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Fort Jesup
Unit nine covered lesson planning. In this lesson, the reader learns why lesson plans are used, how to go about planning and what goes into a lesson plan. A lesson plan creates a logical sequence, it
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Fort Polk North
Lesson planning is a vital part of being a teacher but is even more important for new and inexperienced teachers to work through what works for each particular teacher and develop one’s own style ov
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Fort Polk South
I think it is very good to have an understanding of the different types of tests, and how to best utilize them. There are many different types of learners, and sometimes the brightest people are poor
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This unit describes the qualities of a good teacher and learner. From the concepts laid by this unit, it can be said that teacher must perform various roles inside the classroom being the moderator, f
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This unit contained all of the styles and techniques I will be able to use once working in a classroom of my own. There were lists of different engaging study tasks that could be put to use for all le
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French Settlement
In Unit 1, it lays out the characteristics and role of a good teacher as well as the characteristic of a successful learner. By ranking different language level, as a teacher, we have a better underst
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Unit 18 introduces the grammar part of this course. It teaches Modal verbs, Phrasal verbs and Passive voice. Three sections are covered in four spheres, such as form of the verb or structure, that inc
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In teaching English grammar and vocabulary, there are some important points to check. For vocabulary, it is important to make sure that the students understand the meaning, usage, spelling, pronunciat
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In this unit, we learnt about the various teaching material used. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different sch
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Unit 19 discussed teaching special groups. In particular I focused on teaching children and 1 on 1 teaching as my plan is after completing TEFL to pursue teaching in Asia where they hire foreign nativ
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Tests are ways of assessing students’ language level . Placement tests progress from easy to hard. All the four skills are tested here. Diagnostic tests give information about the students ‘ stre
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In this lesson I learned that reading and listening are equally important. While reading is easier for students to understand and learn it's important to encourage students to listen to the words as w
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This unit covered the present tense in all its wondrous forms. We went over the Present Simple, the Present Continuous (also known as present progressive), the Present Perfect, and the Present Perfect
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This chapter explained that learning vocabulary consists of more than just the definition. For a student to feel comfortable speaking a language in real world situations they need to have a true under
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Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its mea
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Unit fifteen covered evaluation and testing to assess a student’s language ability. First, there are tutorials that review, discuss aims and discuss problems. Second, evaluations by the students are
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This unit is about the future tenses. Future tenses have more states than the past and present tenses, and is one of the more complicated things to understand. It mixes with stwo of the present tenses
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This unit talks about conditions and reported speech. There are five main conditionals : 1. Zero conditionals that are if/when + present tense, present tense. 2. First conditional that is if + present
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Golden Meadow
In this chapter I understood why this is one of the most challenging lessons to learn. A lot of the usages for these tenses can be applied to different tenses. I had the hardest time understanding the
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Unit 2 covered parts of speech, parts of speech explain how words are used in a sentence. There are eight parts of speech in the English language. Each section of the unit had an explanation of the pa
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This unit discusses future tenses with some refreshment on present simple and present continuous. These tenses include the future simple (will), future continuous (will + be + verb+ing), future perfec
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Unit 15 provides information on the ways students can be evaluated. Students’ language level and progress can be checked and evaluated in following three ways – with the help of tutorials, evaluat
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I've had difficulty getting my students to identify their goals in the past. In Korea, there is a seventh criterion: people here are preoccupied with English although they only use it a few days a yea
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Grand Cane
I learned from the unit that a teacher's attitude can influence the success or failure of a class. It is important that a teacher establishes rapport with the students to motivate them to participate
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Grand Coteau
This unit discussed coursebooks and lesson materials and how although they are used for a general audience, they are still necessary for teaching. These include authentic materials and created materia
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Grand Isle
I like how there are so many materials that you can use to teach English. It does make me think that with a phone and new technology some of these listed, like a recording device you could use on your
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Grand Point
I learned a lot from this unit. Especially depending on the age of students I will be teaching, question 20 is important. Praising a student and not focusing on mistakes is far more important in the s
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Here in this unit we took a look at the different types of material that can be used in the classroom. We learned about the advantages and disadvantages of course books and when and how much we should
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This unit describes the vocabulary, grammar, and functions of the English language. For instance how to select vocabulary when a teacher is going to teach the new language. At the same time, a teacher
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I learned of many different types of external exams being offered around the world. The Toefl and Toeic were the two main ones I was most familiar with given where I had worked in the past. I find it
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I think as a teacher I would take time and create a lesson plan. I don't think that I would have enough experience to be as flexible with having lessons plans with a quick note. I did notice in this l
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This unit is about the management of classes. It goes over how the teachers uses eye contact appropriately, combined with gestures and voice to control the class and keep the students engaged. It also
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Grosse Tete
This unit is about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. We go through the different basic rules of modal auxiliary verbs, what the modals are, and how they are used to express different ideas, and
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This unit, chapter 16 discusses conditionals and reported speech. The beginning of this unit felt easy for me as a native speaker. Zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third condit
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In this lesson, i learned about the two teaching productive skills namely speaking and writing skills. I also learned the difference between the accuracy and fluency as well as the different speaking
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This unit discussed the productive skills which include speaking and writing whereas the last unit discussed receptive skills which were reading and listening. Teaching speaking and writing is as impo
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Hall Summit
This is about teaching and learning pronunciation and the problems and issues that can hinder the speaking of English.English pronunciation contains lots of anomalies such as words ending in ough can
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I found the review of the future tense to be slightly more challenging than that of the present and past tenses. I also foresee this being the most difficult tense to teach to students. Specifically,
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A clear view of teaching theories, methods and techniques with the emphasis on the ESA-technique, which is the learning methodology for this course. It gives a solid explanation on how to use and inte
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The material given in this section points out the value and necessity for lesson planning and the required preparation before going in to teach a lesson.It is most important to have clear objectives a
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It was mentioned in Unit 16 that students typically find it difficult to differentiate the usage of conditionals. I learned about useful ideas on how to teach conditionals. Among these teaching techni
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Lesson planning has helped me become a more effective teacher. I remember my first lesson plan on an Excel spreadsheet, which I presented to my mentor. I can still recall what I was told: "What's the
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This unit covers a variety of classroom management topics, from disciple to teacher talk time. It helps one to reduce the disruption of class and to increase the actual amount of time spent learning b
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The future tense part is most difficult part to teach English. Therefore i felt i also need to make sure all of future tense to teach students. The future tense have overlapping part each other, there
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Learners of English who have the opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage. They are surrounded by the language continuously and are able to put acqui
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In this unit we get to know about Course Book materials,although every book publishers' course book has its fan and detractors so here the choice is completely to the teacher like whether or not use t
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I think to be good teacher you need to patient with students and understand that some of your class objectives may not be solved by the end of the class. You need to flexible with your lessons plans a
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Unit 2 combines the knowledge on parts of speech and their role in English Grammar. There are eight parts of speech, although only seven were given in this Unit. They are noun, pronoun, adjective, ver
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This Unit talks about various troubleshooting when teaching. The First Lesson: In each new teaching position a teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new classes for the first time. These clas
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this unit is an effective and simple presentation off all the equipment needed in an EFL class. It is actually a long list of equipment each comes with a great explanation of how and why it is used a
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