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This unit introduces us to such complex grammatical units as modal verbs, voices, clauses and phrasal verbs. These grammar aspects are challenging for most students up to the Intermediate level of Eng
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This unit introduces us to the main forms of teaching we may encounter. Each of them requires some specific skills and levels of preparation. Young learners. Often energetic and eager but have a lac
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This unit helps prospective teachers to get prepared for possible difficulties they may encounter. Starting with the very first class teachers are faced with various cases that can make them feel emba
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Watching the two videos was very helpful to me in seeing some of the mistakes teachers can make in their teaching that they sometimes might not even be aware of. It took me longer than it probably sho
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This unit reminded me a lot of what I learned in my class on teaching reading to elementary students. A lot of the same ideas presented in this unit are used in English comprehension lessons with nati
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This unit reminded me a lot of a class I took in college that was focused on teaching English language learners. We learned a lot about the different activities you could do with students that focused
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I feel that I learned a lot from this unit. I didn't know a lot of the material and I feel like I have had trouble pronouncing words correctly when I have been learning other languages. I think the in
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Bandar Abbas
This was a relatively short unit about various materials that can be used in lessons. I for one am not a fan of using course books, although I know they do have their advantages. I believe using authe
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We learned about creative materials- which are made for your language learning student and authentic materials- real life articles, books, songs, shows, etc. created for native speakers. Their importa
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This unit was a little more difficult for me than units in the past have been. I kept getting confused about expressing time in reported speech. I understood the conditionals pretty well I think, but
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This unit was interesting because a lot of classroom will have a large difference in materials available depending on the location. I am in the United States and already see drastic differences betwee
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This unit was rather difficult for me, especially the section about phrasal verbs. This tells me I need to study up more in this area to be able to recognize the difference between the three types. I
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To me, this unit was one of the more interesting units because I have had first hand experience with the content taught in this unit. When I was in Asia, I worked mainly with young children to adolesc
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Overall, I feel as if I have learned a lot from this course, especially things that will help me in my future teaching, whether I am teaching English language learners or not. This particular unit dis
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These videos were great examples of what to do (and what to avoid doing)in the classroom. In the first video, the teacher speak very quickly and his lesson was all over the place with very little stru
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Gonbad-e Qabus
Reading and listening are both important skills that might be overlooked sometimes. It's important for students to be able to gather key information from different kinds of media, so learning skills s
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This unit provided information on how to evaluate and test the students. Tests are important to see progress in each student (progress tests) as well as seeing where the teachers may need to change an
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I love phonology so this unit was very interesting for me! Many of my students struggle with English pronunciation so I enjoy doing tongue twister warm ups with them. I really like how the lesson cove
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There are many characteristics of a good teacher, the most important being that he or she cares more about student learning than the teacher's teaching. A good teacher is also sensitive to the studen
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Islam Shahr
Several methodologies may be employed; however, the model used in this course is the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) promulgated by Jeremy Harmer. The Engage stage is similar to Madeline Hunter's Antic
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Classroom management--that is, the skill of organizing and managing he class, having a friendly, relaxed manner, and maintaining discipline is helped by the teacher effectively using eye contact, gest
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This unit covered the make-up of language learning (vocabulary, structure, and functions): components and characteristics of each, as well as what students need to know about each; techniques to use
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Planning is key to keeping the class (both teacher and students) on track and headed in the right direction. It documents the teaching and learning process and history. It gives continuity to the lea
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The teacher behavior in the two videos is quite different--and the effects are clear. In the first video, the teacher arrives after the students are already in the classroom; mumbles throughout; is u
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Khomeini Shahr
This unit shows how to teach the two receptive skills of reading and listening. Specialist skills are explained, and the three main problems associated with listening and reading--language, topic, and
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Speaking and writing are the two "productive" skills. In teaching speaking, teachers must create the interest and need for students to participate, through well-planned activities that include both a
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There are 4 language domains that consist of receptive skills and productive skills. In order to be able to produce we need to have receptive skills. Receptive skills include reading and listening. We
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There are four language domains which include productive skills and receptive skills. Speaking and writing are the domains that focus on being able to communicate with words (speaking) and being able
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English language is a very difficult language to learn even for the native speakers. New English learners have more difficulties with pronunciation and phonology because of the stress, rhythm and into
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I believe that any subject could be made fun if a teacher uses differentiated instruction and different resources. The resources used to teach a lesson could be authentic materials such as textbooks,
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The chapter discusses the materials usually involved in a course book; advantages and disadvantages of course books; how to best use a course book; and how to analyze a course book (if one can select
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The English language grammar can be very difficult for native speakers yet alone the new learners of the language. There are conditionals and reported speech. When we speak about something that alread
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When teaching English language learners teaching aids and equipment are a necessity. Talking at them will not get them to learn the language, but showing students content in different forms can help t
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Masjed Soleyman
This unit deals with the various types of evaluation tools, from diagnostic and placement tests, to in-class progress tests, to external tests. It is understood that tests are necessary by universiti
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Teaching the English language can be a fun experience whether it would be teaching young learners, adults basic or business classes. Teaching beginners would be the most fun group because they get to
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As learners we all learn differently and it's up to the teacher to troubleshoot or differentiate to ensure that all students are learning and participating in class. It's important for teachers to hav
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Qa em Shahr
This unit was especially difficult to complete as I was unable to view the complete videos. I saw parts of it and it cut off. So there are little to reflect on. From what was viewable, I have noticed
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This unit covered the importance in teaching speaking and writing. Writing is important to teach, especially because it is the most neglected skill when teaching English as a Second Language. Skills
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This unit covered ways that ESL students can be evaluated. It is usually done through various tests used throughout the class. Placement tests help to determine what level a student may be, progress
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This unit was fun. I have taken linguistics 101 back in university and have forgotten how to read phonetic scripts. This unit has definitely been a fun refresher, though I haven't thought of how I can
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This unit has talked about the advantages and disadvantages of textbooks and created materials. I think it is important for teachers to know their students well enough to see what materials best fit t
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This unit has allowed me to better understand the utilization and purpose of different tests., especially for a teacher like me who is not familiar with the traditional teaching system. In Montessori
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In this Unit I have learnt the importance of building a good rapport with all the class as well as being able to embody the different teaching roles when necessary. Also, the relevance of how to carry
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In this Unit I have acquired the different learning methodologies and techniques. I am now aware of the importance of the "Engage - Study - Activate" elements, as well as having plenty of ideas of how
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In this Unit I was shown the importance of the Teacher`s attitude towards the class in order to have a most likely successful lesson. I was also shown how significant is to build a good rapport with s
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Shahrak-e Gharb
Unit 1 delivers a good overview of Teachers and Learners, the roles of Teachers and the characteristics of a good Learner and that of a good Teacher. Personally, this has been my first step into teach
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The Content in Unit 2 covers Theories, Methods and Techniques for teaching English as a Foreign Language. The unit goes into good detail about various teaching methodologies, the structure for TEFL le
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The lessons learnt from both unit videos are very interesting and communicative between the teacher and students. I learnt the effect of students rapport with teacher, and also how effective it is app
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I find the content in this unit so interesting because I get to know that there is a lot difference reading and listening, and reading and listening depends on the individual and their living environm
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This unit taught me a great lesson, helped me to realise areas that i need to improve and concentrate when teaching english language. In as much as it is important to speak english language fluently,
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