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This unit entails the nature of classroom management. Managing the class reflects the success of being EFL teacher. Thus, it is important that a teacher should know what and when to use eye contact, g
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Moss Bluff
There are five main conditionals. The zero conditional refers to actions that are irrefutable. The first conditional talks about the real situation in future that is possible or certain. The second co
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There may be many problems that arise in classes both from individual students or from the environment or both. It is the teacher's job to anticipate and to avoid or resolve them to the best of their
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Mount Lebanon
Unit 6 reinforced my observation of the principles and features of the present tense and past tense of the verb which are similar. The similarity in usage and form emerging between the tenses makes it
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The modal verbs are used to express various ideas such as obligation, possibilities,ability,advice and permission. Modal verb is followed by verb in base form. Some of the modal verbs are should,can,c
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Unit 1 covered the qualities, responsibilities, and roles of teachers and students. The first section covered the good qualities of a teacher. It comes down to the teacher caring not only about his o
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This unit is about teaching vocabulary. I learned how to select words to teach, depending on for example appropriacy to the students and/or the task at hand, teachability and how often the words can b
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Unit 10 illustrates teaching demonstration. There are two ways of teaching presented in the unit. After watching it,I realized that the attitude of the teacher affects the response of the students in
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New Iberia
Unit 8 teaches the grammar part of this course. It explains the Future Tenses System, which includes several aspects: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect c
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New Llano
Very engaging content on parts of speech. I was almost lost on definite article and determiners. A very good reminder on the subject matter in this unit. Countable and uncountable nouns comes a little
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New Orleans
It was a good experience with this unit. The video explained really well and I had no doubt after watching. I love present tense as they are much easier than other tenses. In this unit, I have learned
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New Roads
This lesson was interesting in regard to the different structures of how a lesson may be laid out. I found the different lessons interesting in engaging the students in the material of the course. I
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New Sarpy
Unit 13 is all about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study of science, analysis and classification of properties and sound. It is essential to understand under this branch of li
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This was definitely a good refresher for me as I am very confident in my written and spoken mastery of the English language, and often correct other's mistakes. But I realize now that my main skill is
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The reading and listening parts are most important for use the English confidence with the foreigner conversation. therefore, i supposed to need focus first give the students have have the confidence
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This unit gives an introduction to the equally important receptive skills of listening and reading.I learnt that students will be more likely to learn if the topic,delivery and level of material is ap
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North Hodge
I think many of the topics covered in this unit can be particularly helpful in my future teaching career. Specifically, I found that the information on how to best utilize audio and video media source
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North Vacherie
This chapter explained that even though students may be receptive they still must have the proper productive skills to gain control over the English language. Teachers should spend more time focusing
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Chapter 17 itself was a huge resource that provided me with multiple learning and teaching tools for future classrooms. I took the liberty of visiting each website to ensure that the links worked, and
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Oak Grove
This chapter covered conditionals and some of the best teaching techniques to help students learn them. There are five types of conditionals each with their own form but students may mix the usages. I
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Oak Hills Place
Unit six covered the past tenses. For each tense, the usage, form, mistakes that may arise, and teaching ideas were explained. The section on form covered the affirmative, negative and question form.
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Oak Ridge
Unit 7 covers upon teaching new language vocabulary, grammar and functions. It is underlined in the Unit that there are four necessary aspects that students need to do with the new language: be expose
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This unit gave a basic overview of the different methods used to teach, and examples of when to use each type of teaching style. It also covered different learning levels, and what is appropriate to t
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Having a balanced control in a classroom and having a healthy relationship with students is as important as knowing the subject that is being taught in class. The teacher watch, guide, correct, and mo
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Oil City
Chapter five explained the different techniques and factors that are a part of running a fluid classroom. All tactics can be used with both adult and young learners (with a few tweaks of course). One
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Old Jefferson
This unit talks about Pronunciation which is the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. There are three forms of phonology; The intonation, stress and the rhythm. Intonation is the varia
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This unit taught me a lot about being a good teacher and how to motivate and create good learners. A good teacher cares more about the student's learning than their own teaching. A good teacher should
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This section looked at how we can go about teaching receptive skills [reading and listening]. We learned the different skill sets for receptive skills such as predictive, skimming, scanning, detailed
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This unit has been very challenging. Learning about intonation has been interesting. Knowing that rise/fall or fall/rise of sounds has significance in the study of English has been very refreshing for
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There are many methods of teaching which include the classical method, audio lingualism, the silent way, suggestopedia and TPR. Different methods can be used under different circumstances. There are t
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This unit was one of the easier units to digest. Although, strangely, the test was one of the most difficult because of its impressive use of double negatives. My main takeaway from this unit is tha
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most of the content described in this unit seems outdated as no one uses DVDs , audio players and OHP . IWB was somewhat helpful but there was something that i could get from this chapter that is how
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Certainly writing has been neglected in the learning of English in many ESA countries. Learning on productive skills is become more clearer to me now than before. At least I know that there is what is
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This unit is again based on grammar which is widely used in daily conversation and main aspect of English speaking, that's "Tenses". Though these are basic concepts but it should not ignore or skip. I
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I learnt different methodologies in this unit, but the most effective one is “ESA”- Engage, Study and Activate. And also I deeply understood the aims of the each step. What’s more, I knew a numb
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I use English everyday but I never thought that simple sentences have so many rules like this. This unit was very useful for me and I wish if I studied it with ITTT long time ago. I had some difficult
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Pearl River
This was one of the most fascinating units yet! I had no idea there were so many ways or expressing future ideas. I now question the order in which to teach these concepts. Is it best to tell student
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Pierre Part
The troubleshooting unit has been useful after all. A good recap of all that has been learnt and even more information. Added learning on how to approach a new class and an existing class. In both fir
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Pine Prairie
This chapter explores some basic grammar rules,definitions and examples.It explains the parts of speech such as verbs,nouns adjectives etcetera that are arranged in a sentence so it makes sense.For ex
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Listening and speaking for me has been considered the most important ingredient learning the English language or so I have been made to think. From this unit I am confident that all four basic skills
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Unit 17 describes the various teaching materials and resources in an EFL classroom. Some of them are whiteboard, smart boards, video and cassette recorders, cameras, dictionaries, course books, flash
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There are two videos given for us to compare and reflect. In the first lesson there is no connection between the students and the teacher because there was no formal introduction. The engage phase was
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Plain Dealing
In this unit we get to know about writing skills,It's true that most of student prefer to focus on their speaking skills but writing skills should not ignored.Yes writing is most difficult skill of En
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Chapter 13 was a definite head bender. I was totally unaware of the existence of phonemic symbols, which I found amusing because that is what you view in a dictionary to help learn pronunciation. This
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This unit talks about Simple past tenses, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. These past simple tenses are grouped into two main verb parts; regular and irregular verbs Past sim
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Pleasant Hill
This unit revealed the complexity of the English language and its forms. I know how to speak relatively perfectly, but I was not cognizant of the many rules and irregulars present in English. I will
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Pleasure Bend
From this unit,I learned a lot from these two videos. The second video is a successful class. The teacher start with self introduction.And tried to memorize all the student's name.The teacher build a
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Point Place
Unit 13 explains about the importance of pronunciation and phonology in the English language. Phonology deals with three areas: intonation, stress and rhythm. The Units also covers upon some technique
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In this section we studied pronunciation and phonology. phonology is the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sound. We use this to indicate the sound system of a
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I think that teaching students to learn to speak and write in English could potentially be much more difficult than teaching them to read and listen. The spelling and pronunciation of many our words t
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