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Park City
This unit delves into the information teachers must know and use when teaching special student groups. Firstly the unit covers the methodology, techniques and possible problems for teaching beginner s
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Park Hills
This unit covers the future tenses and their usages, and how they are formed grammatically. Some excellent activate stage teaching ideas are given for each, including the helpful use of calendars and
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Parkway Village
In the first unit of this course, we learn what makes a good teacher, what makes a good student and how to assess English's levels of students. We also learn the differences between a young and an adu
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This particular tense cause both teachers and learners a great amount of difficulty. In this lesson I learned the various usages of the present tense for instance it can be use in Directions,newspaper
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I think that the most important thing to take away from this unit is that an effective teacher should be able to adapt themselves to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. Cultural ba
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This unit introduces different ways to assess the students' language level. They are tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. There are different kinds of tests for different evaluating pu
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Pewee Valley
The unit explains what a good teacher and good learner look like. It also explains the importance of motivation and what does and does not motivate the learner. The unit also outlined how to ascerta
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For the first camera I actually thought the answer was video camera but when reading through the text it was radio. When I taught in Korea for the TALK program during my senior year the school I was a
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Unit 5 was overall informational and I could relate/understand a lot from my career as a middle school teacher. Giving individual attention, TTT and writing on the white board was very insightful and
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Pioneer Village
Unit 14 covers the use of coursebooks and other materials. Advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks are considered, as well as how to make the best use of them. There are approaches one can take
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Pippa Passes
This unit considers which methods and techniques are the best for teaching English as a foreign language. A long history of teaching and learning English is considered, and then Harmer's Engage-Study
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This course is a good reflection on the meaning of a good teacher and a good learner and it incorporates the roles to success for both. I found the ‘Roles of the Teacher’ the most interesting bec
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I was fascinated to read about how the affects of a good teacher could encourage students much more. The teacher has many roles and I find they are all valuable and useful in helping students learn. I
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Plum Springs
The Unit gives us a very important piece of information on how to design our classes effectively, so that students could be exposed to new language, understand it's meaning, how it is constructed and,
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Poplar Hills
This unit explains the form, usage and typical student errors for each of the four present tenses - present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Affirmative, neg
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This unit covered many various teaching methodologies that have been used throughout the course of human education in relation to language. The first section detailed these metholodologies and what e
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This unit provides a good overview of what makes for a good classroom environment and shows the many different roles that a teacher must play in a given course. Because of all these different roles,
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It is or can be very easy to mix up these past tenses because they sometimes make sense whichever way you put them. Grouping them into different times zones can be very difficult and the only way to l
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So far this unit was by far the most challenging out of all the units. When it came to writing I never thought of present tense and all of its forms that we use but don't necessarily know. Understandi
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This unit focuses on managing a class between a teacher and student. First this unit looked at when it is appropriate and not appropriate conduct proper eye contact, gestures, and tone in a voice. Nex
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From this unit, I learned the differences between the future, present and be going + infinitive tenses and to be able to identify them. I spent quite a bit of time on this unit and the test and think
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For me personally, this lesson was the one I was looking forward to the most. I had no idea how to put together a lesson plan whether it be for vocabulary. How do I start. What do I use to engage t
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Planing lessons Should we plan lessons? There are various schools of thought on this issue. Some theorists suggest that lesson planing is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred l
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I think it's really important reviewing Present Tenses, especially, because it´s a topic that students always ask questions about. Most importantly, checking grammar rules and structures regarding Pr
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In unit 18 the topics discussed were Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice. It discussed that the basic Modals were may, could, should, can, might, shall, will, would, must, have to, have got to, ne
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Of the hundreds of thousands of English classes that have taken place all over the world today, only a tiny fraction of them will have contained any pronunciation training. The reason for this is not
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I think it's very useful the fact I could review some grammar elements and rules, because students always come up with those kind of questions. It is really important to refresh and acquire new gramma
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River Bluff
The unit gives the last portion of grammar essential to conduct effective teaching. In this unit I learned the use of modal verbs and how they change the meaning of the sentences; also I acquired the
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This unit covers the pronunciation of words and manners in which sounds are produced. The sound intonation of typical speech is outlined with arrows, and the ways in which sounds are made in our throa
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Unit 11 discussed teaching receptive skills and the importance of reading and listening as a part of learning a new language. It explained that the reasons for reading and listening were either for a
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This unit gave a small explanation for teaching vocabulary, grammar structures, and functions of language. It highlighted what is important when teaching them, and gave suggestions for activities and
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Teaching a new language embodies understanding four basic principles which are meaning,structure,practice and how to go about it. Vocabulary and grammar should be taught together as one can’t be iso
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It is important to note that certain phrases or facts can mean different things if said in a certain way especially by somebody who is not a native speaker of English. I as a non native speaker of the
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Rolling Fields
Unit 1 covered a variety of topics such as the role of a teacher and the traits of a good teacher. The unit covered the traits of a good learner and several reasons that may be good motivators to stud
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Rolling Hills
I learned effective teachers have a rich mix of perosnal qualities and skills that are enhanced with experience. Patience, fairness, interaction skills and knowledge could be the most defining. In cla
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In this unit I learned about teaching the different types of conditionals, which are complex sentences, with conditions and conesequences,very commonly used in many situations in our lives, and that c
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Russell Springs
Experienced teachers may have less need for lesson planning, but an inexperienced teacher is likely to benefit from the preparation involved in planning a lesson. Planning a lesson (it is not a script
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In this unit i have learnt that it is important to be lively, patient and entertaining so that students are free to communicate and interact with a teacher so that they do not feel any form of intimid
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Ryland Heights
The unit is focused on teaching productive skills. Much like receptive skills, writing and reading are equally important for students to learn, confidently posses and manipulate. The unit shows some i
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The present tenses.. The Tense System.. The tense system is probably the area of the English language that causes students (and often teachers) the greatest amount of difficulty. Linguists can creat
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Although this unit was also short, it went into greater detail than the previous unit. Speaking and Writing, the productive language skills, are more observable than their receptive counterparts, and
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This unit focused on how a teacher can troubleshoot different problems in class. This unit started off by explaining how a teacher can establish rapport with students in the first lesson. This unit al
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Salt Lick
The unit contains basic information about parts of speech, which is essential in a process of teaching. It is especially important while teaching adults that want to enhance their English level and no
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This unit looked at evaluating and testing a student’s language level. This unit heavily focused on varying tests, but this unit also briefly looked at tutorials as well as self-student evaluations.
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The unit focuses on teaching of special group such as;beginners,children,individual,business English multilinguists and monolinguists.Each group has its own peculiarities,strengths and and weaknesess.
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Sandy Hook
Learning more about examples of a lesson plan is certainly interesting. There are many different ways you can go about creating one that can vary from very casual to more preparations. I am interested
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A brief overview of the content of Unit 1: The qualities that a good teacher should have. In a word, a good teacher cares much about the learning of students so that to improve his teaching. The
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Science Hill
This unit covers modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice, as well as phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal verbs help express degrees of certainty, obligation, ability, or levels of politenes
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I am very nervous for my results of this unit. This unit challenged me to really read my PDFs to get an idea of the course materials. I feel I now have the tools to create, initiate, and carry out les
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I now understand the difference between the accuracy and fluency activities. I really enjoy reading about the techniques to encourage interaction as well. I find it very important to have group/pair
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