balance between student collaboration and teacher talk. To ensure that a classroom dynamic is successful, it is important that a
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Wall Lane
In this unit I learned about the different types of equipment using for teaching as well as other teaching aids. I learned about interactive black boards, overhead projectors and the use of DVD or vi
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Walnut Creek
It was enjoyable and informative unit. The information was really useful for every teacher. All recommendations are about real life and will be quickly and easily applied. I took away lots of things t
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Washington Park
In this unit, I reviewed two receptive skills-reading and listening. I learned two different type of reading that for purpose and for entertainment. I also learned different skills we can use during r
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This unit discussed modals, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs Modals are used to modify verbs and are used in a variety of cases including obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibitio
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Wellton Hills
Unit sixteen provides information on conditionals and reported speech. Five different conditionals were discussed in terms of the form and usage. I learnt about typical mistakes students are likely to
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I have learnt from this unit that the attitude a teacher comes to class with determines the success of a lesson. It is also important to plan ahead of time before going into a class so that every like
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Wet Camp Village
This lesson was interesting more than anything else. It was interesting to see just how many different english exams there are and what exactly they tailor for (ie. American english, british english,
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While there are common problems that can arise, there are many ways to tackle these problems and it's important to know what problems can happen, even to the most experienced teacher, and how to solve
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I learned the different types of lessons that can be taught involving grammar, vocabulary and language learning and functions. I also learned some different ESA methods to apply when teaching language
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Whispering Pines
I have learnt in the section of ''Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology'' about phonetics which is the study of human speech. Phonetics includes the study of how sounds are physically produced (by positi
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White Hills
Unit two is about all the elements that come together to make a sentence have meaning. Each word in a sentence has a specific purpose in creating this meaning and is classified as parts of speech. Ev
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White Mountain Lake
This unit focused largely upon helping us to understand the theory behind good teachers that are able to engage students. Rather than focus upon the content of a lesson, this section of the course ins
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I learnt that it is important to use both authentic and created materials to create interest among students and ensure that lessons are less predictable. There should also be a lot of consideration be
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This unit covered the present tense form of verbs; situations in which each are used and the rules for conjugating them. It also briefly gave examples of common student mistakes associated with each.
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This unit in particular was difficult for myself, the teacher who has been studying English for over 15 years. The usage of similar grammar is complex and needs some memorization for a perfect and cor
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With many students coming from different countries and cultures, the teacher will need to differentiate between the English model of writing and speaking and the native languages present in the classr
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Wide Ruins
This unit refreshed a lot of grammar points and activated the passive knowledge. Usually it’s not an easy topic, with a lot of shades of meanings and details. But this one was very well done. The wh
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The material covered in this unit included information on the different types of tests used by teachers to assess students English skills and progress, as well as a variety of external exams and for w
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This unit clearly helped me to navigate the 7 common tenses for the future, despite two of them being present tense forms. Once again, formulas containing to be, to have, base form, verb ending in -ed
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This unit has been quite insightful helping me understand how a lesson should progress to get maximum results. The concept of Engaging the students first to help them relax,the study stage where the r
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This unit gives some ideas on solving troubles that teachers are likely to encounter in class. From first time in class according to pre-existing and non pre-existing classes, students with different
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This unit provided some examples for teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. What you teach will depend on various factors such as class level and how relatable it is to the students
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Willow Canyon
Unit 17 discussed different equipments & teaching aids. I would say that using equipment is going to help me get the students' attention. They can focus more & will pay attention more than just talkin
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Willow Valley
Unit twenty brings a close to all of the units in this TEFL course. It includes information on common problem situations such as first lessons, warmers and large classes just to mention a few. I learn
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Window Rock
I have learnt in the section of ''Course Books and Lesson Materials'' about course books that are designed for students of all levels and ages. Therefore, the process of choosing the right course book
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Conditionals are sentence structure that describes a particular action or situation and its consequences or results. It often uses if clause and there are five conditionals stated and define as follow
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When I first taught in a classroom, I kept a notebook of what I wished to accomplish and had it in hand when I greeted the class. Those lesson plans quickly became obsolete. Granted, music ensemble is
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Winslow West
Unit 6 have brief explanation and good examples. This unit needs more examples on making correct past simple, past perfect, pas continuous and past perfect continuous sentences because students are g
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This unit was all about methodologies but the most influential method is the ESA. Engage also known as "warmers", where teacher try to arouse the students' interest. Students get themselves involved
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This unit explained a great deal about the tenses that I actually did not clearly know even as a native speaker. The breakdown for typical uses was interesting to see why we speak the way that we do,
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It's quite important to have a good rapport and interaction with the class. It's necessary to involve all students equally throughout the lesson.Teachers should encourage the students. I think it's vi
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Unit 8 was on seven of the most frequently used future tenses. Tenses covered include the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect continuous, as well as two present tenses that have f
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This video lesson comparison between two classes was very helpful. I was able to see the differences between a positive and negative teacher. I learned how important attitude, gestures, and rapport ar
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In this unit I learnt all about managing a class as a teacher.This is the ability to organize and control the class ensuring a a friendly,relaxed manner and also maintaining discipline. The are vario
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As a new teacher in an EFL classroom, particulary for beginners, I would get to know my students individually, as the conversation goes I encourage them to speak in English at the same time. Using ges
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The material covered in this unit included information on the five most common conditionals and changing direct speech into reported speech. The five most common conditionals are the zero conditional,
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This unit gave me an overview of the qualities that both a good teacher and learner should posses. I learned about the various roles that a teacher plays in the classroom, and how to effectively play
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