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Unit 1 relays a basic understanding of what a teacher is expected to do in the classroom and be to their students, what is expected in a good student, and learning differences between children and adults. It gives the reader an idea of roles and teaching styles to adapt in the classroom. For instance, the ideal teacher can recognize when their students are struggling and give them the help they need. The skills necessary for this include being kind and patient, being able to correct students without discouraging them, knowing students' weaknesses, and being able to give individual attention when needed. Teachers also take on many roles to teach their students effectively. A teacher must be an assessor, which means that they can correct students in a way that does not discourage them to help their students learn from their mistakes so they can improve their language skills. As a tutor, a teacher can give personal attention to students who need it. This means that the student has someone they trust to go to for further help, and the teacher knows in which areas the student is struggling and can adjust their lessons accordingly or simply take the tutoring time to help the student. As a resource or facilitator, the teacher can help the students learn by themselves and create techniques that can help them study on their own, but the teacher can still monitor the students and give any additional information or help that they need. As a model, the teacher can help students become more confident when speaking a language. By using correct grammar and pronunciation, the students have a better foundation and understanding of how the language works, which will help them with other English speakers. A teacher must be an observer to have an idea of how well the students are learning and retaining the material and whether they need to change their teaching methods or give any additional help to individual students. The unit also discusses the difference between adults and young learners and any challenges there may be to the teacher. For example, young learners may be more open to new teaching methods, while adults, used to traditional teaching methods, may not respond as well, but adults will usually be more motivated to learn, as most of them have chosen to learn English, but young learners may be required to take the class and therefore be more focused on simply passing the course rather than learning. Culture will also come into play when it comes to both adults and young learners. Language levels are also touched upon in the unit, as are students' reasons for learning English.