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unit 8: The Future Tenses. Thank you for providing this lesson.. it helps me to learn more about the difference in every tenses. well organize, easy to understand. *Future Tense-> Form: Affirmative
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This content is getting increasingly more difficult. Although I feel like I get the idea of the lesson this week from reviewing the PDF, I really found this challenging. When I was reading the sentenc
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Junction City
Unit seventeen is about equipment and teaching aids we get to use in the classroom. For me, a subject of teaching aids is way more interesting than equipment. Nowadays a PC, a smartboard and a project
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Testing students is a part the teaching process. It allows teachers to evaluate at the beginning of the class where they stand and then testing through the class to make sure they are learning at the
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unit 6 :Past Tense: This lesson help me to know the usage of every Tenses , Past simple tense : Use for actions completed at a definite time in the past. Past continuous : It can express an action,w
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Kenton Vale
I found these videos to be very informative in the differences of teaching. The first video shows what I would say is a very common way of teaching- it is something I am familiar with and seen before.
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This unit delved into course books and materials and began by making a distinction between authentic materials, which are media that has not be designed for language learning and an inauthentic materi
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This unit focused on assessment and test materials and gave a brief overview of an incredibly important and difficult topic that was really superficial and lacked critical assessment skills training a
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In this unit, we explored the productive skills speaking and writing. Key points that I took from this section are the following: - Writing is overlooked when teaching English as a foreign language is
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It is more important than ever that the teacher maintain a positive attitude when teaching. The students in the first lesson seemed confused, rushed and were not given the time to absorb the material
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La Grange
This unit was quite difficult to master and I can see how students can have much difficultly with modals and phrasal verbs. Again, these grammar types are ingrained in me since I was a child so it wil
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I think it is important to strike a balance when it comes to how you run your class. If you are too easygoing you can be taken advantage of by the students. However, if you are too harsh, the student
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This unit introduces teaching different types of classes, including beginners, individual students, children, english for specific purposes (business English), and the monolingual and multilingual cla
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Lakeside Park
As stated before, I'm currently teaching English to young kids, aged 4 to 9, and knowing how to handle both the students and the teaching content over the course of 40 minutes can be quite challenging
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Lakeview Heights
This unit looks at the most common problem areas teachers will face in the classroom. Unique challenges are faced when beginning a new class, for instance. Techniques of building rapport, warmer act
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In this unit we can study all about classes management and organization. It covers all the main aspects about it, it includes great tips on how teachers can: use eye contact, gestures and their voice
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Langdon Place
Unit eleven is about teaching receptive skills, namely reading and listening. Receptive and productive skills are equally important. Reading skill is easier to teach as it as when reading, student has
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This unit discussed various techniques and reasons for teaching reading and listening (a.k.a. receptive skills). Receptive skills require expertise in several different areas: 1. Predictive skills -
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As English teacher is really important to keep in my our students' needs, motivations, goals, and of course, their personal interests. The groups can vary in terms of age, cultural background, or leve
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Parts of a speech is very vital to all English speakers as the denote the correct use of tenses and prepositions. This section to a learner might be a little tricky because it’s one of the issues wh
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Lebanon Junction
This unit focused on another aspect of grammar in English. The different forms of conditional sentences and how to introduce them into the language class in form of activities. Under the same unit, w
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In this unit, it focused on course books and lesson materials. This unit explored the differences between authentic materials, created materials, and typical textbooks and workbooks. It looked at the
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As teachers I believe it's really important to be aware of all the resources we have available for our lessons. Nowadays, we have a wide range of websites such as YouTube where we can find videos, son
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I tried a lot harder on this unit. I really feel that I was expecting to be better at these lessons and will need to correct my scores to reach the passing overall test score. This lesson built off of
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I think this is one of the most difficult topics in the English language, because of the simple fact that in many languages phrasal verbs do not exist. It is ineteresting how the different combination
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Through this videos it is obvious that teachers attitude,manner and style of teaching and lesson structure can determine students level of understanding of the lesson content.In the fast video ,only f
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In this unit that I have just finished, it goes to show that one can speak English fluently but that does not necessarily mean that they know the grammar. I for one have refreshed my knowledge in the
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This unit might be the most challenging unit as of yet. Unlike some of the other units I am not confident on about half of the questions asked. I think I understand the concept and idea of the unit bu
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This unit makes clear that a 'good teacher' is someone, who is not only concentrated on the teaching itself but pays attention to the learning of the students. A 'good learner', states the lesson, is
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English language learners have been classified in to various groups. Beginner, individual students,children,learners who learn for specific purposes equally Business English. All these groups have bee
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This unit introduces how to teach the receptive skills, namely, reading and listening. It includs the purpose of reading and listening, different skills in doing them, and the solutions for teaching
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In this unit we learned about the future tenses, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of English grammar to learn as there are so many different uses for it. In addition some of the future
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Equipments and teaching aids are use to make lesson more interesting,effective,lively and less dependent on the course book and learning resources.These teaching aids or learning materials include:whi
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This unit focuses on the different future tenses. The future tenses looked at are future simple, future perfect, future continuous, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive. This unit also rev
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This unit introduces how to make a lesson plan, including the importance of lesson planning, the standards of writing a lesson plan, and the contents that should be included in a lesson plan. What'
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While writing and speaking are considered productive skills (as opposed to listening and reading, the receptive language skills), both require different teaching methodologies and pose different pedag
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In this unit, I have learned the Common European Framework classifications, the roles of a teacher, plus the qualities of a good teacher and a good learner. I have also understood how to identify the
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In the videos for the unit I could clearly see a difference as soon as it began. I have had a teacher that taught like the teacher in the first video which made me very uncomfortable and intimidated i
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I found this unit quite challenging because it forces you to really understand each concept on a more detailed level. I know how to use the present tense correctly, but its something that I have lear
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Reading and listening There are four basic skills in any language: receptive skills-reading and listening, and productive skills-speaking and writing. All are equally important and whenever possible
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Many things can make a good teacher, including having a personality suited for teaching, having a good relationship with their students, caring about their teaching, and most importantly, caring about
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Within Unit 7 we developed upon the ways in which to teach a new language with a focus on teaching vocabulary. It explained and gave samples for which to teach a new language to students and discussed
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Manor Creek
I’ve learned three important vocabulary-teaching methods, which are engage, study, and activate. I think engaging the student is helpful because discussing the material could spark an interest with
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This unit presented information about managing a class room, covering topics ranging from eye contact and gestures to classroom arrangement and discipline. The difference between teacher talk time and
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This unit went over different materials and aids that a teacher can use in the classroom in order to teach better. There was a very long list of different materials, however I feel as though several
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Maryhill Estates
As for the videos, they are just brilliant! I really liked the true comparison and the observation makes perfect! Neverthless, that was a tough type of work, even though it might seem easy at first. P
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This unit contains important information about teaching receptive skills, which are reading and listening. In this unit I could learn about the important aspects to consider about these skills, how to
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I feel that the unit 1 has taught me, to understand my role as an TEFL teacher giving me insight on the subject of different ages. Also it has giving me insight on different learners and Teaching skil
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This unit was specific about the different types of tests that can be administered to the class or individual students. There are four different classifications for the types of tests that can be giv
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This unit helped me very much on how to deal with certain kind of groups, especially large classes. I believe it's really important as teachers to know different strategies and techniques in order to
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