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In this unit I was able to summarize basic grammar titles used. In an English class in Korea, many grammar vocabularies are abbreviated or untold to students and are simply translated in Korean. Most
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Litchfield Park
This Unit discusses the basic parts of speech found in the English language, which an English teacher will most likely need to use and instruct to students. Topics covered include transitive/intrans
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This unit was helpful in understanding the purpose behind examining the students. It would be helpful to also see typical frequencies of test schedules that have been deemed effective, although this m
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In this lesson I learned about the aspect of pronunciation. It is very important so that students will be able to recognize the fall or rise of speech and detect certain sounds. There isn't always
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Low Mountain
Unit eighteen takes a look at modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The basic rules are explained using examples and tables to make it simpler and straightforward to understand. Thes
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Lower Santan Village
I was aware of the different roles of management as I currently work in a supervisory role involving people who do not speak English as their native/first language. I wasn't aware of learners roles an
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This unit covered some information about the two receptive skills of language - reading and listening. It gave an overview of what purposes we use them for (pleasure, seeking information), some specif
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Unit 10 used two video recordings of ESL classes, one a negative example and one a positive example. Video one was a fantastic example of what not to do. It was practically torturous just as an observ
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Maish Vaya
This unit explains what makes a good teacher and a good learner.The Characteristics of a good teacher should be kind ,caring and motivational. A good learner should always ask more questions when unsu
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An introduction to teaching special groups, as well as monolingual and multilingual classes, was presented in this unit. The special groups included the various kinds of beginners, adults and children
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Many Farms
I have learnt in the part of Theories, Methods and Techniques about the correct methodology,engage,study and activate,patchwork and boomerang lesson,correcting students in an appropriate level and sta
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Unit 20 deals with the problems that may arise in the English language classroom. Additionally it describes the first day of class and some things the teacher can do to avoid trouble down the road. On
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Unit 4 introduces three present tense forms: present simple, present perfect, and present continuous. The present simple is used to describe habitual or routine actions, facts, commentaries, direction
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Maricopa Colony
I have learnt from the "Managing Classes" unit that it is important to know how to manage classes. Using gestures, eye contact and students' names help teachers to explain and make the class be more a
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Martinez Lake
Unit 10 CD/Video Lessons. This unit is the most entertaining to study and analyse. The teacher here in the second video is interactive and very open for the students interaction by using his gestures,
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There are a lot of different methodologies that can be applied in the classroom for a successful lesson. The method that is said to work best is the ESA, or Engage, Study, Activate method. This metho
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Course planning can be time consuming preparation, nonetheless it is crucial to take time for this process. Planning the objectives, detailed steps for ESA and time estimated allows easier class for t
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Teaching aids are helpful as it can be used to make lessons more appealing, useful and entertaining in an EFL classroom. It also brings variety and interest inside the classroom. Students get 80 perce
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The core of this unit is the importance of differentiating teaching method according to different group of students. The groups may include the beginners, one on one lessons, and business English lear
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Mead Ranch
This unit makes me realize the common mistakes among students during the use of did and did not. I also realized in this unit that the past tense is not too different from the present tense. Their onl
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As the name of the unit is video lessons.i have watched two video lessons in this unit. It was interesting lessons and from these videos can learn how to use ESA methods. And can differentiate to both
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An introduction to grammar and the most basic, these categories called parts of speech into which words are classified according to their functions in a sentence. In this unit,  I had learned not onl
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Mesa del Caballo
Unit 3 has a lot of information in regards of theories, methods and techniques. The test was a bit confusing, however; this unit is going to help me practice myself on how to present some fun games, t
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I learned about different equipment and teaching aids. These include white/black boards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorders, CD pl
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Mesquite Creek
I have learnt in the section of ''Teaching Receptive Skills'' about receptive(reading and listening) and productive(speaking and writing) skills. There are predictive skills are used by different ways
