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Unit nine covered the major components of writing a lesson plan. This unit explained the appropriate structures of a smooth, clear, and functioning lesson plan that will be most beneficial to the stu
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Lesson 18 discussed relative clauses, phrasal verbs, modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning and express many ideas. Passive voice; wh
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Focused on reported speech and conditionals, this unit carefully breaks down all issues related to the a fore named topics. Conditionals are sentences containing expressions such as when? If, which al
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There are the benefits in students learning the phonemic alphabet. It allows the reader the ability to know exactly how the word is pronounced without having to hear it. It’s definitely to the advan
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This unit has taught me that all the languages have four basic skills, namely, reading & listening, as well as speaking & writing. Each of these skills are equally important, and even when focusing mo
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Conneaut Lake
The materials used to teach are as important as the teacher. Most of the schools will probably have their material ready and not need additional materials, though sometimes as the teacher one must sup
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I feel I have learned quite a bit more about the different needs of different groups of people wanting to learn English and the different classroom or individual variations that may occur. FOr example
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This unit was very hard for me to follow in some places. It went over pronunciation and phonology. It talked about how this section is widely disregarded in teaching English, both to native speakers a
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Writing is not taken into consideration in most of the ESL classrooms. In my personal case I only remember basic sentences writing as part of a test. Written production is not considered as vital beca
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In order to make the most out of time in the classroom, teachers should devote some time to lesson planning. What each teacher includes in a lesson plan is subject to vary, but it is often helpful to
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This unit on future tenses has taught me a lot that I did not know about the english language! I had no idea there are so many different forms of future tenses and that some present tenses can be mani
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This unit was a practical demonstration of various teaching techniques through two videos, implemented badly in the first and effectively in the second. I think my greatest takeaway from the lessons i
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In this unit I've learnt when to apply which conditional, as well as the different tenses. This unit basically focused on how to report direct speech. (Present simple - past simple. will- would. past
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This unit was really helpful since as soon as you start using the language rather fluently you stop thinking of the parts of speech. It is really crucial to know the meaning every word brings to the s
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This unit is centered on the receptive skills of reading and listening. As reading allows for a permanent visual representation of the information, as opposed to listening, reading is favored above li
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From this Unit , I've learned about the lesson plan which are very importance for teaching and learning of the students. It's consists of the objective of the class, descriptions of the class, activit
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This unit teaches us three ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. They are tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Teachers need to know how to give students tests at different st
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This unit provides a clearer picture to me on how to plan my lessons which will generate interest and thus engage my students in responding in English. It also confirms my opinion that reading books
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In this unit we continue on with classroom theory regarding how vocabulary, grammar and language functions should be selected and how to teach them. They were also framed in regards to the actual less
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Unit 6 gives insight to the past tense and all of its functions. It ensures teacher have firm knowledge of the past tense and how to articulate their knowledge to their students effectively. Students
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In this unit I reviewed the subtle differences between transitive and intransitive verbs. I was also able to review the organization of a sentence, which is comprised of at least a subject and a verb.
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Future tenses are often the most complicated for my students to learn and I usually have difficulties as well to properly teach it since sometimes is confusing even for students/teachers with really g
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I have learned through comparing these two very different lessons that the teacher's attitude and level of preparedness are extremely important in maintaining students' interest as well as enabling th
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This unit focuses in the two productive skills: writing and speaking. Both as equally important, they present some particular difficulties when it comes to learning them. Writing will require a greate
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In unit thirteen I learned that pronunciation is often the most neglected aspect of teaching the English Language. The lesson argues that it is because most foreign teachers lack confidence and traini
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The unit gives an overview on how to teach vocabulary, grammatical & language structures as well as language functions to the non-native speakers of English.It tells us how to select the vocabulary ,
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I learned about how present simple and present continuous can be used for future meanings, which, though I knew this implicitly, it is helpful to learn this and be aware of it so that this can be emph
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This lesson described how to build a mutually respectful relationship with students, and how to manage disciplinary actions. It also gave tips of how to set up a class, and how to get students involve
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Cross Roads
Through this unit I have learned the many different forms of past tenses. Past simple, for the use of actions completed at a definite time, though the irregular verbs proved a little tricky to remembe
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This unit highlights the importance of creating a lesson plan and series to help a teacher develop a successful approach. Having a properly written lesson plan can help in many ways: It gives the teac
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While Unit 11 focused on discussing the receptive skills which are reading and listening, Unit 12 concentrates on the productive skills which are speaking and writing. Speaking and writing skills in l
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This unit goes over some of the types of groups one can teach and personally I feel I would do best with teaching individual students. The reason is because I can better focus on one individual at a t
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Unit 14 delved into coursebooks and lesson materials. There is not one right way to go about picking course books out, it's more of a preference thing. Coursebooks are sometimes provided, but teachers
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In this Unit the videos showed me the difference between teacher attitudes in classes and their effect on the students. I was able to see and understand what amount of information is required and at w
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This Unit focuses on troubleshooting for contingencies when teaching English as a foreign language. The one that strikes me as being the most challenging is when there are varying skill levels in the
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This unit focused on the use of equipment and technology. Utilizing technology is one of the most important factors in conducting an effective class. If a teacher does not use the technology available
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Planning a class is a complex but really necessary process that helps both, students and teacher use wisely their time, and take advantage of materials and previous knowledge. As a teacher, I have tot
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Phonology is the study, science, and analysis and classifications of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is one very important part of speaking and expression as it carries the message in a
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This unit like the past tense unit, I enjoyed very much so. As a native english speaker and growing up in an English speaking country, our schools did not focus much on details on the tenses. We alrea
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Ths Unit was clear to help guide and clarify the problems a teacher would face with productive skills. It provided typical ESA lesssons for both writing an speaking skills, and furthermore gave severa
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In the seventh Unit of our ITTT Course is titled “Teaching New Language”, we learned about teaching vocabulary, teaching about grammatical structures, and teaching about language functions. The fi
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This unit has helped me understand the different phases even better, since question eight to twelve focused on it (engage, study, and activate phase). It is important to conduct a need analyses since
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In unit fifteen I learned different types of assessment techniques including tutorials, evaluations by students and tests. Tutorials are used to review work done, discuss aim of lesson and how well st
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From this unit I learned that a variety of resources can be used in classrooms. Especially OHP, after I read this whole unit, it changed my ideas about using projectors. I used to think it’s easier
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Deer Lake
This chapter opened my eyes to how complicated the English future tense really is. As I progress through this course, I am understanding more and more why many non-English speakers say English is such
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Del City
Unit 7 instructs would-be English teachers on how to teach new vocabulary and grammar structures. Teachers should select vocabulary words by their usefulness to the students, their frequency of use, a
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Delaware Water Gap
This unit discussed learning a new language. It allowed me to think about components of a new language including vocabulary, grammar, and functions. It also provided strategies to engage the students
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While there are seven ways to use the future tense, we usually rely on only a small handful, especially the "going to future" form. Even with that in mind, the future tenses don't intuitively make any
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This unit introduces the concepts that are vital for teaching a new language. It is important to impress upon the students that grammar, vocabulary, and language functions are all equally valued in cr
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This unit I have learnt about lesson planning within the classroom and the importance of remaining flexible. It is important to remember the functions of a lesson plan in aiding learning within a clas
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