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Through this lesson I got to review English grammar the I have not reviewed in a while. I was able to understand parts of the English language that confused me before. It took me some time to understa
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Before learning unit 3, I already used some of the methodologies in my classes. Eg. Grammam- translation. In the summer vacation of 2017, I taught teens English grammar because I was the only local te
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For this Unit, I get to know how to teach students vocabulary,grammar,language functions effectively.For learning a new language ?Whenever and wherever we are? we need help students to be exposed to t
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This unit is focused on three elements for teaching a new language, i.e.: - Vocabulary - Grammatical Structures - Language Functions For vocabulary teaching it is explained what is the criteria to
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I learned the convenience of having a course book to follow as a guideline, but I also learned that it is important to supplement it with authentic materials and activities the teacher deems appropria
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Unit 20 - Troubleshooting. Common problems and solutions. This lesson covers the most common problems that teachers face or can encounter in the classroom and suggests ways of dealing with them. Class
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Learning new concepts mean readiness for both the learner and the student. Learning a new language means experiencing the language by itself. This is not an instant outcome. This takes years of applic
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This is a very complex grammar unit about modal, passive voice and phrasal verbs. In my opinion, it is very well structured and easy to understand such complicated topics and as I mentioned in previou
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Unit 20 addresses common problem situations that new teachers may encounter in the classroom. It begins by recommending strategies for your first lesson in a new classroom that will establish a rappor
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Discipline and teacher rapport are bound together in many ways.Knowing fully about each and all the methods to manintain each help you to have an arsenal at your disposal when it comes to keeping the
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This was a great unit because it was fairly short and straight through. I am enjoying and getting excited forthis adventure of teaching English to others.Whenever there is usage ESA Boomerang style th
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In this unit, we learned about pronunciation, intonation, stress and articulation. Specifically, we learned what each of these mean in terms of the english language as well as methods and techniques w
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In the first lesson the teacher should establish rapport with the students and between the students. It is easier for the teacher to slowly release control then for them to try to gain control at a ra
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Work in a classroom envisions comprehension of management of the students, who can belong to different categories of learners, there amidst whom could be self-reliant, adult students or children, who
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While talking about the future in English can be complicated, with many different tenses and uses, this unit helped to break it down into simpler terms. Each tense was laid out with uses and common e
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This unit is about English grammar. I had no problems with it, because I like it so much. But it's still useful for me to refresh my skills. The most useful point for me as for a teacher was a paragra
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In this unit, the ways in which teachers select and present content to students are examined. Teaching a new language consists of making sure students are exposed to the language, understand its meani
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This unit deals with teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions through the ESA method. After a brief introduction, the unit examines teaching new vocabulary by going over important issues i
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Assess a student’s language level: Tutorials Evaluation by the students Test -placement tests : These tests are designed to enable teachers to place new students into the correct class according
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This unit discusses the different kinds of classes a teacher might encounter and how to approach each situation. A teacher may have classes full of children, young learners or adults and must cater ea
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This unit discussed different types of special groups teachers may come across in their career. This included beginners, individual students, children, business people, and multilingual classes. For e
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in this unit, we focused on understanding the productive skills of reading and writing. As outlined in this unit, we are reminded as English teachers that it is important to put an emphasis on learnin
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This unit described the relationship between learners and their teachers, as well as characteristics of "good" learners and teachers. Good teachers are patient and enthusiastic. Good learners are posi
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This unit explains the various ways of how to evaluate students by knowing their various level of English and where they would be placed among their peers in the classroom. Among the many ways of eval
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Cape Vincent
In this unit I learned about a variety of different methods, theories, and techniques used to teach. Some are more effective than others but all of them have their own pros and cons. Methods can range
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In this lesson (Unit 19: Teaching Special Groups), I learned about the different types of classes. I learned about the differences and adjustments made when teaching certain groups of people. Some spe
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In this unit there are presented the usages and the forms of past tenses. There are given examples for either affirmative, negative and interrogative form of all past tenses and there are also some ta
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In the previous unit, we learned about the receptive skills, reading and listening, and how to teach them. In this unit, we learn about the productive skills, speaking and writing, and how to teach th
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This unit highlights the importance of productive skills, which are speaking and writing. We learned that writing is often a neglected part of teaching English, but it is still a skill that should be
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This unit discusses the roles of receptive skills, reading and writing, and how to incorporate them into a lesson. It describes the differences between motives (purpose vs. entertainment) and then giv
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For me, this unit was fun and interesting. I had to read over slowly and carefully to fully grasp the content without confusing it. I learned that there are seven most commonly used tenses that can be
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This lesson has taught me how to plan and execute lessons that focus on reading and writing. As a teacher, my biggest struggle is to get my students thinking out of the box and enhancing their creativ
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This unit essentially addressed the different dynamics of a classroom. It outlined the importance of such things as arrangement of the class members in physical space, communicating with students and
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Though there are many tenses in the English language, in this section we focus on the four present tenses. Present simple describes events that that usually happen but are not currently occurring. Pre
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Unit 17 covers classroom equipment and teaching aids, going over things what pieces of technology are common in classrooms (e.g. video cameras and overhead projectors) and how they are best used (e.g.
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In the unit, I learned on how to introduce a new language in a balanced and manageable way to students of which there are basic three things to cover: grammar, vocabulary, function. ESA method is appl
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Unit 8 Helped to further define Speaking and writing activities and to understand the importance of each through controlled and guided activities which leads to creative communication or writing. The
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There are lots of methodologies and techniques in EFL lesson, however not all of them are appropriate to use in each lesson as some of them can be used for certain level of student. Consequently, some
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This unit provided information on course materials and how to properly used them. I learned that authentic materials are often more interesting to the students but they are not graded to the level of
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In my study of languages, I have found that learning and remembering verbs tenses is one of the most difficult hurdles to get through. English verb tenses can be challenging for non-native learners of
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Lesson planning is an important aspect to successfully teaching/learning a new language. Lesson plans are an organization tool for teachers to plan the class, stay purposeful during the class period,
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This unit was very beneficial for understanding the importance of using particular aspects of the English language in choosing what lessons to teach. For example, when teaching vocabulary, it is impor
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In this lesson a teacher taught the same lesson twice to a small group of students in Thailand. In the first lesson, he intentionally made various mistakes to demonstrate what not to do as a teacher i
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It is important for the teacher to change and adapt their lesson and teaching methods based on their class. Whether the students are young learners or adult learners, it is important to provide them w
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This unit discussed the techniques and models that can be used in the classroom. The lesson began by describing the various models of English as a second language teaching that have existed in history
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English education has a long history and there are lots of approach which seem like input-oriented to output- oriented. How teachers can pick some of them suitably and handle the class is a very impor
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This unit summarizes the rules and patterns of the past tense in English. It lays out patterns and the groundwork for teaching the past tense. I have learnt the best way to lay out the structures of
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This final unit was all about teaching different things that can be used in teaching.What to do during the first lessons,things to do.It also talked about different things groups one meets.There are n
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I learned in this unit that although TEFL stresses the importance of getting students to speak and talk in the new language, it is still very important that they practice writing. I learned that it i
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This unit talks about receptive skills and how they are equally important to the productive skills. I agree with that statement since I think every student is a unique individual. In my case, when I w
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