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In this lesson I could learn about the types of materials and books we can use to teach our lessons. It's important for us to know that regarding the materials, we as teachers can consider using authe
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Water Valley
As someone who speaks both French, English, and currently learning Japanese, I can safely say that grammar is one of the hardest parts of learning a new language. People always try to apply the gramma
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Watterson Park
Unit eighteen first studies the modal verbs and modal auxiliary verbs in English. Following on with the difference between the active and the passive voice, this unit then covers the three categories
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The focus within Unit 8 was on Future Tenses. There are 7 most common types of future tenses: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Going To (Future), Present Si
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This unit focuses on how to use ESA method to introduce new language, including vocabulary, grammar and functions. For each of these three, the unit content covers what students need to know about it
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Unit 12 involved teaching productive skills. Productive skills are based on speaking and writing which are taught by using accuracy and fluency activities although they are both equally important. The
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West Buechel
Conditional sentences refer to past, present and future situations and often contain “if” or “when”. There are five main conditionals that indicate something certain (Zero Conditional), someth
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West Liberty
As I go further into these lessons, I am learning the importance of a teachers creativity to offer variety and a different approach to lessons. While I feel that it is important to follow along with t
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West Point
This unit teaches the present tense system: the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, the preset perfect tense, and the present perfect continuous tense. It shows in what situations eac
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In this unit I learned a lot about English pronunciation and why it is so difficult for some teachers to cover this subject in our lessons: it includes many aspects that go from individual sounds, the
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This unit covered speaking and writing, which are both equally as important and have major differences in the way in which they are both taught. It was stated that often the writing skill is overlook
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Nouns. A noun names people, places, things, qualities,states. You have Main Types. Proper nouns: names, states, planets etc. Then there is also the Compound Nouns: textbook sunshine etc. Abstract Noun
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White Plains
I find it interesting the different techniques that are discussed regarding teaching methods. From my past school days, it is true that a teacher who sits constantly or has their back to the class cau
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Evaluating students by means of a placement test is vital because this type of testing shows the teacher which level of English the student is in. I think tests are important at every topic or after e
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In Unit 4, present tenses, I have learned that there are rules about certain words that I have just taken for granted knowing how to use/change in a sentence as I am an L1 English speaking native. Wh
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Past tenses are always very interesting topics to discuss, because they usually cause problems among students. The fact there are regular and irregular verbs make the task even more difficult as a tea
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I think that this unit is very helpful because as a native speaker I didn't learn English by studying how different parts of speech work. In fact, I never really studied gerunds ever, I just used the
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There are several different ways in English that we can talk about the future. The most important ones are predictions/statements of fact, intentions arrangements, scheduled events. The auxiliary ver
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This unit explained the four tenses associated with the present tense: simple, continues, perfect, perfect continuous. Overall, this lesson gave a detailed explanation of each tenses' usage, forms, co
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Again, this unit was a challenge but was connected to the prior lessons in conceptualization. I felt like I was able to abstractly think about the importance of writing, reading, speaking and listenin
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This unit went over different equipment and teaching aids. This unit looked at equipment and aids varying from white boards and cassette recorders to resource books and DVD’s. This unit is helpful b
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This unit focuses on different theories, methods, and techniques a teacher may implant in the classroom. The methodology a teacher may use differs depending on the culture and personalities of the tea
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This unit used two videos to demonstrate contrasting teaching approaches. The emphasis of the unit was to show, in a real classroom situation, how the attitude and demeanor of the teacher can affect t
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Windy Hills
I did not learn anything new from this lesson since most of it was easy to recall from school days. However, I did appreciate the presentation of the basics, valued the refresher, and I starated to re
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The material in this unit was once again challenging. I felt this lesson got a lot more specific with the terms as the learner now has a better idea of the way the structure of the course is. Open com
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This unit is all about lesson planning, why it is so important to plan our lessons. Planning helps us organize our activities, administrate our time in class the best we can, keep a record of what has
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Productive skills are probably the most difficult skills to acquire and also to teach. As it was stated in the previous unit, receptive skills are required in order to develop productive ones such as
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Woodland Hills
This unit has familiarized me with using and identifying the different forms of the future tenses. I now have a better understanding and ability to differentiate between the future perfect and future
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Unit 19 discussed Teaching to Specific Groups. This unit explained the differences with teaching English to different age and language level groups and explained the differences in how your classes wi
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Woodlawn Park
This unit reviews in detail various theories - methods and techniques - exisitng for EFL learning/teaching. Correction techniques are also presented, since doing this well requires understanding, time
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In the first video the teacher seems to have arrived late for the lesson and when he proceeds with the lesson he does not bother to introduce himself and does not seem to know the names of his student
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Worthington Hills
Unit fourteen is about course books' pros and cons. Having a course book is almost always beneficial, however, we must be aware of it's role in our teaching. It simplifies our planning, but we can't r
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Speaking and writing in English are essentially important but each category provides different levels of learning for each student. Some students perceived information better through hearing (auditory
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This unit shared unique and proven methods for teaching a variety of students. The methods shared all have a place in the classroom based on the level of the students knowledge, ability to grasp the
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