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Golden Valley
Unit 7 Vocabulary, grammar and functions is i think the most shortest in all the units that i have been studied. In this unit the activity and lesson structures downsizing and focusing on the necessar
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In this unit I was presented with information about managing the classroom. I learned how eye contact, gesture and voice can be used to improve the atmosphere of the classroom and encourage students.
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Goodyear Village
Unit nineteen focuses on teaching special groups of students which requires a different approach and skills. These groups include teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, t
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Grand Canyon Village
Lesson planning is perhaps the most important part of the course work for me so far. The students progress and also our own and the recording of it is at the utmost importance. It allows not only to h
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Grand Canyon West
This lesson covers the essentials for organizing a lesson plan around teaching a specific aspect of language. The aspects covered encompass the major aspects of the english language and include vocabu
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Similar to Unit 4, Unit 6 also talked about the formation and usage of verbs in four different cases, but in relation to past tense. The general usage of each is as follows. Simple past - completed
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Green Valley
This unit covers the equipment and teaching aids like white/black board, interactive white board, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette tecorder, CD plyers, videos and D
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This unit was very helpful and I learned a lot about how to plan lessons. I now know that lesson plans are important in order to plan your class, refer to during the class to keep it structured and or
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Gu Oidak
In this unit, I learned characteristic, role of a good teacher as well as what makes a good learner. A good teacher should be kind and patient, really love teaching, able to motivate leaners, rapport
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Unit 1 begins by describing the wide ranging roles of a teacher, from facilitator to assessor and beyond. The chapter emphasizes the fact that Teachers should fill different roles at different times.
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As an educator I have always understood the importance of my classroom set up and my teaching practice and the effect it has on my students learning. The points about the classroom set up and how usin
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Haigler Creek
In this unit I learned about the use of course books and materials for teaching. I learned that authentic materials while are more interesting to students may not be suitable for all levels of studen
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Haivana Nakya
Unit 14 covers ways in which a teacher can effectively choose appropriate class material that is relevant to the needs and interests of the students. In addition, tips are given on how to create effec
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Hard Rock
Unit six continues with the tenses used in the English language. The focus is now on the past tense. There are some similarities in usage when compared to the present tense. The past tense also makes
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In this unit I have learned about the qualities and roles of good teachers and learners, differences between young and adult learners, and two common ways of grouping learners of English as a second l
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This lesson was about planning lessons for your classroom. A topic that teachers would debate whether too much planning is good or if having just a guideline for a lesson is better. The writing of a l
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In this unit I have learnt that there are techniques I must master to effectively teach language to students. I must help expose the students to the language to be studied, show them ways to going abo
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I have learned the modal auxiliary verb used to express ability, advice, certainty, intention, necessity, obligation, permission, possibility, prediction, prohibition, promise, request and suggestion.
