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Padre Ranchitos
I have to say that unit 7 is very brief and easy to understand. I would suggest some examples on how to apply each structure as to where I know the limit and proper use of each structure. And some que
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If I was a student in the first class, I would feel really confused. The teacher didn't show personal interest in the students. He even didn't try to use simple mime and gesture.The teacher wasn't
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In unit 18 modal auxiliary verbs were introduced and covered in detail, defining and non-defining relative clauses and active versus passive voice were introduced, and phrasal verbs were introduced. T
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Paradise Valley
I have learnt in "Future Tenses" section about using and teaching future forms of English grammar in a class. There are a few types of future tense form,such as future simple,future continious, future
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In this lesson I learned about some theories, methods and techniques of teaching in the classroom. The first section was about the different methodologies that could be used effectively when teaching.
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Parker Strip
I learned lesson planning in this unit. Which includes why and how should we plan lessons. How to balance lesson plan and flexibility. Use ESA in lesson plan. How should a lesson plan be written down
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Unit 10 made comparisons between a successful and unsuccessful ESL lesson. In the first lesson, the teacher used complicated vocabulary and topics that were too difficult to be understood by the lesso
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i have learnt from this unit the many different methodologies envolved in the teaching process such as employment of the ESA technique and its many variables. how to Engage with the students rega
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I'm finding myself continually stuck in seeking direct examples from the text, for test questions that are fairly specific. Mistakes in Unit 11 were due to first checking two boxes, and then exchangin
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It was interesting to find out about the different categories of exams which can be conducted by the teacher in different time periods. The categories allowed clear purpose of the existing various exa
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Peach Springs
This unit was filled with information about different types of grammar. I understood the concepts of the basic rules of modal Auxiliary verbs. I thought it was extremely useful to have the chart avail
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Peeples Valley
Unit 3 is another unique way in the learning of proper and professional way in teaching.Firstly, in the methodologies, basing on the 9 methods enumerated what i preferred the most though all methods a
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This section has equipped me to deal with different groups of learners. I now have a framework of how to structure classes based on the type of student I would be dealing with. This section has give
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This section gives a good oversight of how a teacher should be from being a model, a motivator and what is required as a teacher the best way to help connect with the students. It also helps as a teac
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This unit reviews characteristics of good teachers and good learners. It overviews general classifications for learners and also more specific British categories. Unit One establishes the differences
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A difficult concept, and a challenge to explain. It starts with 2 tenses, but quickly it is understood to be more complicated. Both positive and negative tenses, along with question form tenses are ex
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Picture Rocks
Unit 4 Present tense. In this unit it clearly enumerated the 3 Tenses with 4 tenses each and they are for the Present Tense a. Present simple tense b. Present continuous or present progressive tense c
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If talking about this unit in general so it was easy for me to understand but again I had some problems in test with boomerang lesson plan. I always mixed these types of lessons. It was interesting to
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Pimaco Two
Unit 18 is very interesting lesson. This lesson is one of the most confusing lessons for beginners. Clear lectures and explanations are needed to help students understand the use of modals, phrasal ve
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I think the most useful thing I took from this lesson was about the difficulty of teaching/learning writing skills and their tendency to be underdeveloped because they're pushed as homework items. I h
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I have learnt from this unit, that the future tense is quite more complex than I originally thought it was. Aside the 4 forms of future tense commonly known: future simple, future continuous , future
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Pine Lake
Unit 2 Introduction to Grammar and Parts of Speech. This unit helps me a lot to understand the intricacy of the Parts of Speech. I am so familiar with the nouns, adjectives, articles, and verbs becaus
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In this unit I learned about phrasal verbs and the three different types. I had not been exposed to these before and I think this is a highly complex concept that will take time to teach. Once again t
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Pinetop Country Club
Modal verbs are used to add meaning to the main verb. They can be used to express ability, obligation, permission, possibility, advice, etc. Examples of modal verbs are should, might, can, could, be a
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This unit was helpful in teaching me about ways to overcome anticipated problems in the classroom. It taught me how to engage students in a first lesson, by building rapport, getting to know the stude
