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Seneca Gardens
in this unit I learned how to facilitate reading and listening activity.it will be a succes if students can digest it well. there are 4 basic skills such as reading , listening, writing and speaking
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Conditionals and reported speech are things that the native English speaker take for granted, at least I do. Teaching these parts of speech to non-native speakers can be tricky as there are rules for
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This unit provided descriptions of the various types of roles, characteristics and responsibilities of both learners/students and teachers. Age was also discussed in depth as a learning factor and the
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This unit focused on teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. It began by emphasizing that these elements of language are extremely important and must be taught to students. After the i
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In this unit I learned the names and details of different teaching methods, some of which I was not aware of previously, as in The Silent Way. I learned about the stages of a class- EAS, and thought
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It can be extremely difficult for student to know how to phrase a sentence in the reported speech form. Changing the meaning of phrases can be confusing because for certain situations, actions and fac
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Silver Grove
This unit covers the principles of basic lesson planning. It covered on topics ranging from why teachers plan their lesson to what to include in the lesson plan to how to effectively deliver a lesson
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These videos were really interesting. The first video was possibly the worst teaching I have ever seen, as the teacher not only possessed a poor attitude, but was utterly unprepared and had no consid
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It was discovered from this unit that there were two basic language skill namely:receptive skill which consisist of reading and listening;and the second one is productive skill consisting of speakin
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In unit 13, I learned the importance of teaching the art of proper pronunciation when teaching English. The sounds that each letter make and the place from where they originate in the mouth are equal
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In this unit, we focused on intonations and stress when teaching students proper pronunciation. This unit was very difficult for me since pronunciation is not something I check or think about on a dai
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Smiths Grove
This unit covers common problem situations that ESL teachers find in their classrooms. First differentiating between new groups and existing groups the unit highlights techniques to build rapport not
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This units introduces a lot of teaching equipment that can be used in the classroom, including boards, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worsheets and work cards, etc. Besides,
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This unit showed the many different,but all important uses of teaching aids in the classroom. Each one serves a purpose, different from the others that may aid in the learning process of students at
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South Carrollton
The unit teaches the two receptive skills: reading and listening. It also covers the skills needed for comprehension. Instruction is given to the teacher as to why the choice of topic(s) is so impor
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South Park View
Methods and techniques used are; grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, presentation, practice and production, task based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, the si
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South Shore
This unit presented various grammatical forms and it related them to meanings and uses. It helps in understanding the grammatical system better thus helping in constructing correct sentences. Even tho
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Unit 14 taught us about the usage of authentic and created material such as books, articles or crosswords etc. While providing you a tested study material the use of it should be careful. Unit advises
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Modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice are tricky and typically taught to more advanced learners of English. When presenting this lesson to students, it will be important to take it slowly and clea
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Spring Mill
A very complex information which is structured and put in one unit, interesting. Seriously, earlier each and every kind of these topics would take so many hours to cover.. But now I see that I can hel
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Spring Valley
A very interesting, educational and at the same time reasonable unit. As for me, I do assess my students and sometimes I do it unsystematically which is not very good. Now I totally see the difference
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I have come to realize thqt class management is a vital tool to effective teaching and learning. Also,it is an erroneous believe that only an extrovert can be a good teacher.I have also seen the impor
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St. Charles
Unit eighteen is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. This is the last grammar unit of the course. Modals were clearly explained in the tables on pages three and four. The most useful info a
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St. Mary
This unit explains why and how teachers plan their daily lessons and the sequence of their lessons over the week, month or semester to meet goals they have established for their students. The typical
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St. Matthews
The unit gives an overview on the use, formation and teaching conditional clauses and reported speech. Conditional clauses can be as follows: those that refer to irrefutable facts or actions; talk abo
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St. Regis Park
This unit covers the extremely significant and often overlooked categories of pronunciation, stress and intonation within the English language. Firstly the unit discusses the variations in the volume
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Stamping Ground
After reviewing unit 3, I found out that I have been using a similar method with my preschoolers. I would setup an easy game/song to get their attention and then I would try to color/paint in colors.
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This unit focused on the management of a class and covered details as fine as seating arrangements and how to position oneself physically to best teach during various stages of a lesson as well as bei
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In this unit, the 1st video was clearly and obviously better! In the 2nd video, if a teacher acted like that, I think he would be most likely complained about! In the first video, I personally though
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Strathmoor Manor
The content of this unit is conditionals and reported speech. The conditionals include zero, first, second, third, and mixed. Excellent materials are included in the unit and its related video to he
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Strathmoor Village
Unit nine is about lesson planning. No matter how experienced a teacher is, a good lesson plan is vital for carrying out an interesting and effective lesson. Planning is a very personal thing, some pr
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The content in this unit was a brief overview of categories of the types of teaching and learning styles one might encounter in a classroom. The unit went over different actions a teacher might take
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I think having a clear understanding of the different phases of lessons is very important because as a student I know how boring it can be to just sit and drill for an hour on a new topic. In additio
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Taylor Mill
Every sentence is a train composed of wagons. Parts of speech are wagons that deliver specific expressions between people. One important 'train car' for students to understand would be the difference
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In this unit, the most common different teaching aids and equipment we as teachers can use to teach better lessons are covered. This is how with boards – traditional and interactive board- overhead
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Ten Broeck
Within Unit 2 it delves into an intro to grammar. It was a fantastic review of the general parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. It was a
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This unit discovered the past tense. It began with describing the similarities between the present tense and the past tense and the related counter parts of each tense. It then went on into further de
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I believe it's really important to know how structure our lessons every day. There are many possibilities regarding the way we can plan a lesson, however, as this unit states there are several factors
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This unit covered modal and phrasal verbs. The modal verb part made the most sense in this lesson. We use this type of conversational technique every single day. The phrasal verb part was more conf
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In this unit it has been reflected that there is no perfect way or method of teaching a new language and that each method has got its positives and negatives. While it is important to note that some c
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This unit introduced lesson planning by first discussing the theoretical rationale behind it and then explaining in great detail how to write a lesson plan. Following these explanations of what shoul
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This unit introduces a lot of practical techniques for classroom management. Firstly, how a teacher should uses physical expression effectively in class. Secondly, the pros and cons of different gr
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Although the unit is short I feel I can understand it quite well with the information given. I learned it is very important to pre teach the vocabulary to help the students with unknown or difficult l
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In this unit, we observed two lessons being taught by the same teacher to the same class. This was an amazing unit that taught me how to properly teach a class. The second lesson was effective because
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This was a quick, easy, and understandable unit. I feel it is very important for a teacher to remember to focus on their students needs above coursebook material that doesn't focus on their needs to f
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Villa Hills
In unit 2, everything was explained thoroughly and I think it’s very important to know the parts of speech. It’s easy to forget a couple of definitions, but this chapter is great to review. We wer
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Vine Grove
A teacher will have to adjust correction to each student's abilities. From working with one student to improve pronunciation to reviewing words and sentences that all students need to review together.
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Wallins Creek
I agree with a good balance between speaking and writing. While learning French in grade school, most classes were focused on quiet work that involved answering grammar questions, novel questions, or
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In this unit I could learn about evaluations and tests, which are very useful tools we can use to assess our students’ English level, skills and progress. Evaluation is important at all stages in th
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In Unit 9 we discovered the purposes with examples of lesson planning. It went into detail on the important functions of lesson planning as well as the basic principles involved in lesson planning. It
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