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Sacate Village
Unit 13 Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology for me is the second to the complicated from the grammar lessons. I must say that phonology is not only the study of sounds but it becomes a science becaus
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Similar to the unit on present tenses, this unit reinforced the purpose and structure for using simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous formats. It will be another great resource to refer
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Sacaton Flats Village
This unit focuses on the parts of speech in the English language and ensures that the person taking this course has a solid understanding of these parts of speech. I learned the intricacies of classif
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Lesson 1: The teacher had a flabby attitude towards his students. He started study phase immediately without an engage phase so the students are confused. The students were not given a clear details o
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This unit gave myself a deep understanding of the many ways in which we take for granted to complexity of the English language in particular grammar. It also gave an insight into ways in which we can
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This unit focused on the future tense of verbs. Out of the 3 tenses covered so far, this has the most usages and also has two grammatical forms that overlap with those used in the present tense. Below
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I learned two receptive skills - reading and listening. Both are equally important and should be introduced in a balanced approached. Reading and listening can be used for purpose and entertainment. A
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San Carlos
Unit 11 Teaching Receptive Skills. In this unit what i observe in the beginning of this unit is the importance of receptive skills. The enumerated and the definition of each skills help the student to
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San Jose
Unit 11 is very interesting like the other lessons. I learned that reading and listening are equally important. I learned how to use Straight Arrow ESA lesson. Reading and listening are important as s
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San Luis
In this unit I learned about the parts of speech ,mainly: nouns, verbs, articles, prepositions/conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns. It was a good review of parts of speech and I lear
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San Manuel
In this unit, I learned evaluation and testing. There are four types of tests including placement tests, progress test, diagnostic test and practice test. Placement test are designed to let teacher to
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San Miguel
In this unit I learned about lesson planning. I learned that it is important to have a lesson plan to keep as a record of what has been covered in class, it serves as an overall picture of a courses
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San Simon
Unit seven introduced the importance of teaching a new language to a class and what should be focused on. I learnt that when learning a new language, students need to be exposed it as much as possible
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San Tan Valley
This unit provided a simple grammatical overview of the English language. Although a lot of this information is fairly basic for learners of the language, many English teachers will find that they are
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This unit involved more of a technical approach to lesson planning which is essential to the formulation of a good lesson. I now have the technical know-how to create a lesson which will engage and f
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Santa Cruz
Unit 20 Trouble shooting common problem situations. This unit though very short compared from the rest of the units i still agree that it is important as it is included in the course. I focus on diffe
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Santa Rosa
This is the final unit covering the logistics of dealing with different classroom dynamics and inevitable conflict. Teachers should be prepared and understand why students may be disruptive, or why th
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The different aspects that a teacher must be able to handle in the course of the class, according to the individual necessities of each student and how the lessons develop. It is of importance to know
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In this unit many different teaching aids and equipment were introduced. As part of the introduction, guidelines and tips were given on the best ways to make use of the different items and tools. Some
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Phrasing tenses is a very difficult but important facet of the English language. This chapter once again helped add names to concepts which are innate to native English speakers. Learning how to addre
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Seba Dalkai
Unit 15 is going to help me assess the students. I would say that assessing the students' language level is very important, this way I know what to do in regards of evaluating them and what tests shou
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Second Mesa
Unit 9 is very important. This is the chapter where I learned to apply and practice on how to use the engage-study-activate phases. It's a little bit confusing. More examples and practice test will he
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This unit is a basic introduction to the roles of a teacher as well as student levels and characteristics and noteworthy points at each. For teachers, they may serve a variety of roles throughout th
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I learned about different methods of teaching students. There are various methods for teaching students and it's important to know your class, students and what methods would work best for each. When
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Having learnt about Present Tenses earlier, this unit has become easier to fully grasp. Perhaps the trickiest part of this unit from the perspective of a student would be mastering irregular past simp
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These videos clearly helped me to visualize the theory and strategies that I had been learning about in the past couple of lessons. It was easy to understand what was going wrong or write because i fe
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Seven Mile
Unit 1 is about what makes a good teacher and learner. It takes a look at the different roles of the teacher and when to use which role. It addresses the categories of young learners and compares the
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This unit was based around two videos that demonstrated a lesson being taught. There was both good and bad in both videos. The first lesson was discouraging and not effective in that the teacher di
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This unit has been enlightening because of they way ESA is used to structure your lesson, it gives me a template to follow when I tackle a lesson plan. From the straight arrow lesson to boomerang ther
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Show Low
This unit reveals content about New language. It includes explanation about Grammar, vocabulary, and the way how to teach new language to class.i have read the way how to teach new language, grammar a
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Sierra Vista
Unit 5 Classroom Management. In this unit i like how the situations in a classroom scenario is treated. The enumerated managing techniques from the eye contact,gesture and voice will greatly help the
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Sierra Vista Southeast
I'd be worried about showing learners Tom Cruise footage, because I wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea about American people. However, especially for those students looking to take a test in the
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Six Shooter Canyon
Writing can definitely be a challenge to teach in a classroom, as any attempt to bring up the skill is usually met with groans from a majority of students. however, this section makes it clear that we
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The chapter was focused on the Present tenses and how each of they are used.We looked at both the Negative and positives usages of the tenses and how they change. There are three types of tense which
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Points about teaching a business course in English surprised me, but it makes sense that an entire department would include a variety of ages, motivation, attendance. In contrast to teaching children,
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This unit detailed the different ways in which we should introduce ourselves and classmates to each other. It focused on the ways in which teacher and student can build a rapport and a relationship wh
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This unit covered some basic information regarding teaching of groups that don't fall into the category of adults who are seeking to improve basic conversational skills. These include teaching childre
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In this unit, I learned the importance of the productive skills (speaking and writing). I learned that writing can often be overlooked in the classroom setting and given as homework, but this skill s
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South Komelik
Unit three includes many different theories to learning that a teacher can make use of in the lessons to be taught. Deciding on which methodology is the best one to use depends on which method will ex
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South Tucson
Unit I is a good way to start my TEFL classes. First, only now i only knew that what i am doing as an ESL Teacher are somewhat correct and proper and even in the level of professionals and i could con
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Spring Valley
Unit 17 Equipment and Teaching Aids. This unit helps the students exposed in different resources in the classroom studies. The board/whiteboard is what i liked most for it gives convenient easy access
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The unit summarizes the future tense forms of seven different categories. The future simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous had clear variations in their usage and meaning, while the be g
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St. David
I have learnt in the section of ''CD/Video Lessons'' about two video lessons that a teacher plays an important role in teaching,for example, a teacher does not smile so much and the students feel much
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St. Johns
Unit 5 is very informative. I like the fact that the lecture in unit 5 have the information I need and explanation on how to organise the classroom, how to communicate with my students, how to become
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St. Michaels
In this unit, I learned skills of classroom arrangement to make a friendly and relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Class management skills inlude eye contact, gesture and the voice. Pros and Co
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In this lesson I learned about reading and listening. The four basic skills in any language are receptive skills-reading & listening, and productive skills-speaking & writing. There are two differe
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Star Valley
I have learnt in the part of Present Tenses about using correct forms of present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous. During the class time,an English teacher shou
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In this unit I have learned some of the basics concerning teaching the two productive skills, speaking and writing. Included in the unit material was information on speaking and writing activities, de
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Stotonic Village
In this unit, pronunciation as phonology was taught in a very detailed manner. I learnt that pronunciation varies depending on the situation and mood of the speaker. Special attention was given to th
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l enjoyed this lesson in understanding the proper way to manage the people within the class, and not so much just the concepts or ideas behind the language. In general, these lessons will be greatly u
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