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This lesson showed two contrasting lesson by a teacher, one negative and one positive. In the first lesson, the teacher made many clear mistakes, including not introducing his lesson and activities, n
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A learner will showcase his talent and learned if he can speak and write the same topic. If a person cannot express it, he has not learned it. Learning by heart allows the teacher to transfer knowledg
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I have learnt different methods of teaching english as a foreign language and to different age groups.I have also learnt on how to carry out a proper lesson what to do so that the the children might b
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In the Unit10(evaluation and testing),I learn that the importance of evaluating students and different ways of testing(placement tests,progress tests,diagnostic tests,practice tests,general external
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This unit was good for me. One must always consider his or her audience and this unit helps you do just that. There are different variables such as age, experience, motivation, and background. As a te
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The things that I have learned from this unit pertain to a variety of areas. The importance of the qualities that both teacher and student should have are to be carried out for the entirety of the cl
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In Unit 10: CD/Video Lessons I witnessed the execution of a useful ESA lesson and an ineffective lesson plan. The weak lesson taught me the most because by its conclusion I felt uncomfortable an anxio
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Unit 11: Teaching Receptive Skills showcased the importance of reading comprehension, most notably reading and listening. This section covered the different way in which we digest information from sc
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In this unit the present verb tense is explained by each of it's four aspects; the simple form, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. In the present simple form, the subject is followed by the b
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This unit teaches effective lesson planing and how its beneficial for the teacher as well as for the students. It's important to be organized but not to the point where lesson become too structured an
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I learned about conditional tenses-- zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. These were described by their general form and usage. It was useful to learn common mistakes made by students. I
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In Unit 3: Theories, Methods, and Techniques, I learned the different methodologies for English teaching. Before reading this chapter, I was unaware of the various types of teaching methods and techni
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In the unit, it teaches how to teach various special groups such as groups defined by English levels and age and groups defined by the amount that attends the class. Therefore, there are categories of
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Unit 14 lays out the descriptions and corresponding advantages/disadvantages of different resources used in teaching lessons, namely authentic and created materials. There are several factors that oug
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As the world becomes more advanced technologically,so too does the English classroom.These can be wonderful boons for teachers and students both.there are always the old tried and true tools like a di
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I have learned the different methods used when teaching grammar, vocabulary and language functions. I have learned to distinguish these areas and to understand that every area has it's own challenges
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Why the lesson planning is so important? Well, in this unit I found the answers. For inexperienced teacher, it's very difficult for them to conduct a lesson without anything to refer to. Planning a le
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Teaching is much more than just standing in front of a class and give a lecture. As teachers, we do not know how is the home environment of our students nor what are the difficulties they are getting
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This lesson taught me the importance of ESA teaching being a student-centered practice whose aim is to concentrate on the student's needs rather than the teacher's objectives or lesson plan. It also
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In the unit, I learnt productive skills: speaking and writing. There are different activities used for various purposes, such as controlled activities, guided activities, creative communication activi
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This unit has taught me a great deal in many areas of being a teacher from learning the influence of the students’ composition, properly instituting the instructor’s roles in the classroom, identi
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Big Flats
The contents in unit 9 consisted of valuable information concerning Books and Materials. It talked about authentic materials, created materials, course books, course book advantages, course book disad
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Unit 3 maps out the phases of teaching, studying, and internalizing classroom lessons. It is important to note the comfort levels of individual students and groups of students in order to plan activit
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I think unit 7 reinforces the ESA methods to introduce new vocabulary and grammar. It is clearer for me how to teach new contents and what ways are suitable. In our English training school, we are ask
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Black Brook
I had never realized how different assessments could be from one another, although now it does make logical sense. Both the diagnostic and progressive tests were something I had not considered to be u
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There are many tests teachers can use to see a students language level. Many of them are similar but ultimately have different purposes. It is important for students at the beginning to take a diagnos
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In this unit, I learned about teaching different kinds of English language learners, namely young leaners, business people and students in a multilingual classroom. The section about young learners wa
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Blooming Grove
This sixth unit is a practical demonstration of an effective and successful lesson compared to a problematic and unsuccessful lesson. It shows how important the Teacher-Learner relationship and each a
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This unit talks about the arrangement of classes according to the students you teach, their personalities and their relationship with each other. There are many ways to arrange a class including the r
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This was a helpful unit for me for a number of reasons. I have had multiple years of experience in coaching kids and adults both individually and as teams, so it was nice to confirm that some of the c
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In unit 12, I learned another pair of skills, they are productive skills- speaking and writing, including games. In China, there are many language training schools. The reason that the students choose
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Unit 18 - Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice - this unit covers modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, and also a brief overview of ohrasal verbs and relative clauses. Yhe unit pr
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This unit taught me how to make a lesson plan. I learned that it is important to have a plan written down to help you while you are teaching. I also learned that it is important to be flexible with
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Learn the parts of speech. Every word in the English language can be categorized as a specific part of speech. The parts of speech do not define what a word is. Instead, they describe how to use that
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This unit speaks to classroom management. Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class while having a friendly relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Somethings to take
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This unit helps to understand conditional speeches within the language setting, there are common mistakes made with forming the sentences correctly, for example direct speeches that mostly involve thr
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This unit was precise on delivering the content of which materials are considered beneficial for the students. Videos on social media are the most watched by teenagers which help to understand how Eng
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This unit discussed various types of course books and lesson materials. This included authentic materials, created materials, and course books. It then went on to explain what each of these materials
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I learned the different tests there are around the world for students to prove their fluency in English. I also learned that it is important to check the progress of students through various types of
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Unit 13 - teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. The unit deals with the areas of stress, rhythm, and intonation. Intonation is considered to be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. T
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This unit taught about "if" statements called conditionals and on reported speech as opposed to direct speech. I found the lesson section on reported speech difficult because the spoken word is less
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I learned from this course the different positions a teacher has within the classroom, the differences between adult, teen, and young learners, and the ideal characteristics of good teachers and good
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This lesson deals with troubleshooting in a wide range of situations in the classroom, from class size, to class management. First lessons with students should start with activities that build a rappo
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This unit discusses various methodologies of EFL teaching, ranging from grammar-translation to the silent way. It explains how all techniques in teaching are important and can have a place in your les
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Communication They have some communicative purpose They want say something They want to listen to something They are interested in what is being said Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing
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This unit presented the two productive skills of writing and speaking as well as the use of games in the classroom. Writing skills are often neglected in the classroom because the classroom favors spe
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I know what makes a good student, as I have been one for the majority of my life. In this unit I got to learn what makes a good teacher as well! I thought the most important part was learning the rol
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This unit has given me a basic understanding of a successful dynamic in the classroom. From this unit, I better understand how to set up a productive learning environment and ensure that my students a
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This unit is about two real lessons which are different from each other. The first lesson is about a teacher who doesn’t behave worse than in the second lesson. In the first lesson he comes late to
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I am a special education teacher for 30 years. My specialization is teaching learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder students. In the last 5 years, I thought English lessons in my class a
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