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Being raised with English as my main language, I think I forgot all the reasons why we do things in grammar. As I reviewed this material, it was like stepping back in time with tenses. I always knew
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Meadow Vale
The unit covers many troubles that the teacher may encounter while having an ESL class. It contains such problems as establishing rapport at the first class, dealing with "troublesome" groups of stude
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Meadowbrook Farm
This unit identifies the four past tenses and usages for each (by giving example sentences). The unit explains how each tense is formed grammatically and gives at least two teaching ideas for each.
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Meadowview Estates
Classroom management is the skill of organising the class, managing the class, having a friendly and relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Eye contact ad voice gesture can be effective for studen
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In this unit, common problem situations have been deliberated one of which is meeting students for the first time be it a new class or an existing class. Here having activities will be the best way to
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In this unit I studied the different ways that we can talk about future in English, and how to use them appropriately according to what we want to express: intentions, promises, plans we have already
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This unit discussed the four past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The past simple form is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past. T
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I liked this unit because it gives a really clear sample lesson plan. I thought the lesson plan was very easy to follow and could serve as a template for how I should create my own going forward. In
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I really enjoyed this Unit. I've learned a lot like practical ideas on how will I handle a class in the future on how to deal with the students. *by using correct usages of eye contact,gesture and voi
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This unit was very tough for me. I am trying to approach this course work a different way by taking the time out to read each portion of the PDF provided for the unit. I am trying to check and double
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Unit 3: This unit helps me to know more about Theories,methods and Techniques. The lesson about Engage,Study and Activate and the two ESA pattern "Straight arrow" lesson and "Boomerang lesson teach
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Mockingbird Valley
Teaching the tenses will be one of the most difficult lessons for students to master. Remembering each tense will require lesson plans to include repetition of the rules with rhymes for easier memoriz
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In this unit we learned about classroom management. As I read through each section I was constantly thinking about which combination of components would work best for each age group. For example older
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This unit introduces four present tenses, including their forms, usages, typical student errors, and activate stage teaching ideas. These four present tenses are present simple, present continuous, p
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I have learned a lot about the teacher`s roles and student`s motivation. Probably I should reduce my talk time in the lesson. Now it is clear to me that a good teacher should be able to find mutual un
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This unit is about the essential components we need to consider and cover when teaching new language to our students, so that we can ensure students get exposed to the target language, they understand
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This unit focuses more on how to introduce and teach vocabulary, grammar and their functions in language to students. There are four key points teachers should remember when designing a lesson for the
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The unit dealt with modals,phrasal verbs and passive voices.The modal auxillaries include: can,could,might,may,shall,should,will,would,must,have to,must,have got to,need to,need'nt and ought to.These
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Mortons Gap
This unit draws attention to the fact that teaching and learning – as receptive skills – present potential challenges for EFL students. Teachers need to be aware of difficulties/problems related t
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Mount Olivet
That happened to be quite a full of detailed information unit. Tremendous amount of tips for nearly every type of students has been given. I find this unit very informative and after such training I w
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Mount Vernon
Having gone through the three (3) tenses and the 4 aspects of each, this unit has given me a better appreciation for the English language. It was relatively challenging compared to the previous tenses
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Mount Washington
The unit explains the two productive skills: speaking and writing. In speaking activities, there are proper stages in which to teach accuracy (study stage) and fluency (activate stage). Examples are
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Mt. Sterling
In this unit we went over the 4 different present tenses: Present simple, Present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. This unit went over the different usages for each tense in
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From this unit my take away is that the basic skills in language are receptive and productive. Language is broken down into reading and listening while productive is speaking and writing. I can see ho
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This unit was a quick review of how to deal with potential problems in the classroom, covering issues from establishing rapport in your first class, carrying out assessments, dealing with multi-level
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As teacher, we always have to deal with different problems and difficulties. However, it is important to always have a backup or apply another approach in order to make sure our students are learning
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Murray Hill
This unit looks at different ways of evaluating students' language level and progress, as well as ways to prepare them for external exams. Placement tests help teachers put students in the right clas
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In this unit, we learned about assessments. There were several kinds of tests mentioned that students utilize around the world in differing capacities. I agree that testing and assessment are importan
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New Castle
A variety of teaching aids and equipment are essential for EFL teaching. Some form of board could be considered mandatory since it so effectively draws and holds students’ attention and can be used
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New Haven
This unit explores teaching equipment and teaching aids. These are used to make classes more interesting and effective. Tips and cautions are given on how to use equipment such as boards, interactiv
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This lesson took my use of English terms and the identification of such, to a new level. I really enjoyed that I brushed up on some old terminology, as well as learning an extension of the base knowle
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This unit focuses on different present tenses and common mistakes students have when speaking in different tenses. The present tenses looked at in this unit are present simple, present continuous, pre
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Norbourne Estates
Unit 2 covered many different parts of English grammar by stating the name of a word class, how the word class is uses, and showing examples of each specific word class. I knew most of the content co
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North Middletown
In this ‘troubleshooting’ unit several common classroom problems are reviewed. Specifically: first class lessons; varying levels if the entrance testing is not robust; a reluctant and potentially
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My biggest take away was being exposed to and learning to read or transcribe phonetic script. I took linguistics when I was in college so I was somewhat familiar with the materials but starting from q
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Unit 5 was very helpful in the fact that is shows many ways to give the students the class set up that will help them learn. The different set ups for the seating as well as learning about the teache
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This unit made me reflect upon some of my previous practices I have in class when I first started teaching. But I did wish the unit went into a little bit more specifics. For instance, with pairing st
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Oak Grove
This unit focused on tenses and how to effectively break down the tenses (Past present and Future) into it's four sub-divisions (Simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous). Each subdivision h
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Being able to watch an actual lesson be taught was very insightful and helpful. Especially with how the teacher taught both classes differently to outline the differences/challenges of a good less vs
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Old Brownsboro Place
Grammar is the topic addressed in Unit 2. There are common, proper, compound, abstract, and collective nouns that all help to form a sentence. Plurals are nouns that add s, or es for words that end in
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Unit 13 discussed course books and lesson materials. In particular it explained that within an ESL lesson you have two types of materials: Authentic and Created. Authentic materials relates to anythin
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Olive Hill
Teaching pronunciation is often neglected by universal EFL teachers, contrary effective teachers consider it essential believing that highlights feelings an personal reactions which enhance class dyna
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Orchard Grass Hills
This unit first covers the the element of conditional sentences within the english languages, these being sentences containing 'if' or maybe 'when' that refer to past, present and future possibilities
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This unit covered the different past tenses within the English language. There is past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Just like the present tense section, this w
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I am so excited to be in the last unit for this course. I really learned a lot in this unit about myself and the students that I may have to teach. This lesson really gives a great picture of what the
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These are good points to consider and things I did not think about. I did not stop to think about the difference between receptive words and productive words but it's true. It's useful to keep in mind
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In this unit, the basic types of beginners classes are detailed, along with one on one and business classes. There are a lot of suggestions for each type of class along with do's and don'ts. I've ha
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With the constant updating of textbooks to include new and relevant topics, ideas and methodology, teachers have a great set of resources at their fingertips. By taking away the course book we are tak
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Teaching the past tense of verbs can be tricky. Some of the rules will need to be memorized as will the irregular verbs. While studying the past tenses that I have spoken so naturally it created mome
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While it is important for teachers to use course books and teaching materials it can also restrict the teacher from exploring other helpful ways of teaching, it is very important that a teacher includ
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