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This unit is all about the four different grammar structures we can use when we talk about past actions. By studying this unit I was able to review the basic usages, forms and conditions: Simple past: to express past actions at definite times, we have verbs with regular and irregular past tenses, while the past simple form of - to do (did) works as the auxiliary verb in questions and negative sentences. Past continuous: to express actions beginning before other actions in the past and probably continuing after, it uses the past tense of -to be (was/were) plus the base forme and -ing. Past Perfect: we can use it to express to actions in the past, one happened and finished before the other. We use the past of the verb –to have (had) and the past participle of the main verbs. Past perfect continuous: we can use it to talk about actions in the past that were continuous until the moment we are mentioning, it’s not used that much. It’s always important to study and refresh the grammar rules, as this way we are able to understand, differentiate and use properly these tenses, which is essential to teach them, so that we can explain to our students and clear their doubts when necessary.