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I have learned extensively about the past tenses and how to use them properly. This lesson is vital to explaining to my students the right way to phrase things about the past. By adhering to this le
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Thank you for the list of online Dictionaries. I didn't realize there were so many. If classrooms do not have "a stock of dictionaries," I wonder if a standard source will be required throughout the l
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Dolan Springs
In this unit ,first of all i would like to begin with the teacher's attitude,manner,teaching style and lessons structure of the first video as compared to the second video which makes me learn a lot.
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Doney Park
The content in Unit 4 covers the present tenses that ESL teachers will need to know to instruct ESL learners. They include present perfect, present continuous, present simple, and present perfect cont
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Donovan Estates
Great unit with interesting facts. Created in a light and understandable way. Seemed very knowledgeable in the information. All points were clearly explained in a very professional manner. I revealed
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. We use the language that we have acquired and produce a message through speech or written text that we want others to understand. I have learned the differe
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The teacher should not only be knowledgeable in the subject he/she is teaching but also must have classroom management skills. Teachers use classroom management to keep students focused on learning wh
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Drexel Heights
Unit seventeen discusses teaching aids and equipment used to make a lesson more interesting and to enhance the meaning of different topics. Although very useful, teaching aids are not always available
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Dripping Springs
Unit 12 has good tips on how to teach the students in speaking and writing. As I go along with the lessons, I'm learning more and more on how to teach the students. The techniques and styles are simpl
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In this unit I learned some basic history regarding teaching theory and practices and about the current most popular or preferred method for the teaching of English as a second language. Engage, Study
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There are four types of present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. In this unit I have learned the usage, forms, typical student's error and som
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Receptive skills include understanding when you listen and when you read. The learners receive the language and decode the meaning to understand the message. The two main reasons on why we listen and
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I found this unit to be a difficult unit, I may have to go through and read this again. Pronunciation is another very important part of the English language, but can be so confusing because words may
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East Fork
This unit which is a follow up of grammar has really enriched my knowledge on English vocabulary and also on teaching skills(how to teach the students). I have gained a lot as this unit makes me under
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East Globe
I liked this unit. I understood so much things and I want to use some of them in my lessons. Because these are so useful and great ways of teaching english. Technologic materials are always effective
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East Verde Estates
This section of the course was interesting, as it expounding upon core methodology behind lesson planning and execution. Although lessons often evolve as they are being taught, creating a general outl
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In this unit I learned various behaviours that "good" teachers and students possess. As a result, not only will this allow me to become a better teacher but it will help distinguish between students
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El Capitan
It's easy to rely a bit too much on teaching aids, especially if a lesson has been inadequately planned. A teacher can easily turn on a movie with subtitles in the learners' language and sit back. As
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El Mirage
Unit 8 The Future Tenses. This unit is for me the most complex and longer compared to the two Present tense and Past Tense. Future tenses has many intricate part that the students even the teacher nee
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El Prado Estates
This unit outlines the four basic present tenses, how they are used and formed, and how you can activate their instruction in a class setting. The content of this unit is important because the teacher
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Elephant Head
I have learnt in section of ''Lesson Planning'' how to plan lesson before coming to the classroom. A teacher has to prepare the plan in advance and make sure that the plan is appropriate according to
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Lesson Planning is a general guidance for teachers to follow in the class. It means before the lesson teachers should make a decision in advance about what aims will be achieved, what techniques, acti
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The past tense even in its simplest form must be mastered by the teacher so that it can be probably passed on to the students. In this unit I learnt all the forms the past tense can take: simple past,
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Learning proper pronunciation is one of the classes that students really enjoy. It allows the students to be more fluent in speaking, making them feel like they know more sophisticated level of Englis
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First Mesa
Reading this unit, I've learned about the different types of teaching styles, types of students, and the differences between the levels/ ages of the students. I think it was important to learn these t