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This unit was an introduction to coursebooks and lesson materials. I learned what authentic and created materials are, and about the advantages and disadvantages of both. Also included were descriptio
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Pinion Pines
The point that were brought up on this unit will help to define the rule of the teacher and the students. As a teacher that has been away from the classroom for awhile these topics made me remember s
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In this first unit i have understood the role the teacher and learner both play in a classroom setting and also how important each of them are in ensuring a successful or failed lesson is achieved. Th
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Unit 3 describes theories, methods and techniques of teaching English. It describes several methods of teaching and connects each to its underlying theory of learning. It describes several games that
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In this unit I learned about the five main conditionals of speech, their forms and their usages. I also know about the different activities you can use in a classroom to teach this topic, such as spli
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I learned about the different types of learners and classes. The types of English students can range between beginners to business, while classes can range from 1 on 1 to large classes for various rea
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Prescott Valley
In this unit I have learned about the different types of tests to gauge, evaluate, place, and conduct appropriate lessons for students. We use placement or diagnostic tests to place the students and
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This lesson taught me about the different methods of teaching and their pros and cons. I learned about the ESA method (Engage - Study - Activate), and the structure of each stage. I now know about man
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Queen Creek
This Unit covers the types of exams a teacher will likely need to give, in addition to the types of exams a teacher can prepare EFL learners for. Teachers are responsible for ensuring they provide goo
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Queen Valley
In this unit there was a lot covered that is going to be so useful in the classroom. I enjoyed the understanding the methodology that are used in the classroom today that have produced the best result
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Rainbow City
In this unit I learned about teaching the two productive skills. These two skills are speaking and writing. I learned that accuracy and fluency are equally important. I learned some reasons why som
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Rancho Mesa Verde
This type of content is really useful for native English speakers to review. Although we obviously speak every day, most native English speakers have never put serious thought into how we actually mak
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Red Mesa
With the understanding of how important it is to use equipment and teaching aids in the classroom I learned a lot. I understood the differences between of all of the different tools to use as equipmen
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Red Rock
This unit has helped improved my grammar level and also learned about different parts of speeches.It makes me understand nouns which are categorized . For example; proper,common,compound,abstract and
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In this lesson we took a look at productive skills: speaking and writing. It is important when speaking to recognize common factors when two people are communicating: there is a purpose, somebody i
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Rincon Valley
This unit reflected the main problem that teacher can have in class. All suggestions were very useful, highlighted the main problems. With the help of these advices teachers will make their personal d
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Rio Rico
I have learnt in ''Past tenses'' unit about using past simple,past continious past perfect and past perfect continuous form. A teacher can explain to her/his students how to use these tenses in the se
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Rio Verde
This unit covers the types of changes that occur between tenses when direct and reported speech are introduced. This is a difficult concept to learn even for English speakers, as it requires the learn
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Rock House
This lesson focused on the phonetic component of the English language. The lesson goes into detail on word stress, pronunciation, and phonetics. Personally, I do not think it is effective to try and t
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Rock Point
I have learnt from this passage about teachers and learns,such as how to be a good teacher and to be a good learner,the identifiying the level of students in learning English and teachers' roles in cl
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After studying this unit I have learned about the importance of eye contact, gesture, and voice in a classroom and how to use them in the most effective way possible. I now know the different ways to
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Rough Rock
Unit 19 Teaching Special groups Unit. This unit is good for a particular group of students such as teaching young learners and teaching business classes. Two groups that are completely different in na
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Round Rock
I have benefited a lot from this unit as it tells me some of the common problems encountered in the classroom and also suggestions on how to deal with them. There is the new group of students.These ar
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Round Valley
I find this unit important to me because it teaches me the various ways to assess students .This could be through ; Tutorial. This can be done with the whole group or individuals depending on the tim
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The content of this unit included an overview of the parts of speech, including but not limited to, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, gerunds, and prepositions. I was apprehensive go
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