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All four skills are equally important in learning and teaching a new language. Receptive skills are reading and listening, and productive skills are speaking and writing. For the successful evolution
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Having been through the present tenses, and now the past, it's such an eye opener to understand these 4 tenses. Again, I wasn't to explain how to explain why some thing that had ended in the past had
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The conditional tense used to give me fits when I tried to learn it in french and it's just as difficult in English. This unit did what this course always does with tenses: it broke the conditional t
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This unit was focused on the reading and listening skills for the English language. It covered various ways in which to most effectively teach these skills. It details a lesson plan for a class were
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Compared to the first 2 units, unit 3 was definitely more challenging and required more thoughtful processing and understanding. Going through this unit I did not know that there were so many differen
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Teaching a new language to students is more than just the words, meanings, usages and the like. It requires that the teacher take into consideration the level of the students as well as the students
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It is interesting how, even though I have taught English to my sons in homeschool and have taught a few years in our English school, that in this unit of parts of Speech, there was some new things I d
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Unit 17 developed on what can be used for equipment within an ESL lesson and how to use each item with its common purposes and proper usages. Various common equipment used in ESL lessons range from: w
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This unit introduces pronunciation and phonology, including intonation, stress, sound joining, linked speech, the phonemic alphabet and articulation. Studying the phonemic alphabet is so impartant for
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Audubon Park
The unit covered the many parts of speech, which helps both students and teachers understand how words are properly used in sentences. Nouns and verbs form the basic sentence structure, but other wor
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This unit revises the correct forms of conditional and reported speech. I was reminded of the correct grammatical uses of both- noting that it's easily confused by students as many native speakers th
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It is important for a new teacher to establish rapport with his/her new students by finding out information about their needs, English level of each individual by using a number of activities for this
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This unit was very helpful because it gave example lessons. I think the example lessons really help me see how this can all be brought together for the benefit of the students. In addition, I liked
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Inline with unit 14, evaluation and testing also depends on the various schools but this unit initiates some ways to assess a student language level by tutorials,evaluation by the students and tests.t
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Unit 16 covered Conditionals and Reported speech. It developed on the five main types of conditionals and the form and usage for each. The five main Conditionals were: the Zero Conditional, the First
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This unit covered different forms of the English language and how to select which vocabulary to teach to students. This is largely dependant on thier education level with the selected language. I le
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This unit introduces two productive skills, speaking and writing, including teaching activities, techniques of encouraging students, and factors needed to be considerated. Lastly, games that are usef
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So far in this course the type of grammar covered is the kind that is commonly taught in the EFL and not the entire grammatical system. There is still a lot to be covered in this area and a significan
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Beaver Dam
This unit was very helpful, and a little challenging, in that it brought so much theory together in two practical situations that were both rich in learnings. Much of the difference between the two cl
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It is really important to review this content, because many times students come up with questions and doubts related to reported speech and conditional. There are certain conditional such as the third
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Beechwood Village
Teaching a new language involves teaching vocabulary, grammar, and functions of the language. While the grammar forms somewhat a "skeleton" for the language, the vocabulary and functions of the langu
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This unit fully covered the different forms of the future tense in the English language. As with the other tenses, there are four different types of future tense. Future simple, future perfect, futu
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This unit covered management of the classroom. It went into detail over different methods for maintaining control and respect in the classroom. This unit also described how to create a good relation
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This unit explained the four different ways in which the present tense of the English language and be employed. It describes the present simple form, the present continuous form, the present perfect
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This unit introduces a lot of teaching methodologies, but focuses on the ESA method. These methods have been adopted for a long time and they have their own pluses and minuses. However, the ESA meth
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Lesson planning is equally important for both teacher and student. This is a great way to keep the teaching on track and organized. Creating a lesson plan is a great way to monitor the progress of t
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This unit was tricky, tenses are starting to get complex in these lessons. I have realized that I have learned a bulk of material about tenses by simply doing these unit tests. In this unit, I fell th
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The conditional tense says that an action is reliant on something else. The conditionals are used to talk about real or unreal situations, they are sometimes called if-clauses. Real Conditional descri
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Beginner students have a wide category level and should not be grouped into a single level, they require special skills to teach them.The teacher has to be as visual as possible, give clear instructi
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This unit focused on various terms and ideas that have been featured in the past. This is built off of other units which makes it easier for me to understand as a student which is great. I think the r
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Course books are a great tool for teaching when they are used in conjunction with other materials. These books should serve as a guideline for the teacher and the students however the teacher needs to
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This unit talks about two grammar points. The first one is the five main conditionals that contains 'if', referriing to past, present and future possibilities. The sencond one is reported speech, wh
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It has been noted that maintaining eye contact with the students is very important as it is another way of conveying messages to the students and shows that the teacher is confident. The teacher's vo
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Blue Ridge Manor
This unit covers the themes of evaluation and testing in the ESL classroom. It underlines the three different ways to assessing a students language level, these being tutorials, evaluations by the stu
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This unit discussed potential difficulties faced in teaching lessons, whether in small or large groups. There are different types of students- stronger and weaker, reluctant or finishing work too quic
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This unit focuses on the different past tenses. The four past tenses looked at are past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. This unit was very similar to that of the pr
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Bowling Green
This unit is very important as it help to understand and also examine the qualities, roles and responsibilities of the role of a teacher and students within the classroom setting. The unit also aids i
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This unit was very tough. I felt as though some answers were dependent on others toward the end so I hope I chose the right order. I think that I am getting the hang of understanding how to present ma
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In this unit, we explored the receptive skills of listening and reading. First, we looked at the reasons why one would use receptive skills. Next, we explored how one reads and listens. I thought this
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This unit conveys what makes a lesson effective by comparing two different ESA classes. The teacher's attitude plays a vital role in the participation of the students. The first class is not very ef
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This unit focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Students need to be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how its constructed, and be able to practice and produce it. To
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Different teaching aids are used to teach or when teaching language effectively, white boards draw and hold attention of students effectively but studies show that teachers must desist from using capi
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Broeck Pointe
The unit is based on two videos of the lessons. Both lessons share the same language point, but have different teaching approaches. The first lesson was short, around 25 minutes (may be the teacher wa
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Course book is a book use by the teacher and it consists of:student book,workbook,cassettes and teachers book.It can be regarded as a guide to the teacher in the classroom.It is usually tried and test
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Teaching English as a foreign language will always have a problem that will come up from time to time. As first lesson teachers it is important to establish a rapport with the class and make sure the
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Brownsboro Farm
The choice and use of course books is a complex decision and often debated topic. A balanced approach – use of an appropriate course book (tried and tested syllabus) with a variety of custom materia
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Brownsboro Village
Teachers should always learn something new about their roles in the class as well as their learners. As for me, I have found out some exact info on the roles of a teacher, found what suits me and what
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I think this unit is helpful because as a 19-year-old, I haven't really thought much about what it takes to be a teacher. I have only been a student. However, I think being a current student will he
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This unit focuses on lesson planning and how to create a good lesson plan. Keys points that stood out to me in this unit are: -Keep lesson plans simple, but also flexible -Timing the lessons -Be orga
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This unit describes the most common methods and techniques to teach and learn languages, their features, how they work, advantages and disadvantages, and what teachers should do to make sure students
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