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Glenview Manor
This unit teaches the importance, best methods, and times of teaching pronunciation, with attention being given to intonation within sentences (rise and fall) and stress within words. It also covers
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Goose Creek
I have learned about past tenses, and the importance of describing something in the past, or something that’s continuing to happen. Regular and irregular past simple was confusing at first, but afte
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Grand Rivers
Unit fifteen is about evaluation and testing. There are five types of tests: placement (before the course, to identify student's current level for correct placement), diagnostic (in the beginning of t
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Unit 20 developed on trouble shooting and gave an overview of different areas when teaching a class that a teacher may face as problematic with teaching an ESL course. Many of these gave tips on how t
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In this unit the four aspects of the present tense were explained: 1. Present simple 2. Present continuous 3. Present perfect 4. Present continuous For each of aspect, the proper affirmative, negat
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This unit covers all the four present tenses: present simple, present continous, present perfect and present perfect continuous, and all their important aspects. It includes the basic grammar rules of
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Green Spring
In this course unit provides us the information about tenses (tense means time) and grammar points like form, usages, typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas.The tense system is proba
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The best parts of this lesson is what I need to do in lesson planning. My first school here in Korea already had lesson plans prepared and ready for when I taught here. So I never had that experienc
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In this unit, two contrasting videos were displayed denoting the different altitudes of a teacher. The first video the students were confused and intimidated as the teacher kept on asking making quest
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Unit 1: TEACHER-> This unit help me to know my role to be a future English teacher.. I really like the introduction page talks about "What makes a good teacher"..The 9 bullet points is very practical
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Since I didn't graduate in English, I think that of all the grammar lessons, this one was the most difficult. I past and present were difficult to relearn and remember from my past, but the future ha
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This unit looked at conditionals and reported speech. This unit is very difficult for me since reported speech is something I do not think about. I tend to speak reported speech correctly, but I think
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The unit begins with some helpful reminders about rules for the past tense that are applicable to all tenses and then dives in for a detailed description of the past simple, past continuous, past perf
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This unit was ostensibly about pronunciation, but was far more about educational linguistics than approaches to pronunciation pedagogy. The opening sections on stress and intonation were interesting
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I think all teachers should know how to select a proper course book for their students. However, many times teachers are not allowed to choose the book they are going to use. This situation presents a
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Think unit was the application of unit 4 and I felt more confident going through the unit the second time around but not 100% if I would get a good grade as there were several questions I felt was a l
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I learned a lot in this unit. At first I seemed very confused but after reading through a few times I started to understand better. This does seem like a interesting topic for students and could seem
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A brief overview of the content of Unit 2: Different parts of speech in sentence, including nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, verbs, pronouns, infinitives, gerunds, articles, and conjunction
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This lesson describes the most important aspects in the relationship between teachers and learners, such as: the qualities that ¨good¨ teachers are considered to have, the roles they can employ in t
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This unit covered equipment and teaching aids, going into great detail to describe the pros and cons of various materials ranging from whiteboards to worksheets to high tech computers. The sections d
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Hebron Estates
Productive skills – writing and talking - in the classroom serve the same purpose: communicating. Writing is often neglected, requires more accuracy and can be difficult; it is usually part of a Stu
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Every student is always judged by their grades and mark sheets. When they get admitted to a school or any curricular class, they are evaluated not just through grades but by their activity and persona
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Heritage Creek
This unit discusses the equipment available to teachers in the ESL classroom. There are of course the traditional tools such as the board, worksheets, cassette players and dictionaries that are listed
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Unit 13 focused on Phonology and teaching pronunciation. There was a heavy emphasis on the International Phonemic Chart and how to introduce this to students within a lesson plan and how it can assist
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Hickory Hill
This unit on Classroom Management reviewed various style-related practices to ensure an engaging and productive lesson, in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. A teacher does not to have a specific p
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Highland Heights
Modals are auxiliary verbs that expresses ability, permission, possibility or obligation, eg must, shall, will, should, would, can, could, may, ought and might. They can be used to express many differ
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Hills and Dales
A teacher should care about their personality and relationship with students.There are many different roles a teacher plays, depending on the type of activity. The teacher needs to adapt and be flexib
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English language learners are often confused by modal verbs because they are used differently than other verbs and in a wide variety of situations such as asking for permission and giving advice. Ther
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Regarding the past, present, and future tenses in English, this Unit covers the present tense. As with the past and future tenses, the present tenses are present simple, present continuous, present pe
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This unit has helped me understand the 2 productive skills when teaching English and how they integrate with each other. Similarly to the receptive skills unit, this has helped me understand the dos a
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Hollow Creek
EFL needs to consider the differences between teaching more specialized groups of students since these will impact overall approach, and teaching methods and techniques. Teaching beginners or children
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I believe this unit is very helpful to come up with new ideas and activities according to different factors that have to be considered such as the students' level, the stage of the lesson,the the cont
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This unit is about the productive skills, which are speaking and writing. It covers the most important aspects and issues to consider when teaching lessons focused on speaking and writing. When it com
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Horse Cave
This unit helped me to get more and very detailed information about teachers roles in a class. This will allow me to choose a proper teaching tactic for different types of classes and students. One mo
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Houston Acres
Within lesson 3 we learned different theories and strategies for teaching and different methodologies for learning. This builds/develops a basis in which we can plan our teaching lessons to engage stu
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Hunters Hollow
This unit has equipped me with the knowledge of how to construct a lesson plan that I can easily follow to excel in my organization skills. I have learnt that a good lesson plan should be simple, be
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This unit covered conditional figures of speech. This is when a person states something then provides a following (or previous) clause that puts some sort of stipulation upon the other clause or pote
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Hurstbourne Acres
Being my first lesson in any teaching class, I took this lesson in parts. Focusing on each section to truly understand roles of both the teacher and learner. Having taught the past 4 years, it's int
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Unit five discussed managing classes and the different possibilities and situations you may have to face in a classroom. It started off with explaining the need for appropriate use of eye contact, ges
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The main use of the past simple is for completed actions, states or events. It can also be used to emphasize detail or to describe a time. The main use of the past continuous is to describe temporary
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The same lesson, taught twice This unit is based around the two ESA demonstration videos. the two videos are designed to be viewed in conjunction one after the other. Please be sure to watch the fi
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Indian Hills
I am very comfortable with technology so I believe that I will be using various equipment during my teaching if possible. Using some of these technologies helps give variety to classes and I believe m
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This unit was very helpful. I was originally thinking that technology would vary by region. Although this is true on some levels, technology can be useful across time as shown here. Using an audio rec
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The hardest part of any unit is the portion of application or identification. With the last two units focusing on Straight Arrow ESA style I started to feel more comfortable with being able to organiz
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This was a helpful unit because it made me really think about sentence structure. Bringing my mind back to older lessons I thought hard to identify the different tenses within the sentences provided.
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In this unit, conditional and reported speech were dealt with.Conditional refers to past,present and future possibilities.Two clauses were also identified namely:'if' and 'main'clauses.There were als
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Theories,Methods and Techniques focuses more on the teacher and how he/she uses these aspect for a better apprehension of the language while making the class interesting as well. This lesson teaches o
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While this unit was almost entirely a review of topics I have learned in the past, it made me realize how daunting learning English could really be for someone who has not been immersed in it for thei
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This unit discussed effective ways to teach productive skills (i.e. speaking and writing). It also pointed out how the use of games can be a fun, motivational way to teach students, of any age, a broa
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