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In this unit we learned how to apply the ESA method to teach new vocabulary, grammar structure and structure functions of the language. How an straight forward ESA method is a good way to teach a voca
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In the last unit it is going about all knowledges, which we have got during this course and it gives us a overview of the most common and important items from the all lessons and it is more concentra
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This unit has given me a broader understanding of how to make use of the reading time I give to my students. For example, this unit explains that there are different techniques to reading that allow t
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This lesson reinforced the notion that other cultures have more difficulty with the speaking portion of productive skills than they do with writing. With Asians in particular, there is a tendency to b
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In this unit, the use of course materials was discussed as to how it may negatively or positively impact the effectiveness of a lesson. A teacher can use either authentic materials, or created materia
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In this unit we have seen reasons to write lesson plans, how they should be written, things to take into account when organizing yourself for the lesson, and specific things that should be included in
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I learned more about resources and teaching aids available to the teacher in this unit. I was able to gather a good amount of information from each of the presented teaching aids and what their purpos
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Hello Dear, This unit was so much fun to read and learn for me. I didn't know this much about teaching method and techniques. I have enjoyed learning The Classical Method that has been used by Greeks
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This unit contains different approaches and methods, the methodology, to learn and to use English. I have learned about the most common methods used in teaching English and a brief description of each
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In this unit, I learned about past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Although the form of writing each is very simple and I can recognize them easily, I find it hard
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There are some things better taught through seeing than reading. In terms of teaching a lesson watching a really bad lesson and then a very good lesson was very helpful. The first lesson was actuall
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In this unit, I was able to reflect on my practice in a more direct manner. Thinking on the format of a classroom, for example, is very important, depending on what you want to achieve with a certain
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In this lesson I learned some of the different methods, theories and techniques that can be used while teaching. All of them are valuable and can be used according to the circumstances. I really enjoy
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This unit is devoted to various teaching materials that the teacher can use in the learning process. It is obvious that it is important to catch the "golden middle" and use the course book and basic a
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Speaking and writing are the two productive skills. Even though they are of equal importance, writing may be the more difficult of the two to teach. Students may have difficulties in spelling, punctua
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This unit describes the importance of reading and listening skills. This unit also describes the different intentions of receptive skills (reading and listening) and different ways we read and listen
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Irrespective of the students' level of proficiency and the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that the students must do with the English language. They are: be exposed to it; understand
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Reading and listening - these are the two skills, receptive skills, that this units covers. There are four basic skills in any language and they are all equally important. People, in general, have dif
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In this lesson, I watched two videos of an English as a Second Language class. One video showed the teacher making numerous errors and and the other video showed how much the attitude of a teacher can
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One of the most important aspects of ESL/EFL teaching is building rapport, as highlighted by this lesson. Without cultural, linguistic, or even age-related similarities, the student and teacher dynami
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Unit 13 describes in great detail the topics of intonation, stress, places and manners of articulation, and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Intonation is the volume and pitch throughout a s
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Lesson planning is an important part as a new teacher. When I started to teach, I didn’t enjoy wiring lesson plans because it always took me so much time and sometimes you planned a lot, you would o
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In this lesson, I learned that being a good teacher is not purely on your knowledge, but also on your attitude and willingness to adjust to your students. Understanding that students have different le
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This unit deals with lesson planning. It gives ideas and suggestions about what goes into lesson planning, what should be included in a lesson, and different techniques to carrying out a lesson. This
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In this unit we learned how important is the evaluation of the students in the different phases of their learning process. How important is the placement test, so teachers and school will place this n
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U13 makes me clearer some detailed concepts of pronunciation and phonology. As I mentioned, I majored in English and I learnt how to pronounce when I studied in university. However, it is not easy to
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Hello, This unit is fun and enjoyable. I have learned about few importand things i would like to share with you. Teachers can make thigs different in the class. In first vedeo i have observed the
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The Unit5 is about how to write a lesson plan.I learn that the important functions of writing lesson plans,how should a lesson plan be written down and what should be included in a lesson plan. Besi
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech which are fairly advanced topics in English. These are very complicated and complex tenses and must be taught slowly and with great care. While the
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This unit focused on the grammar for sentences in the past tense. The past tense conjugations align with the conjugations we learned in the present tense, including simple, continuous, perfect, and pe
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In Unit 4 I successfully learned how to teach a new using specific vocabulary for certain students, as well as using different grammatical structures to instruct students properly. I feel like this ch
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In this unit, the basic parts of speech were explained and examples were given representing each part. The basic structure of a sentence begins with a subject (usually a noun), contains a verb (the ac
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This unit was the last of the grammar series and discussed a wide range of grammar topics. It discussed modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. For each grammar concept, they discussed the subtypes
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This unit covered evaluations and testing. I learned that evaluations can be a useful way to monitor students progress. For example, a practice test or diagnostic test could be used at the beginning t
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Our receptive skills are reading and listening. We read and listen for different reasons. We may read and listen for a purpose. That is reading and listening to receive a specific goal or aim. Or we c
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After learning unit 1, I feel that teacher is a great job and also it is not that easy to be a good teacher. In China, the traditional teaching is totally different from this, so lots of Chinese stude
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Unit 8 discusses the future tense. As a whole, the future tense seems like it may be more difficult to communicate with students. I think this because there seems to be more intricacy and overlap betw
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Unit 5 introduced different aspects of classroom management, such as the teacher's presence, classroom arrangement, student groupings, student-teacher rapport, and how to address problem behaviors. Th
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I saw a vast difference in the videos: Video 1 had me feeling concerned that the teacher did not show respect to the students, making them feel humiliated and in return they did not respect the teache
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This unit covered from the more pragmatic matters (arrangement of the chairs) to the messier matters (student discipline). There is a lot that goes into the dynamic of the classroom. The teacher has h
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This unit covers the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Unlike other languages, such as Japanese, English words
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Fort Ann
This unit helped me visualize how I might approach a day-to-day lesson plan. I found the idea of composing a lesson with both created materials and authentic to be interesting and something I had not
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Fort Covington
The content of this unit is very thorough and varied. it seems like each portion could be expanded upon when in a face to face classroom setting. It would be advantageous to practice the techniques di
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Fort Edward
In the final unit, I have learnt about various types of tests. Placement test is given at the beginning of the course to check a student's level of language. Diagnostic tests are given to see how much
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In this unit, I learned that listening and reading belong to receptive skills, which is something new to me. I knew there are four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing Also, we could divid
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In this unit I learned about the seven future tenses which includes but not limited to the ‘be going to’ future tense, the present simple and present continuous tense. These tenses were mentioned
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In this unit I learned how to make a lesson plan and the information that should be included in order to make it effective. There are reasons for why a teacher especially an inexperienced teacher shou
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This unit provides an understanding of the many dynamics a teacher must be aware of and utilize from both the teaching and learning perspectives. It offers the teacher a variety of methods and guide t
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The actual lesson success is dependent so much on the learners provided that the teacher is also equipped with proper props so that there is knowledge transference. Learners with no discipline are too
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As a teacher in my personal view using variety of materials in class is very important. Why? because it makes the lesson more interesting and student's participate very well specially if the material
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