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Port Allen
I think as a new teacher I would be more comfortable with using a text book for help and ideas. However, I think its important to put my own creative ideas into the mix so the topic is relevant and in
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Port Barre
Read and listening are receptive skills that require extra attention when teaching. For one, there may be a language/cultural disconnect between the language used and the language understood (e.g. foo
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Port Sulphur
In this unit, it talks about different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for test and exam. Read
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Port Vincent
Teaching English must not be made out to be a simple task that is painted out to be, "going into a classroom and conversing with students". As this module highlights, there are several factors which d
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The past tense is very similar to the present tense in its grammatical construction. There are four categories of past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous. The
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The simple past tense is used to express completed actions in the past. It shows the completed past actions at a definite time. The regular verbs use ‘d’ or ‘ed’. The irregular verbs change it
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I feel confident to know that I have been following the ESA approach to teaching prior to taking this course. However, I did learn newer ways to structure the lessons, such as creating a Patchwork les
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I feel as though the most important take away from this lesson is the importance of trying to cater the topic discussed in class to the interests of the students and keep a variety. I know that when I
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This unit was very interesting and it was nice learning new methods that can be used for teaching. I am love with ESA because it's so much fun and easy to learn. video again this time was fantastic wi
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Unit is based around 2 ESA demonstration videos to show that one lesson taught effectively whilst in other lesson the same teacher is making no of errors..so it help to understand the common mistakes
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Very engaging content on parts of speech. I was almost lost on definite article and determiners. A very good reminder on the subject matter in this unit. Countable and uncountable nouns comes a little
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This unit gave me plenty of new ideas on how to construct lessons and how to correct students. There are several different methods for teaching a lesson, but the most successful method is the ESA meth
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This unit is about pronunciation, articulation and the phonemic alphabet. We go over the way intonation changes in a sentence, depending on what the reason is for saying it. How the rise and fall show
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The simple present tense states habitual or routine actions, facts, present stories, newspaper headlines etc. They have three forms. Affirmative form uses sub+verb adding s or es. The negative form us
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Productive skills -- speaking and writing -- are necessary for communicating. Writing is more difficult than speaking because the former demands more accuracy and the latter requires more fluency. Wri
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Red Chute
When teaching a class for the first time, we must know if it is a new group or an existing group. We must not go through the course books during the first lesson. Instead, find out about the students
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As I have not taught professionally before, this was a great introduction to the theories and techniques behind teaching in general and especially teaching students of English as a second language. Th
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In this lesson. I learned the different materials that can be used in teaching. I gained knowledge the difference between authentic materials and created materials. I also learned where can I find aut
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This unit describes different methods and techniques of teaching,very useful tips about lesson planning and correcting students were covered during the module.It has really provided with very creativ
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In this lesson, I learned all about the pronunciation and and it's importance to be taught to students who want to learn the English language. I learned the definition of the phonology, intonation and
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I very much appreciate this unit focused on how to go about teaching different groups of students. Particularly, I found the section on teaching business English to be interesting and helpful. I think
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I found this unit about the actual teaching methods,activities and ways to teach a foreign language more engaging for me as it reminded me that learning how to teach is why I am doing the course.The l
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From this first unit,i learned a lot.Knowing that the teacher will have many different roles in classes.And also the teacher should be flexible.We should encourage the weaker students.We should vary o
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River Ridge
The importance of lesson planning is an aid to planning, keeping a target during the lesson and to record what has been done in the class. The lesson plan should be simple,check for balance of skills
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This unit wasn't difficult but was a little confusing. I eagerly enjoyed doing "Phonemic Symbols" as that is different and is totally new to me. There was so much in this chapter that I have never kne
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Very important unit to describe lesson plans that are much needed for any lesson, one can see it as advance planning for lesson. Though every teacher should have their own plan for every lesson and to
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Rock Hill
Unit 15 describes about evaluation and testing. It covers different ways of evaluating the students’ levels and progress. There are many ways to assess the students including tutorials, evaluation b
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This has been the most challenging unit so far. More than any other unit, I understand how to use this, but not how to explain it well. In fact, I find myself lost in the rules of each section and co
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The present tenses form the bedrock of the English language. I often find it difficult to explain to learners why there are so many tenses to describe the present when using a few will suffice. Regard
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Unit 9 is all about lesson planning. Lesson planning serves a a blueprint in teaching that serves the guide to have an organized and smooth flow of teaching. It is written based on certain principles
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I found this unit to be both the most interesting and the most challenging so far. As stated at the beginning of the unit, the nuances of pronunciation are often neglected in education for even native
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i have seen many non English speakers struggle with conditionals and reported speech especially here in china they find the verb forms and prepositions difficult to use or to change from one very for
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In unit ten, two of the same ESA lessons were demonstrated. The first lesson was an example of a lesson being taught with deliberate errors, while the second lesson was taught more effectively. The f
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Unit 9 highlights the importance of lesson planning, especially for inexperienced teachers. The Unit explains that lesson planning can be advantageous for conducting the lesson in a way that teacher c
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This unit covers the areas of potential difficulties in learning how to cater for a variety of levels,degrees of motivation to learn and challenging behaviours among your students.The most valuable po
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I feel like I learned how complex the English language is. Not only knowing the parts of the sentence is a challenge, but also knowing the exceptions to the rules. Sometimes exceptions don't even have
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This unit describes the grammatical rules of past simple tense, past continuous tense, past perfect and past perfect continuous tense. According to the situation, the speaker chooses a proper form and
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This unit gives brief idea about different role of teacher(like manager,model,facilitator..etc)and how to manage different level of learners (beginners,intermediate,advance...etc). How a teacher sho
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Classroom Management is one of the easiest unit that I enjoy learning and putting it in action. Most important concept for me was how to manage and organize the class, setting up seats in horseshoes o
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This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. First the unit describes what kind of equipment can be expected to be found in a classroom, and then an explanation of each of them and their usages and
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In this unit, I learned about the four basic present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. As a native English speaker these are tenses I use eve
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Sicily Island
In this lesson I learned the difficulty to writing in English. There are many different things students and teacher need to consider for accuracy and fluency in writing. Students need to have good pen
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Studying this unit makes me clear about the difference between accuracy activities and fluency activities. And in fact, accuracy and fluency carry equal importance. What's more, I learnt some speaking
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Unit seven covered how to introduce language through the ESA method. The three topics covered were grammar, new vocabulary, and functions. For each topic, there was a section on techniques and an exam
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This unit describes how to scheme a lesson for an English class by the teacher. When a teacher decides on how to direct a class, she/he must know what should be included in a lesson in English class.
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In this lesson, I learned the concepts about the different modal auxiliary verbs as well as the teaching activities I can use when teaching about the modals. I also learned the different forms, usage,
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Unit 16 teaches the grammar part of the English language. Particularly, it teaches five Conditionals: zero, first, second, third and mixed. It also has the grammar on the Reported Speech and Direct Sp
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This unit is based on Pronunciation and Phonology , this is completely new and interesting thing to learn. Pronunciation is most difficult part of English and is varies country to country and region t
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Learning is richer and more interesting when teachers utilize equipment and teaching aids in the most optimal and practical way possible. Teachers have learning resource options they can choose from d
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This unit introduces the equipment and teaching supports for an effective teaching lesson. So many numbers of teaching aids could be used to make an English class more successful and productive. All o
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