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In this unit I could reinforce my knowledge and learn new things about the importance of understanding grammar very well, so that we can be able to answer our students’ questions, to give examples,
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The role of student and teacher is really one of a partnership. The teacher is obviously there to teach the fundamentals of speaking English but they are also there to be the motivator for the studen
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The most difficult area of this lesson included diving into the Study section of this lesson. Understanding what would be first, drilling pronunciation or the usage. How would I approach this? Unde
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Vocabulary, grammar and functions Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be
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This unit began by cautioning us of the complexity of the future tense, which does not just simply include the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous tenses, bu
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Growing up, I was raised in a school with strict teachers and guidelines. That being said, we felt nervous to participate in class. Understanding not only how to control a class, from seating arrang
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This unit began with an overview of several different approaches and methodologies and the rationale behind each before giving an extensive lesson of the Engage, Study and Activate (ESA) approach. ES
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Calvert City
The lesson provides information about teaching kids, beginners and those who plan to learn English for business. As far as I have vast experience teaching young beginners, most of the methods, techniq
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This unit was informative and I thought it was helpful to teaching in person. I think that this teaching method is good for giving the student the idea of how to direct students and what components to
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This unit covered modals phrasal verbs and passive voice in English. As usual, all the forms were explained in separate sections in very easy to understand language with very succinct and informative
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Grammar in this unit, the passive voice and moral auxiliary verbs have been examined in details. Regarding the passive voice, it forms one of the two voices used in English which is the active and the
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This unit provided an overview of English grammar and the various parts of speech that are required to form basic sentences. The following parts of speech were explained and sub-categorized, and vario
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This lesson gives a general outline of the relationship between teachers and learners, along with definitions of each classification. Learners are broken down into many further classifications, such a
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A good teacher should be able to correctly use eye contact, voice, and gestures. Each method of grouping students has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be applied in accordance with the
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unit 7: Teaching new language. *Teaching Vocabulary -> most of the learners can usually understand many more words than they can actively use, this lesson provide information on how to select which
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Once again for this unit I was able to draw from my current job as a teacher and my past experience as an English teacher. However, having never taught a business English class it was insightful to kn
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This unit introduces seven tenses for expressing the future. They are Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future perfect continuous, 'Going to' Future, and Present Continuous. The cont
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This unit has been especially enlightening for me as i was always worried about how i would act in different classrooms with different people. This unit clearly ran through what i should be looking ou
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Cave City
This unit covers the grammatical teaching of Modal verbs, Phrasal verbs and passive voice. Model auxiliary verbs are used for requests, permissions and to show uncertainty. The two voices (active and
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I liked very much the way both lessons were presented on the videos. As teacher I could easily identify some elements that made an important difference in both lessons such as teacher's attitude, qual
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Central City
It is interesting how the needs of different groups differ from one another. I usually view language teaching as something done in a public or private school. The idea of teaching business professiona
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This unit was all about how to use the teaching materials and books that are either required or provided from the school in relation to the cirriculum that should be used with the English courses. Th
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I felt this unit was mostly a reminder of all the characteristics and behaviors that a good English teacher should have in its lessons. Also, I reviewed the proper way to assess students and how to de
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Clay City
This unit reviews approaches to teaching of new language. Grammar is considered the trunk and branches of the language, while Vocabulary and Functions can be viewed as the leaves that add variety and
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When learning a new language, it is easier to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules however actually being able to read and listen to understand is different. The teacher needs to make sure that as t
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Teaching students can take many different forms. From one-on-one to groups, each lesson will require the teacher to adapt as needed to the student or students they are teaching. Different ages and r
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Coal Run Village
This unit covers the topic of course books and unit materials with regards to teaching ESL students. First differentiating between authentic and created materials, it then highlights the pros and cons
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Cold Spring
The future tense is complex because so many constructs can be used to express future meaning; there is plenty of reason for confusion with this tense. This unit reviews form, usage and typical errors
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This unit discussed the various methods and techniques that have been, and are currently, used in teaching English. Teaching theories have evolved significantly throughout history, and modern teaching
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This unit discussed the importance of creating a lesson plan and the pertinent information that one should include. Lesson plans are important because they can act as: • An aid to planning – Wri
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Teaching aids and materials support the lesson plan and assist learning. They use the senses of hearing (through audio tapes, CDs) and sight (through visual aids such as handouts, worksheets/books, ov
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Introduction Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that you have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher in the classroom. Some good teachers are very low-key, while other teachers, both lively
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Unit 5' showed us the importance of a dominant yet attentive teacher presence in a class. It approaches controlling a classroom in a thoughtful manner, providing us a few ideas to use in different tea
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I have to say I already had knowledge regarding some of the tests and exams presented in the unit. However, there are some other international exams that I didn't know and are completely new for me su
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This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. I was unaware that modal verbs were different from regular action verbs. Looking at the auxiliary verbs and seeing the uses in the table was
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Unit 3 Theories, Methods, and Techniques. Methodologies: Learners of English who have opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage.they are surrounded by
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Crab Orchard
The Unit gives a good overview on Present tenses of English Language. Being a teacher of young learners and those who are on the first stage of learning their first grammar it is especially important
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This unit focuses on four grammar points. The first point is modal auxiliary verbs, such as can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, and so on. They can be used to express obligation, possibilit
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Crescent Springs
This unit explains the form, usage and typical student errors for each of the four present tenses – past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect contiunous - with affirmative, negativ
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In this unit we learned about the past tenses including their form and usage. While the system and structure of the past tenses was indeed similar to that of the present tenses I had a little more tro
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Crestview Hills
In unit 12, I have discovered the new meaning of following guidelines and processes. I know it’s hard for students to understand another language, but I also must motivate my students to participate
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Learning how to structure our lessons according to what we want to teach is really important when we have to plan. I agree with most of the strategies that I saw in this unit, because they are focused
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The unit covered 8 or 9 different parts of speech, while highlighting their uses and giving example sentences. Sufficient details were given in order for me to review and grasp their general usages, a
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This unit was helpful and meaningful in many ways. This unit was a necessary building block to the structure of the course. I enjoyed how the unit jumps right into the meaning of appropriate teaching
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This unit gives us an idea of what kinds of materials we can bring to the classroom as teaching aids, including wip board, visual aids, worksheets, eletronic machines, video, dictionaries, course book
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This unit contains two videos showing two lessons where the same contents where studied, however one of them proved to be ineffective and the other one effective. In the first video we can see how imp
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This unit talks about common problem situation that teachers may encounter in the classroom and their likely solutions.These problem include;dealing with new group, dealing with large class, dealing w
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This unit discussed the considerations that need to be taken into account when teaching new vocabulary and grammatical structures. How to take this considerations and apply ESA methods using them was
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Dawson Springs
From Unit1, I will say this course is quite impactful. It has opened my eyes to see the reasons why students are sometimes not motivated during a session. It is obvious that adults have more reasons w
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The Past Tenses The system structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. You should begin to see certain similariti
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