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After reviewing this grammar unit, I could not help thinking about appropriate Activate strategies to put the past tenses in practice. I totally agree with the text that story-telling is the best way
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Productive Skills include speaking and writing. Unit twelve disscusses general concepts on how to teach them. Speaking and writing are both ways to communicate but must be approached differently when
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In this unit we covered items teachers should consider when selecting course books and outside materials for their classes. By listing out the pros and cons of course books, authentic materials, and c
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This unit is very detailed showing exactly how to get through and plan a lesson. One of my best was, The ESA SEQUENCE The objectives should be clearly specified according to the needs of the students
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El Reno
Tests are difficult issue for me due to the nature of my classes. Because I work with other teachers, it can be very difficult to attempt assessment of what we've learned in class. Since student place
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productivity is an important skill in the classroom, especially when there is limited time and there is not as much resources and attention availabl,e especialyl wehn it comes to younger students. thu
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Nice and practical last course unit, very useful examples of situations that can happen in the first class. I have to admit, that I already studied all of this during my Master's in Teaching so everyt
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I enjoyed this unit but found it challenging. I do not remember the last time I studied these parts of grammar therefore it was harder to remember the rules and why we use them. I can see this unit be
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Unit seventeen disscusses the some of the equipment and teaching aids used in a typical ESL classroom. With technology rising as a teaching tool, there are many different options of what to use( or wh
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This final unit covered common problems that can occur with EFL lessons. It went over problems from the first lesson and the things you should be doing as a teacher - i.e. not jumping straight into th
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This unit explains the fundamental areas of speech by explaining the main parts that go into a sentence such as nouns, verbs and adjectives to name a few. I have learnt how to identify each of these p
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Planning is always important since it helps teachers to take good use from the time available. Also, having material ready is vital, students need to know that the teacher is well committed to teach a
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Elk City
This unit focused on expressing the future. This unit brought to my attention the fact that present tense conjugations are often used to express events in the future, for example "the train leaves in
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This unit has taught me the importance of lesson planning. A lesson plan helps a teacher plan the lesson to ensure it is coherent in itself and is linked to previous and future lessons, is useful to t
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Unit 20 is all about troubleshooting, it is an important technique to be familiar with throughout the class. Students may be at different levels of capability and this can be difficult for a teacher t
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This unit taught me what to expect for being a teacher and to motivate myself to being one as well as motivate my students to become english speakers or better learners to the language, understand the
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Ellwood City
This unit gave tips on classroom management. I learned that I still have to work on giving simple and concise directions so that students understand faster and class time is used more efficiently. I w
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In this unit I got a more in depth explanation about testing for various purposes. I learned that testing is not only for evaluating how students are doing in their course and what they have retained,
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This lesson is insightful, many people forget that how difficult pronunciations in the english language can be. As a teacher of young children, I never went into details in phonetics. Children would m
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Unit 16; If conditionals - Zero conditional ; o if/when+ present simple, present simple o facts o if moon moves away, the sun comes - first conditional; o if/when +present simple , will(modals) +bas
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Lessons plans are intended to help aid teachers in the structure of a class while keeping track of the objectives. As a new teacher, it would be challenging for me to "wing it." I would struggle with
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This unit provided guidance for teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. In addition, it also provided some extra resources for games and encouraged their use as effective tools in a cl
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I've learnt the different roles a teacher will take on during the career, as well as which features a good learner is characterized by. When it comes to the learner I've been given advice on how to cr
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Enon Valley
Unit two describes the parts of speech in the English language. This particular test reminds of a school test before students are getting divided into groups considering stronger and weaker students.
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Unit 13:phonology is the study of the physical properties of sounds, stress, rhythm, intonation, IPA - Intonation: variation in volume & pitch in a whole sentence ,normal rise/fall o Rise/fall :agree
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This Unit dealt with the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. I especially found this unit to be difficult, I think partially because as the unit suggested it can be difficult even for native spea
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This unit describes conditional speech and indirect or reported speech. These subjects are important to teach students as they help increase fluency and produce students that have a full understanding
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Different methods of learning fit different kinds of students. As a teacher, I would need to determine which method is best for the class I am teaching. Learning when, where, and how to correct a stu
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I found this unit to be interesting. For starters, the lesson planning section is detailed and definitely will be used by myself and I'm sure many others to have a format to follow and use through out
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This unit covered the seven most commonly used tense forms in the English language and which tenses are the most common. The unit gave clear examples of the forms of these tenses, how they are used a
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Evans City
This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. Both are difficult topics for English learners. Conditionals require an understanding of tenses and cause and effect relationships. It would be in
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This unit was very interesting in providing a couple of model lessons that include the ESL method in teaching vocabulary and grammar. The unit was focused on vocabulary, but it built off the idea that
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I learned about the importance of distinguishing between accuracy and fluency activities and which to focus on based on what phase of the lesson you are doing. It was also helpful that motivation of
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This unit has taught me the pros of using a course book and the care needed when using them. Course books are expected by students, they are often tried and tested, they provide continuity and progres
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As a brief overview of the content of this unit, what we encounter herein deal primarily with the parts of a sentence / speech. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and various tenses are discu
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This unit discussed various aids that can be used in the classroom, such as CDs, cassettes, overheard projectors, and computers. While all technology and materials have the potential to enhance the cl
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In this unit we talked about the theories, methods and techniques that teachers use to teach English in a classroom. Some of the techniques are Grammar- Translation, Audio-lingualism, presentation, pr
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A teacher should be able to improve his teaching skills in different ways. He also needs to focus on the purpose of each class, so he can prepare his lessons especially for one class. And as every stu
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Unit 9 discusses the importance of lesson planning and how to prepare one effectively. It explains the purpose of a lesson plan for a teacher to run a competent and productive lesson. The unit stresse
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During this unit we have learnt about the different teaching methodologies and techniques. There was an overview of the main methodologies all over history to finally understand how Harmer took the po
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Falls Creek
Unit 5 – Managing Classes The managing classes unit had valuable insight. However, as with many things, the real application is often different than what you read in a book. The information given
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This unit provided knowledge about the purposes of communicating, the reasons why students may be reluctant to speak in a classroom, and how teachers must foster the desire in the students to communic
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Fawn Grove
This lesson outlined the introduction of components of the English language to students and possible ESA lesson plans to suit the particular component that is being taught. I found this unit fascinati
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Fayette City
Through this unit I have learned the importance of course books, their disadvantages and ways to supplement them to insure a fun and engaging lesson. The importance of choosing the appropriate course
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Productive skills are the writing and the speaking part. In this lesson, students are learning to create the English language. By eliciting given information here in the ESA lesson, which is a recepti
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Past tense is important for the student to express the past properly. Past simple is (adding -d or -ed), Past continuous is (was - base-ing), Past perfect is (had - past participle), and Past perfect
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In lesson four, I learned about teaching receptive skills. The four basic skills of any language are receptive skills, reading and listening, productive skills, and speaking and writing. All four of t
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Teaching vocabulary is one the hardest tasks for me. Students sometimes are not interested on the class because they feel they are ok with the vocabulary they already have, even though it is limited o
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This unit discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and other lesson materials in teaching. I actually learned a lot from here because of the recent changes in the curriculum in
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Watching two videos in the unit made me to remember the teachers I had and how the teachers attitude effects the class and student willingness to learn. Even I, adult person that speaks English and is
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