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This unit of work gave me an insight into the different type of level of understanding the students can have of English within the classroom. Also the different types of teaching styles that can be in
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I think it was good to reflect on the qualities of a good teacher. I feel that I have some proficiency with many of the roles a teacher must adopt, but I find it difficult to generate ideas for future
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Sun City
In this unit I learned about the past tenses of verbs. I learned all continuous forms of verbs have to be and 'ing'. I learned that all perfect forms of the verbs have some form of to have and the p
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Sun City West
This unit introduces general teaching methods and applies those to demonstrate the basic structure a lesson must contain in order to be effective, and introduces various ways in which a teacher can ad
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Sun Lakes
This unit contains all information about Present tense. I have read in this unit that there is four types of present tense i.e present simple, present continuous,present perfect, present perfect conti
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Sun Valley
It was well delivered and presented course that was well received. The main grammar concepts were clearly and professionally explained. Information was presented in a short and clear way with some unn
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I learned about the different types of tests that can be given to students, and these tests can be given to students for various reasons, either to place the students in the correct class, check their
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This unit covers the three important components that should exist in a lesson - engage, study and activate. I learnt that generating the students’ interest at the beginning of the lesson is very imp
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I had to take my time to get my head around the four tenses, the forms, usages and understanding what participles are and the role they played in the tenses. It is also important to understand the rul
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English teachers should not forgot the importance of receptive skills of reading and listening. Teachers can help students improve receptive english skills through practice of discrete skills like rea
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Teaching English pronunciation is a challenging task with different objectives at each level! I think, the best way to help students improve their pronunciation skills is to encourage them to speak En
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Sweet Water Village
This unit looked a bit into the psychology behind the actions of teachers. Some of the information can be a bit counter-intuitive, but upon further reading makes a lot of sense. Most of the informatio
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Swift Trail Junction
The first unit contains valuable information on the main characteristics of a good teacher, his/her role during a lesson as well as on levels of foreign language proficiency and difference between you
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These videos really demonstrate the importance of preparation, patience and attitude that a teacher must uphold in order to have an effective lesson. It is still difficult to completely understand if
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Tanque Verde
Unit fifteen focuses on evaluation and testing of the English language for different reasons and purposes. The ways to assess a student’s language level include: tutorials, evaluation carried out by
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Tat Momoli
This unit completes the future tense system. I have read the well explained future tense that is Future simple tense,Future continuous tense, Future perfect tense, and future perfect continuous tense
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Many of the techniques described are ones I've been exposed to as a student, but some are new, and seemingly counter-intuitive. The cultural and educational background of the Instructor can shape his
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Teec Nos Pos
Unit 1 is very important to me because it gave me important information on how to become an effective teacher and a good teacher. I have learned that to become a good teacher I should love teaching, I
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Tees Toh
Students have a variety of motivations for attending ESL classes. Often foremost is the need for some sort of certification as validation of their English skills. It is useful for teachers to be able
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This unit involves educating students in areas of reading and listening. I learned the basic functions and importance of these skills, and how to allocate that importance to the minds of my students.
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I discovered many new equipments and teaching aids which I want to later apply in my own class. I have heard and have used some, including the CD and DVD as well as the online clips before. They were
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I learned in Unit 4 the present tenses and the different aspects of it which are simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. The lesson discussed the form, usages, typical student errors and t
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Three Points
I have learnt in the section of ''Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice'' about a modal which is a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that is used to express: ability, possibility, permission or oblig
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Tolani Lake
The material was interesting and brainstorming, educative and informative. A good programme which provided an avenue for new comers to understand the basic grammar rules and a refresher for the experi
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in this unit i have learnt the many forms of the future tenses, their different usages and grammatical forms as well as how to best teach this information to students. the future tenses can often se
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I learned about productive skills: speaking and writing. Often, speaking is more important to the students as many of them want to practice their communication skills verbally, so writing can sometime
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The content of this unit covered the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. I found the breakdown of the form of each tense to be very helpful, and I app
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Teachers need to evaluate their students to determine whether or not the teaching goals are being met, to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to determine their language level. It affects decisi
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Tonto Basin
I have learnt in the section of '' Teaching Productive Skill'' about accuracy and fluency in speaking and writing. If the writing demands on a greater accuracy,however, we focus on much fluency while
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Tonto Village
In this Unit we have learnt how the teacher's attitude can effect students' understanding during the lesson.We have seen the difference between two videos in which the same teacher is having the same
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The opener of this unit was how to approach the first class as an ESL teacher. It included information such as the goals of the first lesson, and activities to help meet the goals of the first lesson.
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Unit 14 describes the materials that can be used in an english classroom. Different types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example while a course book provides a tried and
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I learned about conditional and reported speech. There are different conditionals are zero, first, second, third and mixed. Some problems can arise for students when mixing conditionals. Some teaching
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Teachers should be ready to teach different groups of students. It's really a challenging task for them, especially inexperienced ones. But the fact must not strike fears into the hearts of teachers.
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The lesson shows the importance of planning a lesson and the various content of a lesson plan. I have learnt in this lesson that my lesson plan helos to think logically through the stages of learning,
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This unit briefly went over what one should do in a first lesson and also some ideas for dealing with possible problems that come up during the course. The main goal of the first lesson should be not
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Tuba City
Unit eight focuses on the future tense. The future tense also makes use of the four components which include simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. However, it includes: be going plus inf
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This unit covered the basics of lesson planning. There are many uses for lesson planning, especially for new teachers who may not be able to adjust quickly within a lesson based on students interests.
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My personal experience as a student molded my view in such a way that the only real variable between a good and ineffective teacher was their personality. Coming from an orthodox background where seat
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Tucson Estates
In this unit I learned about the present tense of verbs. I learned that there are actually 12 tenses of verbs. Four for the past, four for the present, and four for the future tense. I learned that
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A SUMMARY ON UNIT 12 - TEACHING PRODUCTIVE SKILLS Productive skill consist of two equally important skills which speaking and writing. The major difference between the two is that speaking requires
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Turkey Creek
Unit 14 Course books and Lesson Materials. I must say that this unit is so little in page but complex to study because of the questions prepared in the test. Authentic materials is for me is good but
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I learned more about the productive skills; speaking and writing. I learned the difference between accuracy and fluency and how to activate both in a classroom. I am comfortable knowing various class
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Upper Santan Village
As before, many students make mistakes when using these types of tenses. For this reason, they tend to stick with past simple instead of branching out to more difficult grammatical concepts. It is the
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This unit gave an overview of the different teaching aids that can be used in the classroom to help engage students. These include things like whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors
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This unit gave a fantastic introduction to the world of teaching. A good foundation is a requirement in anything, and teaching is no different. Understanding the very fundamentals of not just teaching
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Vaiva Vo
I have learnt in the section of '' Troubleshooting'' about the first day of class and it always creates some nervousness, even for seasoned instructors. It helps to have a mental checklist of objectiv
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Valencia West
This unit was about teaching special groups. I was interested in the types of classes in the beginning of the unit, the information of teaching beginners, teaching individuals students, and teaching c
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I thought that the example of a patchwork lesson to practise reading or listening was rather helpful. Each step helps students to better understand and absorb the lesson. I also learnt that it is impo
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In this unit, one of the thing I learned was about the things students need to with new language, such as be exposed to the new language and be able to practice and produce it. The unit also included
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