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This unit explains the purpose of lesson planning and what are some important things a teacher should consider when planning a lesson. I learnt that while it is good to have a lesson plan to help a te
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Miracle Valley
This unit gives me a complete mastery of methodology. The various parts of methodology. They consist of grammar - translation, audio - lingualism and presentation ,practice and production. Then talki
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Over the past few tests it's becoming apparent that the most problematic area for me is the ordering of the ESA actions. Not sure if that's due to clever structuring of options, or if I'm missing an e
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in this unit i learnt the important differences between the usages of the various past tense forms, how and when to employ them and the differing structures. this is very useful as often past tenses
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Mohave Valley
The course material was comprehensive, good presented and allowed me to follow the concepts easily. Examples of lesson plans were the most enjoyable and inspirational parts. They gave us the chance to
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Mojave Ranch Estates
I still dont fully understand the four tenses presented here but have made extensive notes and will continue to re read the material until I do. I think it is the easiest to learn by studying the usag
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UNIT 11-RECEPTIVE SKILLS Receptive skills are reading and listening. There are two main reasons why people read and these are ; 1.For a certain purpose 2.People read out of interest When teaching re
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In any language there three important componenets grammer being the core of them followed by vocabulary and functions.Lessons that are either focused on grammer or vocabulary commonly use the straigh
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This unit contains more good information on developing lesson plans and sequence. It appears to be designed for more advanced students; the tasks would require a fairly strong vocabulary. I'm interest
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Munds Park
Unit 16 is very interesting. The topic and the lesson are going to help me how to use conditionals and reported speech. I can tech them how to use clauses and the main conditionals. The 5 main conditi
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This unit stretched my own understanding of the english language. The concepts are quite complex in understanding the recorded speech and reverse engineering the direct statement. Often, conversationa
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Possibly confusing: Question No. 1. Placement tests are used at the beginning of the course in order to place students in a class of their level, so Answer No. 2 seemed most-incorrect. However, Answer
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It's easy to get lost in the rules of grammar. I would find this chapter exceptionally important (to teach) and along the way, I would look forward to developing a greater technical understanding, mys
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New Kingman-Butler
Very important and useful information. Navigation between chapters and sections was planned in a good way. The material was good represented and easy to follow. It definitely refreshed, updated and im
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New River
Unit fourteen provides a discussion on course books and lesson materials. Lesson materials put together by the teacher are found to be far more interesting for the students than the course book. There
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I have never heard of direct and reported speech, it was just something that had been done naturally, and so I learned a lot about the way that people speak in this lesson. It is definitely confusing,
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The teacher in the second video demonstrates enthusiasm and knowledge. The pace of the lesson was good, and the board work was clear enough for the students to take notes. The teacher in the first vid
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North Fork
This unit helps me to learn how to inspire confidence in the students.To know when to be hard and when to go easy on students. Also the changing of role the student plays in different activities witho
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This unit gave some consideration of dealing with different levels of ability within the same class. I would find this challenging to deal with after the students have already been tested for proper p
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Oak Springs
Reported speech can get really convoluted, and often forms an artificially difficult barrier for students seeking to improve their fluency. Although they are able to make themselves understood, after
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Well, certainly teaching can be looked at as an art. Knowing when to control the tempo of the lesson, when to step back, carefully pulling the shy student out of a shell without embarrassment. Assessi
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Oljato-Monument Valley
Unit four introduces us to the tenses used in the English language. I learnt there are twelve tenses for the purposes of this TEFL course. They each have four components which include simple, continuo
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This unit seemed a bit unclear on some of the misuses of equipment. I would debate that the video camera could be used for each of the answers given in question 10. In question 4, I also do not unders
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Oro Valley
Unit 8 covers the basics of the future tense. It also reviews the present tense. The Unit goes in detail on describing the usages of the different future tenses: the future simple, future perfect, fut
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Oxbow Estates
I have learnt in "Teaching New Language" section about teaching vocabulary,grammar and functions. An foreign language teacher should know how to teach vocabulary according to the level of students and
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