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I learned about different course and materials that can be used in order to enhance the classwork. I learned why course books can be used in the class. While course books can have advantages, they can
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This unit was helpful in understanding how to approach the selection of vocabulary words for lesson plans. It is quite important that the balance between words that are known versus words that the stu
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Casa Adobes
I was shown in this unit about conditional and reporting speech. I was able to to understand the differences between zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. I thought it was useful with the
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Casa Blanca
The material in this unit is rather hard and so much time has to be put into it in order to do well but it’s worth it. In general, unit was complicated but understandable. The information was well m
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Casa Grande
Unit 14 discussed about course books and materials. I would say that this an effective way to help students engage with activities and help them learn how to read, write and speak. Also the course mat
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Using authentic material in class rather than material specifically written for learners is to provide more variety and authenticity to the lesson. It also allows the teacher to tailor the content of
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Catalina Foothills
In this unit I learned that I do not want to be a phonetics teacher. I appreciate all the effort that goes into pronunciation but this part of speech is really a subject unto itself. I did learn tha
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Cave Creek
The reference materials were very comprehensive and excellent means of conveying the information. Everything, as usually, was handled in a professional manner. The information was well organized, so i
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Cedar Creek
In this unit I learned about problems with first lessons. I learned that in a new group it is a good idea to build rapport with the students, find out about them and prepare an activity for them befo
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Centennial Park
Unit 9 Lesson Planning. This unit needs a lot of thinking and brain storming. Lesson planning is very essential for a teacher and i find this unit is indispensable and as well as necessary. I admit it
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This lesson went over vocabulary, grammar and functions and how it should be taught in the classroom. The first topic was teaching vocabulary. It is very important in the early stages to motivate stud
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Central Heights-Midland City
This unit introduces the foundational aspects of teaching that this course will cover, such as the types and english level of students that may be encountered, general motivations of English students,
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This unit covered the two types of material used in a classroom: authentic and created materials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Authentic material, being produced for a native audien
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The information provided in Unit 1 goes into great detail about what a future teacher is to expect not only from his or herself as a teacher, but also from the students or learners within the classroo
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Chiawuli Tak
Phrasal verbs are, without fail, one of the most daunting obstacles for students of English. They tend to focus a lot of attention on this aspect of their grammar, as they see/hear phrasal verbs const
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This unit talked about the different type of conditionals as well as reported speech. conditionals zero: talk about an action or fact that is irrefutable. Will happen no matter what. "If" and "when"
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The main takeaway from this unit has been the aspect of frequency when it comes to Vocabulary. The most important twenty words or so maybe easy to guess intuitively as a teacher, but once huge lists a
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Chino Valley
This is the first Unit to really cover an example lesson plan. It applies the ESA arrow concept with a lesson plan tailored to learn about animals. I found it challenging to decipher what exactly the
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I have learned how to visualize and organize lesson plans for students in this lesson. I now have a framework to refer to for formulating classes in an effective way. The three main topics include te
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Christopher Creek
This unit starts with a brief definition of grammar and vocabulary and how learning both of them is completing each other. The unit covers teaching vocabulaty and how the teacher could select words to
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I learned that there the teacher's attitude and way of teaching a class has a lot of the do with how the class will respond to the lesson and how well they will engage in the classroom. Teachers need
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As a newcomer in EFL industry, this topic helped me a lot on how to cope and what to expect when I start as an English teacher. I will start my first lessons with learners in a different levels on a p
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I learned about modal, phrase verbs and passive voice and how they are used in sentences. Modals can be used to show obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability and advice. Mo
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Cienega Springs
This unit teach how to Manage a class. It reveals some topics about management and arrangement of a class. I have learnt the way to manage a class and have read such as how to use voice, gestures,eye
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Citrus Park
I have learnt in the section of "Equipment and Teaching Aids" about many different ways in which an English teacher can make the learning experience more interesting and memorable for learners. One te
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Clacks Canyon
This Unit covers the basics of the different types of skills used in learning versus pleasure - reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Reading and listening are the primary focuses here, and the u
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UNIT 10 -VIDEO LESSON The biggest lesson I have learnt from watching the two video is that proper lesson planning is necessary inorder to ensure that the class goes smoothly and on time.Moreover its a
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Clay Springs
In this unit, I learned practical teaching methods, theories and techniques such as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation-practice-production, task based learning, the silent way, sugges
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Beyond the ESA methods one may choose, it is very important that the students are engaged with the topics used in the teaching of the language. Many comparisons can cross the cultural lines associate
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This unit covers very advanced material once again that may be harder to explain how the different types of phrasal verbs differ from one another as many of these verbs are more colloquial and can oft
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Colorado City
In this unit, I learned ESA teaching method by compare the two videos. I found it very helpful that it demonstrated how to apply ESA method in real teaching enviornment and how did students react by d
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This section detailed the difference in reading, speaking, listening and writing skills; it detailed the receptive skills, i.e. reading and listening, and how to teach them. Learning about the differ
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In this unit I learned proper grammar and parts of speech. This was very informative in the way that It is not something you think about when you use it every day. I relearned the proper use of nouns
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Hello everyone! I like this unit so much. It was difficult for me to learn because of so much information but at the same time I was enjoying this new and interesting studying. This unit helped me a l
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I learned a lot in this lesson. I learned about intonation and the different patterns or rise/fall, fall/rise, etc. that are common in the english language and when they are used. I know some techniqu
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Copper Hill
I have learnt in the section of ''Teaching Special Groups'' about different language levels of English learners.Beginners need lots of repetition and drilling, especially as they get to grips with the
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Cordes Lakes
This unit talked about Teaching special groups,like biginners,adults young learners,children...It is very important because it explained that the teacher should have specific attitude and activities d
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Evaluation and testing allow teachers to track the progress of their students and generally should not be used to rank students but should by the teacher to tailor lessons to the needs of students bas
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This unit was very helpful. I learnt a lot from watching the two videos. First of all, I learnt that the attitude of the teacher is very important for a successful lesson. It helps to set the overall
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Corona de Tucson
This lesson was a lot more complicated and I tried to comprehend to my best ability the differences between the different grammatical structures but it was really difficult and to me, not very clear.
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This unit is very important in understanding the roles and relationships the teacher and the students should have in the classroom. It touches on the characteristics a great teacher should have such a
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This material was fascinating. So much thought over many centuries, regarding the academic and psychological approaches to learning. One opinion I would like to share is that I began to watch the vide
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This section was very informative in that it taught me the basics of a very complicated topic. I now am aware of this subject matter and will work on integrating this subject in my lessons. It is im
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Crystal Beach
In this unit, I learned two productive skills-writing and speaking. The difference between accuracy and fluency activities. They are equal important and should be used in different scenarios for examp
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Unit 6 introduces past tense forms: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Each has expresses a unique meaning. Past simple describes actions completed in a definite
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Future simple tense is commonly used in situations such as making promises,future facts and certainties,predictions,assumptions and threats.The use of will in this form generally expresses a stronger
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Deer Creek
Extremely useful topic for all teachers. Sometimes, it’s really a big problem to find the best course book for your students. Teacher should think about and predict so many factors, so sometimes, it
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Del Muerto
Unit 19 discussed about how to teach different groups. As a new teacher, I would say that it's going to be challenging for me to teach different groups. I have to use different approach to young learn
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The example of the ESA lesson aiming to improve students' writing skills is very helpful. I learnt that it is important to allow students to have enough time to prepare before presenting their ideas v
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Desert Hills
In this unit,i learned about the common errors from students. The confusion between "be going to" and the future simple is frequent .Also, i learned the various teaching ideas on how to handle the fut
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