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This was a great refresher course on grammar I learned in grade school so long ago. I found that parts of speech that I take for granted each day are now labeled again and there were many I needed to
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Douglass Hills
This unit focuses on productive skills (Writing and speaking). The first part of the unit teaches how speaking is divided into accuracy and fluency activities (Lessons on vocabulary, pronunciation wou
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Teaching students a new language has many different facets. Reading and listening as we learned in Unit 11 is important to understand the language but equally important is speaking and writing the la
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A good teacher must be skilled at organizing a class as a whole, working with individual students and overseeing what takes place within the class and this unit provides guidelines to effectively do s
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Druid Hills
As a teacher of young kids myself, I quickly came to realise the points mentioned in this unit. Balancing a lesson with ten 5 year old kids so as to keep them concentrated and motivated while making
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Dry Ridge
A nice unit to refresh the ideas about using authentic and created materials. It also gives the examples of the materials and some advice in how to use them effectively in a classroom. However the mos
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Unit 15 explained the purposes for evaluating and testing students. It explained what the main purposes for testing the students are and explained that there is a variety of different tests used by te
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This unit is the foundation as an esl teacher’s guide because it?envisages the get to know aspects of both the teacher and the student and helps out in understanding the basic principles in teaching
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Both accuracy and fluency are both of equal importance when teaching productive skills. Writing skills are usually neglected because they normally present problems for the learners because they requir
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This unit was really helpful in showing how you would teach vocab, grammar or function. It is important that you don't teach them the exact same way, and that you make all the lessons unique and tail
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The unit focuses on teaching of special group such as;beginners,children,individual,business English multilinguists and monolinguists.Each group has its own peculiarities,strengths and and weaknesess.
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Lesson plans don’t exist just to make our bosses happy. Primarily, lesson plans are for the students and for the teacher. Teachers who walk into class with a good plan usually feel more confident an
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This unit opened with a theoretical introduction to tenses that illustrated the difficulty that both teachers and students often deal with when teaching/learning English because of the language's tens
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Elkhorn City
A key difference in classroom success is the attitude of the teacher. If he is well-prepared, friendly and engaging, the students will have more motivation to participate. Planning must be done to e
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This unit introduces four past tenses, including their forms, usages, typical student errors, and teaching ideas. These four past tenses are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfec
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This quick unit gave an overview of the four past tenses, including usages, conjugation lists, and sample sentences. Also included were common student mistakes and suggested classroom activities to pr
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This unit provides some ideas and solutions for common problem situations. Promblems may occur in teaching the first lesson, warming up, students of different levels in a class, large classes, using
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I've learned the differences between the four aspects of the present,the past,the future Tense helps me to identify how and when do I have to use it. A. Present Simple-> when an action is happening r
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This is a unit that everyone that aspire to be a competent, qualify and outstanding teacher should study. This unit form the basis of who and who is really a teacher.It helps to know different method
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This was a challenging unit. I felt like some of the question answers were ambiguous and difficult to decipher. With that being said, I really enjoyed the challenge and hope to have learned more about
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This lesson provided explanation for types of lessons, framework and study of ESA lessons, and guidelines for correcting students. So far, I found this lesson to be the most informative and helpful so
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This unit covered the various grammatical forms of the English language. It broke down sentences word by word in order to show you what form of language each word was representing. This unit is inst
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The Future tenses The tense system The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. 1.The future simple e.
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This unit was a brief and welcomed overview of several different aspects you'll run into while teaching in an English class. It went over dealing with large classes, reluctant students, and also how
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The videos in this unit were very helpful. The two styles of teaching were drastically different and a lot of information that was learned thus far was seen acted out in these videos. I like the prese
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This unit covered the different special classes of students a teacher may have. The different classes covered are beginners, children, and business English classes. Within each group, this unit explor
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This abbreviated unit covered the teaching of the receptive language skills: reading and listening. Although these skills were covered together, they are unique and require unique attention in our pe
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This unit covers the subject of teaching special groups. It includes the description of different categories of the beginners students we can get to teach, and how to identify them. It also covers the
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I have to say as English speaker, phonetics have never been easy for me, especially the phonetic symbols. However, thanks to this unit, I could review most of these sounds by checking examples. Also,
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Unit 1 relays a basic understanding of what a teacher is expected to do in the classroom and be to their students, what is expected in a good student, and learning differences between children and adu
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There are at least 10 more popular EFL methodologies. The most comprehensive approach is presented in ESA. All ESA lessons consist of three main components: Engage, Study and Activate. The lesson shou
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Forest Hills
This unit provides us the past tenses rules and principles. The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that the past tenses obviously relates to past time
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Fort Mitchell
I find this unit very important as it describes main teaching theories and methods. It helped me to realize all the advantages and shortcomings of each method, choose one for myself and supplement it
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Fort Thomas
The unit begins by listing the the categories of beginner students and the proper approach and possible activities in teaching each category of learner. It also addresses how to teach beginners in a
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Fort Wright
What I like most about this course in general is that the info is given in a very structured way. And it is the same about this unit. I really like talking in the class since I consider myself being m
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Fountain Run
This unit deals with the teacher's physical presence and use of his or her voice, gestures, and eye contact in the classroom. It also shows and explains various classroom arrangements and what factor
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Fox Chase
The process for student feedback/evaluation is more effective if it is regular and overt. Assessing a student’s language level will typically involve a mix of tests, tutorials and student evaluation
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I found really interesting how many different types of future tenses we have in English. To be very honest, I didn't remember quite well all the tenses related to the future. I knew the most common on
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Lesson planning is an essential part that a teacher needs to do because it keeps you on track. Things that a teacher wants to achieve and what he/she has already done/covered with the students. Timing
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This unit was a little confusing as the topic was lesson planning but starting question 6 it was not about the process and importances of lesson planning but being able understand and identify the sta
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Overall, I found this unit to be well written, concise and true in practice! I think that it is a little much to expect a person to remember everything written in this course in detail, (such as you h
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This unit covered how to properly lesson plan for your class. The lesson plan sheet goes into immense detail and covers the subject matter and activities down to the specific minute. It was made cle
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The units are getting more challenging for me. Sometimes I feel like I know the answers and then I answer questions hastily. I am learning to slow down and read through the points to get a clearer pic
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This unit covered different classes and how a teacher needs to approach them all in a different manner. This unit talked about business classes, young learners, adults, beginners, multi-lingual, and
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As English teacher and speaker, I believe that receptive skills such as listening and reading are essential in order to develop productive skills. If we follow the natural language acquisition cycle,
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The focus of this unit is to show the qualities and roles of are teachers and learners in the classroom. The unit looked at the range of differing teaching roles a teacher may have in a classroom and
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This unit is all about the four different grammar structures we can use when we talk about past actions. By studying this unit I was able to review the basic usages, forms and conditions: Simple past:
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In this unit I was able to learn more about the subjects: modal verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. When it comes to modal verbs, this unit contains the basic grammar rules and i
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This unit was centered on students and the types of student populations and situations a teacher in an EFL setting is likely to encounter. It included detailed descriptions of working with beginners
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Glenview Hills
from this unit I learned how to motivate my young learners students. As studying English isn't their choice (mostly because of their parents). I will try to not over correct them so they still can man
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