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I have used other lesson planning templates before, but I will definitely borrow this template in the future. I like the idea of anticipating problems and thinking of solutions ahead of time. Even tho
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This unit focused on the productive skills: Writing and Speaking as the are both used to communicate. It is important to remember to incorporate accuracy activities and fluency activities to promote
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This unit was extremely useful in laying out different strategies for classroom management, suggesting both preventative to punitive measures to keep a classroom focused on the task of learning in a s
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Central City
This lesson outlined the future tenses that students will be learning. This unit is another dense lesson that will have to be split up and varied for the learners to get the most out of it. I feel as
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Honestly, this has been the most baffling chapter so far. I don't know how to wrap my head around intonation, and reading the International Phonetic Alphabet is like interpreting hieroglyphics. I am w
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Centre Hall
While the last unit was the most interesting, this unit was the most informative. Throughout this class model verbs have been mentioned but they were not explained to me until this chapter which clear
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This unit pertains to teaching specific skills pertaining to learning English. The particular skills in this unit are reading and listening. These skills were often taught in the foreign language clas
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In this unit, the use of authenic and creative materials have been discussed along with the examples. Also the use of books, its advantages and disadvantages inluding ways to analyze the book has been
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I was looking forward to studying this unit, which by the way, for me has always been a little bit confusing, specifically the part of the transitive separable/inseparable phrasal verbs... I might nee
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The Videos were clearly presented to show the attitude of the teacher and how the students respond based on his attitude. Although the teacher's attitude in the first lesson was intimidating the stude
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I have learned many different techniques on how to deal with large group, reluctant students, and multi-leveled class. It covered how we should start a class not by using course book, but instead with
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This unit covered the future tenses. It was very similar to the present and past tenses but the similar structure made it easy to follow. It included future simple, future continuous, future perfect,
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Reading the poem featured in Chapter 13 was very eye-opening. Although I was aware of the contradictory spelling in English, I was not aware how pervasive and tricky they can be. I would like to teach
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Cherry Tree
This section gives me some ideas I can use to structuralize and formalize my classes. It reminds me that having a plan is not only a matter of visualizing the lesson but also a truly effective way to
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Cherry Valley
In this unit I have realized that English is a ridiculously complicated language to learn if it is not your mother tongue. There are so many rule that have exceptions that it almost boggles the mind.
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Chest Springs
This Unit has provided multiple examples of methodologies for use in the class room and has helped me choose the methodology I will use best and in combination with others to ensure a continuously int
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Chester Heights
The productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. They are also known as active skills. They can be compared with the receptive skills of listening
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Chester Hill
This unit tell how to managing class. in teacher's eye contact, gesture and voice part, I think it is most important in voice, not to be monotone. I saw teacher's voice tone decide class air. In grou
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Unit 13 is about pronunciation which is most neglected aspect of English language teaching. The lesson give us seven parts of information about how to handle this content well. They are phonology, str
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This unit discussed the different types of equipment, materials, and teaching aids we can use to teach the English language. As a language teacher, you have to maximize the use and effectiveness of ea
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This unit was focused on making sure that the teacher is aware of and familiar with the different forms of the Future Tense in English. The most useful part of the chapter for me was the explanations
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In this unit I learned about the four past tenses and learned a great deal about their structure especially in comparison to the present tense. At times the past and present seem almost identical, but
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The unit focused on teaching in practice. There were two videos to watch. One where the teacher taught effectively and one where he taught ineffectively. I have learned how off putting it can be when
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I have learned the important of speaking and writing and how it parallel to reading and listening. I learned the difference of how accuracy and fluency play important role for activities. They both ha
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This unit has been so difficult for me to understand and to apply. As a non-native speaker pronunciation is a pain for me to teach and even to learn. During the 10 years I studied English, not only in
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I think pronunciation and intonation are very important to cover in ESL classes, especially for ESL learners whose first language has a very different phonetic system or intonation, like in Japanese.
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This unit discusses special groups of students I, as a TEFL teacher, might encounter when teaching English language learners. I enjoyed how the unit discussed teaching beginners. I assumed out of naiv
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This unit highlighted the different kinds of teaching methods and the one specific method that this course believes is the best (ESA). This unit also gave different engaging activities that I can use
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This Unit identifies the difference between the past tenses and the grammatical formation of the tense in the past tense sentence. It clarified to me how to identify the tense type from the structure
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Clarks Green
The unit reviewed the aspects of teaching different specific groups of learners. This can include beginning students at various levels of understanding of English, child learners of English, and Busin
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Clarks Summit
Lesson planning is one of the most challenging things about being a teacher, and the thing that frustrates me the most is that some of the teachers that I work with expect the "scripted" style. I thin
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This chapter is kind of confusing me between study and activity. To make it easier for me, study stage will include teacher and students, but activity focus more in students. I learned a lot from this
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During lesson ten I watched two radically different videos of live action teaching. In video number one it showed a teacher who was blunt, non-engaging, rude, used no and don't and wrong too often, an
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In Unit 16 I learned about conditionals and reported speech. This is getting into more complicated terrain, and it seems important that you study this information thoroughly before teaching it to a cl
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Classroom management is a delicate balance of control, power and a give and take of mutual respect with the students. Every lesson and every group of students is very unique. Teachers must always look
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This unit showed the ways to explain and teach the new words in class. It's very important to pick up the correct words and correct ways of showing their meanings when you are not using students nativ
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Clifton Heights
Through this unit I have learned the importance of evaluating students of their progress to check their understanding, what they may have forgotten and what needs to be taught. The types of
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In this unit, I learned about methods for teaching pronunciation as well as the different aspects of pronunciation. This unit was a helpful review for me. I have learned about the International Phonet
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In unit sixteen we covered conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing if or when which refer to past, present, or future possibilities. Their are two clauses in this scena
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This unit outlined a few lingering issues in teaching English to different groups and provided tips to common problems and challenges that English teachers face. This unit helped ease my worry over lu
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Coal Center
This unit covers the necessary things to think about when teaching a new vocab, grammar and grammar usage lesson.I personally would have liked to see some more examples for picking out vocabulary. I s
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Receptive skills (listening and reading) are equally important and as important as speaking and writing. I always start with receptive skills (especially when it comes to students that are too shy or
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These videos were very enlightening and helped me visualize the different aspects of teaching English as a foreign language. These videos showed how teachers make a great impact on the success of stud
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In this unit we looked at the pros and cons of using various teaching aids in the English-learning classroom. This included technologies used in class, such as CD's, projectors, and video cameras. Eac
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The Unit was split into two sections. The first focused on the teacher: what makes a good teacher and what the various roles of a teacher are. The second focused on the learner: what makes a good lear
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This unit covered different types of testing, and when it is most appropriate to administer tests to students. I found this unit to be somewhat helpful but also intuitive. I am also not sure how much
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This unit offered practical guidance for particular scenarios that a teacher may find him/herself facing, whether teaching complete beginners, children, in one-on-one sessions, adults who wish to lear
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This unit provided help and guidance when encountering a range of different situations. It showed the importance of the first lessons in what you can do to establish rapport between the students and a
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This Unit Ten is based around the two Engage Study Activate demonstration videos that was available via the video tab on the online training system. The first video there was no rapport between the te
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I learned some that when teaching grammar, it's important to use interesting/dramatic sentences like "Mike kissed Amy." or "The police killed the man." In classes, the same boring sentences are often
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