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I have learned the modal auxiliary verb used to express ability, advice, certainty, intention, necessity, obligation, permission, possibility, prediction, prohibition, promise, request and suggestion. It also can be interchangeable.       Are you coming to Ben's party?       I'm not sure I might go to the concert instead. Passive voice is used to show interest in the person or object that experiences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action. It deals with the tense formation to passive formation where the auxiliary verb 'be' is commonly use. Teachers should be keen on the tense formation as students might be errors such as using 'to be' in the wrong tense or out of the sentence and over usage of 'by'.       Active: They set up the factory in 2015.       Passive: They factory was set up in 2015. I have understood that relative clause which starts with pronouns (who, whom, whose, that, or which) and adverbs (when, where or why). It modifies the noun and has a subject and a verb. It also called as adjective clause.    Defining relative clause which identify  its nouns. It is also essential to the intended meaning and not compensate with comma.          The man who stole her bag is our neighborhood.    Non-Defining relative clause which not identify its nouns, it is just an additional information. It is also not essential to the meaning and compesate with commas, brackets, dashes or parentheses.          Harry, who is still on the plane, will arrive tomorrow. Phrasal verbs can have more than one meaning. These meanings can cause misunderstandings and different meaning. Some comes from before or after the particle. There are numerous phrasal verbs in the English language.    Intransitive: She will come over next week.    Transitive separable: I called her up already.    Transitive inseparable: Fire broke out during the night.