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Once again I found this tense unit a little challenging, because I found that I was getting confused with different tenses, especially between future perfect and future perfect continuous. Once again
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My perception of an English class was rigid before the start of this course, and this unit shed light on just how varied the dynamics of a classroom could be. It was interesting to factor in differenc
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Flowing Springs
In this unit I learned about managing the classroom. I am happy to know my style of teaching is more low-key and as such I have learned that while it is important for me to err on the side of control
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Flowing Wells
I have learnt a lot from this unit. This unit contains a variety of teaching theories, methods and techniques. I read about teaching methods some of them are Grammar translation, Audio-lingualism , Ta
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Fort Apache
In this unit of classroom management, there are so many great aspects that I learned. I can see how important some of the key points are. I understand the differences between eye contact, gestures and
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Fort Defiance
I have learnt about a Teacher and a Learner. The relation between teacher and learner.I have read that what makes a good teacher and there are some roles of a teacher which he/she have to play in clas
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Fort Mohave
Unit four introduced me to the four basic skills in languages. These included: receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (writing and speaking). The focus for this unit was on rea
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Fort Thomas
Unit 16 Conditionals and reported speech. This is for me one of the easiest unit that i studied not to mention unit 1 too. The enumeration of conditionals like zero, first, second, third, and mixed co
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Fort Valley
What is important about this unit is that ,i learned how important teaching aids can be.It can make the class more interesting,effective and less dependent of the teacher on textbooks.These teaching e
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Fortuna Foothills
Unit 7 covers techniques for introducing appropriate vocabulary to learners based on their English levels. In addition, the Unit covers how to apply appropriate vocabulary with the Engage-Study-Activa
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Fountain Hills
A very useful unit with many elements, covering quite a lot. It provided key points and useful tips which are easy to apply. Covered all aspects that I can think of. Parts of the unit were well organi
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I have learnt different methods of managing my classroom for effective teaching and learning. The unit was all encompassing helping me understand that managing a class goes beyond seat arrangements to
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I think this unit was very useful for planning. The demarcation of Study versus Activate is something that I feel is not discussed much in other ideologies and it is a useful concept to know. That bei
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Freedom Acres
Generally, students seem to try their best when treated like human beings. As long as they are afforded the respect and devotion they deserve, most students will do their best to satisfy the requireme
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We live in an era where teaching is a very important factor affecting students achievement. In this unit the lesson went over the past tenses. There are four to forms: past simple, past continuous, p
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This unit was about parts of speech. Each word in a sentence has a certain function an purpose that was briefly described. Examples are nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, particles, comparatives,
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Geronimo Estates
Excellent unit in a course. It made me think about things and reflect on my knowledge. Very engaging, involving, informative and enjoyable. Videos help a lot to look at teaching methods from the other
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Gila Bend
As mentioned in the lesson, beginners can often be some of the most motivational students. For this reason, they can be really rewarding to teach. However, one thing not mentioned in the course was wh
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Gila Crossing
Course books are useful, but can also stifle the creativity of a teacher in the classroom. I liked the advice about finding a book that suits the class, but often choosing to branch out from the book
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The most important take away from this chapter was what types of lessons are best suited for teaching different aspects of a language. As expected, the best way to teach grammar structures may not be
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Unit nine was an introduction to lesson planning. It included information on the functions and basic principles of lesson planning, as well as tips on before-class organization. The bulk of the unit w
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Teachers play a critical role in a classroom and this unit clearly explained how to manage a classroom. To teach a classroom effectively you need to have proper eye contact, gesture and be the voice o
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In this unit I learned about the future tense in English. This tense refers to an activity that will take place soon or latter on. There are a number of ways to express this. The seven most common are
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Gold Canyon
In this unit ,i have learned about four basic skills. The receptive skills which includes reading and listening and the productive skills which includes speaking and writing. Also the the problems wit
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Golden Shores
Unit nine is revolved around planning lessons. Being a teacher, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to lesson plans as a requirement for my course and to put into practice in real life. The str
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