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This unit taught me the four different aspects of the present tense (present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous). I know their forms and usages, as well as com
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Pronunciation is a process which a word or language be spoken. Teaching pronunciation does not impede the learning of grammar and vocabulary, thus, it is an essential prerequisite. I have learned that
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Huachuca City
This Unit covers the basics of the past tense and its many usages: past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and through past perfect continuous. The material gives examples of what each tense cover
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Hunter Creek
Unit 18 Modals, Phrasal verbs, and Passive voice. This unit is not a familiar topic for me. It is my first time to know and study this lesson and very helpful in studying and learning grammar. It is a
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Icehouse Canyon
In this unit I learned more about conditionals and reported speech. I learned the difference between the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. I learned that reported speech is referred
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Indian Wells
The unit format was excellent, and the course material was presented very clearly. It was easy to follow the relevant parts and main ideas. I accomplished quite a bit more with this unit than I expect
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Jakes Corner
In this unit I learned mainly about the Engage Study Activate methodology. This is a versatile methodology for engaging the students, focusing on some learning points and the activating them to pract
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From this unit I have learnt a lot regarding the different roles of a teacher in the class room and how these roles can be implemented to suit specific activities in order to enhance the performance o
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Having covered Past and Present Tenses, this unit was slightly unexpected due to the addition of the "going-to" future tense. If that had been taught in my school, I have definitely forgotten it, and
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Joseph City
This unit covers the methods and techniques of teaching English language. we study the Grammar - translation, Audiolingualism, presentation and production, task - based learning, communicative languag
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Kachina Village
Unit 10 is very helpful for me. Although the teacher is a not a good teacher, I learned something from him in lesson 1 and 2. The lesson 1 is very poor and I'm confused what phase he used. The style i
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This unit helped me to think about all of the different materials that I may have available in order to complete my lessons. I was able to reflect on what was used in my foreign language classes in mi
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Future simple - actions in the future.             I will reveal my secret to you. Future Continuous - an on-going action that will occur in the future.             I'll be seei
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This section introduced various teaching methodologies, including the one that is the focal point of this course, Engage-Study-Activate. THe main idea of each step is as follows Engage: Get students
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This unit gives an overview on the role of the teacher and that of the student. it gives concise advice on the different approaches to teaching and the many different methods that a teacher may choos
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I think it is important to know how to establish rapport with students and make that first lesson something that will not make them uncomfortable to the point that it could become difficult for them t
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Keams Canyon
This unit covers the productive skills of the English language - speaking and writing. The unit goes into detail about the equal importance of accuracy and fluency, and how these two concepts can be a
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This unit was particularly difficult to fully comprehend due to the complexities of phrasal verbs. Part of the reason for that, I believe, is due to the dense wording used when explaining the three ty
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This unit was an overview of the pronunciation aspect of language. It appears to be very neglected in the classroom, but carries significant weight especially in verbal communication. Intonation, stre
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Kino Springs
With this unit of teaching pronunciation and phonology, it was broke down into different sub-catagories. I was able to understand the techniques of teaching intonation and stress of the syllables. I t
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This unit was an overview of the two productive skills of language, writing and speaking. Both as with the two passive skills, both are equally important, but are used in different situations. For exa
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Ko Vaya
This unit covers the logistics of using materials, both electronic and non-electronic, in the ESL classroom of the 21st century. The Unit covers the advantages and disadvantages of each system, as wel
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In this unit I learned about the present tenses: Present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. I was presented with information on form, usages, and a few exampl
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Kohls Ranch
In unit ten, we are shown two videos of the same lesson. The first lesson is what not to do and the second lesson is what one should aim towards achieving and even improving and making their own. It w
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Lesson planning is the most important preparation an instructor can do to make sure the class and teacher are focus and goal oriented. It must retain flexibility to the unknown timing of learning. Se
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Kykotsmovi Village
I have learnt in the section of ''Conditionals & Reported Speech'' about types of conditional sentences. The zero conditional is used for when the time being referred to is now or always and the situa
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La Paz Valley
Overall I have enjoyed the TEFL course. There have definitely been moments where I myself have felt somewhat overwhelmed. But like most things practice makes perfect and constance exposure to the mate
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Lake Havasu City
I found this lessons test to be a little bit more difficult based on the wording. For example Q10. c. A tool for self correction... Is that self correction for the teacher or for the students- its unc
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Lake Montezuma
This unit covers the different age groups and student dynamics an ESL teacher is likely to come across. For example, a teacher needs to consider how to adjust different lesson plans, learning methods,
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Lazy Y U
I feel like the lessons in this course can be applicable not just to this course but for supervision and management everywhere. Particularly interesting is the part about mistakes and errors not being
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Past Simple - used to describe a completed action in the past at a definite or indefinite time in the past.     The president signed the peace treaty.     Last week several houses were for rent.
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UNIT 9 -LESSON PLANNING In this unit I learnt all about lesson planning,its purpose and how to create a lesson plan form. Lesson planning is important as it it acts as an aid to planning,a working do
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