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This module on tenses in the English language has taught me as the future teacher all about the tenses as well as given examples on how they are used. This will help me teach tenses to the students co
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This unit both reinforced some ideas I had about assessing students and revealed some new information. I like the idea of frequently giving assessments for the primary purpose of keeping track of the
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What I had noticed in Unit 8 were the additional aspects in the future tense (i.e., Be going + infinitive, present simple, and present continuous) apart from the usual ones that were observable in the
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As a teacher, one of the tasks is to make sure that the class runs smoothly. First, it is important to build rapport and enthusiasm amongst the students as a good learner is a motivated learner. It is
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This section gave some specifics needed to be effective teachers of EFL whether the target group is young beginners or a mixed mature audience wanting English for business.It pointed out that although
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From this unit I learned a lot about how to teach vocabulary in my class.First, we should think about how to engage the kids in the class. To get them interested , we can use some pictures or cutout s
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Unit four covered the present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. For each tense were form, usage, teaching ideas, and typical mistakes made.
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This unit summarizes the theories, methods and techniques used by a successful EFL teacher. It is essential that when teaching methodology, teacher should consider the needs, personality and culture o
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There are both advantages and disadvantages to coursebooks. Although coursebooks are organized and tried, it is too generalized and rigid for the need for a flexible class. However, they are a good su
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This Unit introduce the basic grammar in the English languange. Being a teacher in China, I constantly find myself beinng asked about grammar related questions. Therefore, I do have experience in teac
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Jean Lafitte
From this unit,I learned a lot about how to process the class of different ages.There are many factors that might influence them.The beginners should be cope with more cautious.Keep the explanation si
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Unit 1 evaluates the significance of the interaction of a teacher and a student and the relationship connecting them together.A teacher must have patience and be kind to his or her students at all tim
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This unit was concerned not with the "what" of teaching but with the "how". I learnt that every class is different, and so my lesson should be the same. But, luckily, there is a common framework to
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From this unit,I learned that how should we give a proper test.What a test for.There are diffrent kinds of test. I think the placement test is very important.By doing this test ,we can understand the
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This overview of potentially available resources for the EFL teacher and students was amazing.I now realise that there is such a variety of teaching materials and aids that if you take the time to ex
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This unit taught the importance of reading and listening, otherwise known as receptive skills. What I found most valuable from this lesson was the different types of reading skills, why we use them, a
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I learned very detailed grammar knowledge and had a clearer idea about the parts of speech after went through Unit 2. I was struggled to answer my students questions about the structure of a sentence.
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Jordan Hill
In this unit I`ve learned that there are many qualities that can make a person be an effective teacher in the classroom. That there are many different roles and it is very important for a teacher to k
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Unit 10 is a video lesson that contains two videos. The first video lesson is a demonstration of a failure lesson. The teacher doesn’t succeed to make an engagement part of the lesson, doesn’t pro
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Junction City
This unit focused on how to manage classrooms and students. Many factors come into play when managing classrooms like: voice levels, gestures, eye contact, classroom arrangements, giving instructions,
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This unit covers teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. After taking several language classes, I wondered how teachers choose new vocabulary. Sometimes their lessons seemed random t
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I learned that the choice of course material should be strategic, practical, and flexible. Teachers as the subject matter experts must be able to choose which materials will best serve the objectives
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These two videos are a great encounter with a near real class. The ESA methology seen in action especially in video lesson 2. Video lesson has poor participation by the learners practically because of
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This unit explains how the modal word verbs such as would,could,might should contain possibility and probability as compared to must and can which indicate certainty and or ability.I have learned abou
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In this unit it talks about various types of verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and so on. This unit helps to understand all the parts of speech in the English grammar. The is a definite article w
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Unit 11 discussed teaching receptive skills in detail, offered helpful task materials and a sample Patchwork lesson plan. I found myself being able to integrate this information easily with past knowl
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In this lesson, I learned the importance of a lesson plan. As an inexperienced teacher, I could say that a lesson plan is indeed a vital part of teaching so I could do my job properly. I also gained k
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This unit describes the teacher, the student and ways in which they interact. It describes the teacher and different roles that a teacher has to fulfill when operating a classroom. It also describes
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In this chapter, I was able to review as well as learn new knowledge about parts of speech in English grammar. I was reintroduced to the subcategories of nouns (common nouns, proper nouns, compound no
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Krotz Springs
In this lesson, I learned about the different seating arrangements you can setup in a classroom. In the past, I taught classes of 40 students. As a result, I never had the luxury to form the tables in
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In this section we got to watch two different videos of a teacher giving the same lesson but in two totally different styles. In the first video there was no engage phase of the lesson and they just j
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Unit five covered class management. A teacher’s presence and voice play a major role in classroom management. This is done through eye contact, voice, and gesture/ actions. Using gestures and action
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In this section we looked at the four different aspects of the present tense, Present simple, Present continuous, Present perfect, and Present perfect continuous. This section seems like it would caus
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The past tenses seemed to be a little easier than the present. There is room for confusion concerning past perfect and perfect continuous but, knowing that the key words ‘after’ and ‘when’ ind
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This unit was another great review of the future tenses. The future tense is the most complex and difficult to learn tense in the English language but the seven future tenses are similar to the past a
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Lafourche Crossing
i have no idea about which group will i give the class in future. however, i got many ideas for each point which do i need to focus depends on the groups. And before this units i thought the majority
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Lake Arthur
Unit 19 covers upon types of classes. Teaching different types of classes can require different skills. For example, teaching beginners requires identifying what category of beginner group do they fal
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Lake Charles
This unit tals about teaching productive skills; productive skills – this deals with only speaking and writing. There are two diffeerbet types of aactivies: Accuracy activities are concentrated
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Lake Providence
I found this unit to be particularly valuable because I had very little knowledge of proper teaching methods prior to reading this. This unit also caused me to reflect on some teachers I had for secon
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This unit was about the different roles of a teacher in a class, about motivation from learners, their level of ability, and about what makes a good teacher/learner. I learned the importance of the di
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Speaking and writing are the two productive skills. They are substantially different but are used for the same purpose which is communication. Writing is the most difficult skill because it requires a
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Unit nineteen covered the types of English classes. There are teaching beginners, in which there are different categories of beginners ranging from students who have no English, adult learners, young
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In this lesson, I learned different ways on how to troubleshoot when faced with different teaching scenarios. For instance, I learned the different activities I can utilize during first lessons or as
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Well, for me and in my little experience teaching, course books have been a great source of material for teaching. Coursebooks have given good ideas and leads to know what to teach. But I have not dog
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Unit 6 introduces the grammar part of this course. It teaches the Past Tenses System, which includes four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. Four Past Tenses are covered in f
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Conditional sentences or expressions are identified with if or when. I have known conditional to only be identified with if and when. I have never known conditionals to be of types, and namely zero, f
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I have learnt that it is by regular evaluation through tests,observation and monitoring that a teacher can be confident that students are progressing in learning English .Different tets are used for v
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This unit talks about model auxiliary verbs Modal auxiliary verbs can also be used to express differing degrees of formality. Modal verbs don't change in form according to person. Compare the modal I
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Unit 12 cover upon two integrated skills, particularly examines in details two productive skills – speaking and writing. Speaking is a skill that requires accuracy and fluency activities. Accuracy a
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Materials like wipe board, visual aids, worksheets, cds, dictionaries can be used in class. The resource books come in three parts. The student book gives the information for the teaching point. The w
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