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This unit is about the technological items used during teaching. The most common of these equipment were identified and explained. The various effective ways of deploying these gadgets during classes
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Kennett Square
This unit studies the past tense with all its forms and structures. The past tense has 4 different forms; The simple past which is mainly used for actions that happened in the past and finished at a s
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Unit 7 goes into great details on how to plan lessons to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It offers guidance on how to select the appropriate vocabularies to teach and also the teachi
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At first, I was really confused because of this unit, but it was helpful for highlighting all the different problems that could arise when teaching different groups and people and how to avoid these p
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After watching both ESA videos, I can clearly see the effect the teachers attitude and actions has on the outcome of the class's learning that day. Coming into class prepared, confident, yet kind and
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Receptive skills, listening and reading, are critical to learning a new language. In order to best teach these skills, teachers should take care to select passages and oral excerpts that are within or
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This unit covered the methods that should be considered in teaching vocabulary and grammar. I thought that this section had a helpful overview of the different conditions and circumstances a teacher s
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Unit 17 listed the multitude of teaching aids and various equipment that we will be utilizing in our classrooms to teach our future English students. Unit 17 gave tips and examples of how to effectiv
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In the third unit of our ITTT Training Course we learned about the various teaching methodologies to implement while teaching, the "Engage, Study, and Activate" elements, and tips for how to best impl
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In this unit, teachers learn about different methods to accurately evaluate and test their students. An accurate assessment is meant to help teachers diagnose what topics may need to be introduced or
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This unit informs teachers about diffrent ways in which they may adapt appropriately to the variety of classes and students they may encounter. During a teachers journey, it’s likely they’ll encou
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With this chapter, while reading it, I was trying to think of activities and games to help students in writing and speaking, particularly with young learners who are also just beginning to write in th
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In the fifth unit of our ITTT Training Course, we learned about the different steps and techniques for proper classroom management which include making eye contact, proper gestures, voice volume, how
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I have learnt that there are many different kinds of equipment and materials I can use when teaching. The use of teaching aids evolve with changing technology; I have personally experienced in my time
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Unit twelve taught the basics of speaking and writing activities. As well as defined the reasons why people communicate and gave examples on how we can use those reasons to our advantage while teachi
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Lake City
Lesson plans represent an essential element in teaching because they guide the teacher in identifying what the students need to achieve. They can also serve as a working document and a record for what
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In this case we have studied which are the possible ways to teach english vocabulary, grammar and functions. We have seen what is important for the students to know and which activities and ESA types
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This unit made me understand the difference between new groups and existing groups. New groups have members who do not know one another, whereas existing groups have members who most likely know each
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This unit provided an overview of and teaching suggestions for two difficult points of grammar: conditional statements, and reported speech. I learned the forms of the conditional statements (that gra
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In Unit 20 I learned how to respond to different situations that may arise in my English classroom. I learned how important it is to establish good rapport with my students during the first class meet
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Centered on classroom equipment and teaching aids, it is but very clear that there are different teaching aids that can be used to make lessons more interesting ,effective and lesson dependent on the
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Langhorne Manor
This chapter opened my mind to the complexities behind creating a lesson. I would never have thought about the extra factors that I would have to think about when creating a sequence of lessons compar
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This unit has brought to my attention how slight the differences in usages and meanings each tense can have within and from one another. It was extremely difficult differentiating the usages between
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This unit outlined the many different assessments of English speakers that are available. This unit very interestingly explained the different uses of examinations as well. Exams may be very useful in
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If there is a guide about teaching special groups, it would be this unit. All the suggestions are on point and they are very useful for both new and experienced teachers. With regards to ESP course
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It was a useful time to learn about common problems and ways to deal with them in class. The ‘different levels’ part is mentioned in the PDF file, and I also focus on intermediate-level students w
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We learned about the characteristics of a good teacher (really loving teaching, involving students equally, motivating them, correcting them without offending or affecting motivation, etc.) and his/he
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The unit is about receptive skills: reading & writing - Motivation for reading :for a purpose , for entertainment - Skills when reading or listening: predictive skills, specific information –scann
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Laurel Mountain
This lesson offered an overview of specific examples we can use to incorporate the ESA lesson plan when teaching vocabulary, new grammatical structures, and teaching language functions. Each structure
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Laurel Run
I did it! The final unit of the course, it has been quite an enjoyable learning experience! This last unit consisted of dealing with the many problems that a teacher can and will face sometime in his
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First of all, I really did enjoy this course. I could refresh old things I studied at the university and I learnt a lot of new things, as for example Jeremy Harmer’s ESA method. Regarding this uni
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In this unit I have learned the different forms of the Future tense. These forms are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and going to. I also learned the usage
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This unit is an overview of why receptive skills( such as reading and listening) are important, why we use them( for entertainment or a purpose) the different ways we read and listen ( such as detaile
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In Unit Two I learned the basics of English parts of speech. I learned about the different types of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, articles, pronouns, gerunds, and prepositions. Even though there
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Le Raysville
In this unit, I learnt about the different ways a classroom can be managed. From a student’s point of view, it always seemed simple and amazing how my teachers managed to keep a class in order and m
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In this unit, I learned how to effectively teach the productive skills. In teaching these skills, the teacher must create the need and the desire, in the students, to communicate. There are two activi
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Teaching productive skills is as important as receptive skills. In this lesson, speaking and writing were discussed. Accuracy concentrates in producing the correct language and fluency allows the stud
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This unit focused on the topic of troubleshooting. I have learnt about the various common problems and situations that may arise in the classroom. I understand how best to carry out a first lesson, in
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Managing the classroom is one of the most import parts of being a teacher. I have learned that specific gestures, voice level, and eye contact can produce different outcomes or behaviors with the stud
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This unit is really great for teachers like me who were never taught much about phonology and pronunciation. It was real challenge for me to look at the phonetic alphabet and figure out the last group
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Teachers can take on different roles on working with students of different levels, ages and cultural backgrounds. I would like to learn more about how to be a good organizer, designing a trajectory fo
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Lewis Run
This unit focuses on the fact that teachers need to constantly evaluate the learning progress of their students in order to be effective. Placement tests are given to determine the language level of t
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I believe creating a lesson plan is a vital aspect of teaching. Creating the structure of the lesson helps teachers, whether experienced or inexperienced, to set goals for their students, create a flo
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In this unit we learned about phonetics and the phonetic alphabet is crazy! We learn about pronunciation and how it is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. This is strange
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This unit focused on conditional and reported speech. Conditional speech is where a statement begins with an “if”. It reminded me of, “if this, then this”. The other part of this lesson talke
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The subtilties of intonation can be difficult and unpredictable for new language learners, unit 13 supplies teachers with methodologies for helping their students get a firm grasp on the subject. Teac
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In this unit we have been taught the 4 different aspects of the present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The form and usage for each of the as
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This unit describes the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. The unit also describes different roles that a teacher takes on when teaching a class. As for the learner, it is divided i
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From unit 1 I have learnt the attributes and roles of a teacher, the qualities of a good learner and what affects the learning process of students of different ages and cultures. I have also learnt th
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This chapter helped me better understand the disadvantages and advantages of various classroom and materials, and how to create balance between them. Initially, I thought that teaching from a textbook
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