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These two videos gave me the opportunity to see an example of the previous 9 units put into action. From these videos I can see how subtle yet significant teacher presentation and strategy effect lear
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Actually tests are to control our level of knowledges, which we are using in different ways and accordingly the tests should respond our request, what we want to check and which knowledges should be r
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This lesson covered various methodologies, then explained the Engage, Study, and Activate lesson plan structure thoroughly. I learned about methodologies that I have not yet heard of including Suggest
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This unit shades a light on a better way of class room management with a combination of controlling common knowledge of students behaviour and expectations from the different categories of all aspects
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Actually the future as the other tenses has four parts, which are simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous, but in English language the parts become more by adding some present simple tense
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In Unit 1 of this course, an introductory unit, we learned about basic teaching ideals and what makes up 'good' teacher strategy. I feel as though I have learned from this unit what a correct teachin
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This lesson helps the teacher manage the classroom as well as know when and how to discipline students when necessary. This lesson has taught me the importance of seating arrangements as well as the t
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This unit was helpful in demonstrating some actual teaching techniques. I think that this is the first Unit so far that has provided tips on how to actually structure a lesson to balance different rol
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This unit briefly touches upon common problem areas in teaching and offers great advice for facing those common problems. From meeting students and getting them warmed up, to teaching classes that co
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This unit taught me an invaluable lesson on organizing a lesson. I have never made a structured lesson plan, like the example, and I really like the idea of having a structured (but flexible) plan to
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This unit built on previous units that discussed the ESA lesson structure. It discussed how different ESA structures are often used to teach the three main components of a new language: vocabulary, gr
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Vocabulary is a very important stage for acquiring reading and writing. Vocabulary is the basic of comprehension. The next stages of grammar and structure are established on it. Vocabulary is the key
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Unit 3 Classroom Management 1. Eye contact, Gestures & Voice These are to show students that all are involved in the lesson and to ensure that they understand. They encourage contributions and help ma
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This unit covers various classroom scenarios one may encounter as a teacher. It looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, young learners and
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I learned about how to structure and introduce grammar, language function, and vocabulary sections in this unit. I think that these are crucial for the beginning of a chapter and believe that they can
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In Unit Four: Present Tenses I learned that there twelve different tenses in the English language. I believe I learned four during my elementary years of schooling, so this unit was an eye-opening exp
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This units talks about planning of lessons, why it's impotant and the vital points to focus on while planning any lesson. It's important to plan lessons to keep track of the teacher's activity within
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Through this video I am able to connect the information from the past lessons to a real life example. From the first example I could see many problems in the teaching style. The teacher wasn't clear o
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This unit discussed what made a good teacher and a good student. I think the most important characteristics of being a good teacher are being able to motivate students, involving all students, and gi
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This unit dealt with EFL Methodology, mistakes and feedback. It began by presenting nine different teaching methods with a brief description of each. Then it gave an introduction into the ESA method,
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The four types of past tense follow similar rules to the four types of present tense. The explanation of the different usage of each type was particularly helpful and I will use those explanations wh
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In unit 2 I've learn't multiple different teaching methods, theories and techniques that will help assist me on becoming the best teacher I can be. For me, this unit is very important because every st
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Unit 2 was an introduction into the different parts of speech in English. As an American and native speaker, I don’t typically think about grammar while having a conversation with someone. The flow
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Unit 19 - Teaching special groups. This unit focuses on teaching more specialized groups, such as beginners, individual students, children, business people, and monolingual and multilingual classes. T
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I feel, that the first unit about relationships between teachers and learners has given me my first view about a professional teaching. Such thing like own qualities of teacher and learner, levels of
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Reading and listening, speaking and writing are the basic skills for studying. Acquiring reading and comprehension skills are based on receptive skills. The next step will be teaching-learning strateg
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Regardless of the level of the students, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand its meaning, understand how it’s const
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I learned about conditionals and reported speech in this unit. I think that this unit provided good examples of how to teach the material and showcased how not correctly using direct speech can hinder
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I felt this lesson was difficult. I was not aware that there were so many future tenses. It was easy to confuse some of the forms. The usages of the tenses also overlapped. Future simple is used for m
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I was familiar with modals and with the passive voice before studying this unit. I was not familiar with the term "phrasal verbs." I was a little disappointed that the video did not cover this topic
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This unit focus on the attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the success of the lesson. There is a big correlation between teacher expectation and student achi
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There's nothing worse than a disastrous class. The units provides simple and very practical ways to manage classes to ensure a productive, relaxing and suitable learning atmosphere for students. I thi
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This unit teaches ways to effectively make use of course materials in the teaching and leaning of English language in the class room. It also teachers about how the teacher can create his or her own s
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This language is incredibly beneficial for me to learn how to better develop my grammar and vocabulary lessons. Not only does it give good guidance on selecting vocabulary words, but it is currently h
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This unit presents The Past Tenses (Past Tense Simple, Past Tense Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous), the usages of past tenses, common mistakes and errors, how to teach and present th
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Au Sable
This unit focused on the multiple teaching methods, theories, and techniques that are used to create successful learning environments. With the methodologies from this unit, teachers are able to invol
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This unit about evaluation and testing students reveals the main objectives of this process and describes various types of testing. Assessing and monitoring the level of knowledge and progress of stud
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The thing I learned the most was the variety of external tests that students may have in mind and be preparing for. I also learned how I should articulate the manner in which I test the students. I kn
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I learned in this unit ways to make reading easier and more enjoyable for students. Although it is important for them to read authentic material, it can also be more difficult to read. By mixing ina
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This lesson covers various types of assess that can be used in the classroom. This includes tutorials and evaluation by students where the teacher can get information about the English level of the st
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While there appeared to be flaws in each of the lessons, the first one in particular shows the importance of "engaging" students prior to jumping into a lesson. Even at that, there needs to be clarity
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I have learnt useful things from this unit such as the ways of acting, determining the students awareness of language. However, I share an idea as the teacher needs to be motivator. It leads to encou
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I believe this unit has further taught me different methodologies and trends for language teaching. I gained lots of ideas for my future classes, and learned to distinguish key terms such as the diffe
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In this unit I learned about future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and "going to" future tenses. When I started reading the unit and it said that the future tens
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In this unit I learnt about the types of equipment and teaching aids and how to make the best out of them usages. In my opinion, in order to create entertaining and engaging lessons it is very importa
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This unit spoke about common problem situations that teachers often find in the classroom. I liked the idea of using warmers to begin a class. I looked at the book Keep Talking by Friederike Klippel
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Evaluation and Assessments are vital to understand the progress of students and it can be done in multiple forms. There are many reasons why evaluating students are essential including ensuring that t
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In this lesson, teachers are given some suggestions about managing a class. The talk time for a teacher should be limited, allowing students to speak in English in front of the class, within small gro
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Course book and lesson materials are the main resources for teaching especially for inexperienced teacher. The experienced teacher might use only extra materials. Talking about teaching materials, the
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This week's lesson was interesting. It was all concepts that I know, but I haven't consciously applied. All of this actually helped me to understand the present perfect and present simple concepts tha
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