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Methodology based unit ,really really new ideas and new concepts for new teachers also very interesting to know. Although many people must be aware of these methodologies in fact many/all must be usin
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I found this lesson confusing. The reported and direct speech its something I could see being a challenge to teach. I think with a lot of games and practice students can learn this. Its hard to know t
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Cut Off
This unit was all about past tenses. The past simple tense is for completed actions. For example: I cried, I went, I slept, etc. The past continuous tense is for past actions that may not be complete
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unit 2 was about parts of speech which means what is the role of each word to make a sentence meaningful and understandable. in other words, each word has a defined position in a sentence and by combi
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This unit reinforced some ideas I already had about the proper use of course materials. Most of my previous instructors that I thought were the most effective in the past would use textbooks, but not
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Unit Nine discussed the details of lesson planning. I found this unit to be enlightening because it not only allowed for the understanding of the purpose and parts of a lesson plan but also gave an op
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Denham Springs
Managing a class needs to be approached from many perspectives. It needs to allow a better cohesiveness for the class as a whole, allowing for a good learning environment. It also needs to be comforta
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This course is an introduction to the teaching world.It demonstrates the relationship between the teachers and the students.it also identifies the roles that should be played by an a good teacher.Besi
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I enjoyed having these two videos to watch for this unit because, while written rules about how a lesson should be carried out are helpful, actually seeing examples of an effective lesson and a less e
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Des Allemands
There are many aids in the classroom that can help with teaching. However, it is essential to make sure that the equipment used is working and is proper for the environment and exercise. One of the mo
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This unit describes the grammatical rules of conditional phrase and reported speech in the English language. Conditional speech is composed of four types as follow: zero condition, first condition, th
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In daily life, I automatically use the English grammar without realizing whether it is proper. English being my mother tongue, I realized that I am using it properly and to teach English, it is at a d
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Dixie Inn
Unit fourteen covered books and materials used for lessons. Course books consist of the following material: students’ book, teachers’ book, workbooks, videos, and other printed material. Course b
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Unit 4 teaches the grammar part of this course. It explains the Present Tenses System, which includes four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. Four Present Tenses are covered
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Unit 20 discussed what to do when facing difficulties in the classroom: troubleshooting. This included creating rapport on the first class by not using too much grammar and instead fun 'warmer' exerci
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I this unit I learned how much more to grammar there is. Usually you are taught nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and that's about it. Gerunds are something new to me. Parts of speech are e
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I cannot help but feel that there are more nuances with the past tense than I have picked up here. I am sure these will become apparent as I begin teaching. I do not think I will have trouble teachi
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Dry Prong
In this unit, the two videos show the various ways of teaching. In the first video lesson one, the teacher's attitude towards the lesson was quite strange and stiff. He didn't really have the patience
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Many different types of teaching aids and equipments can be used to teach in a classroom. The board is important and all the board work must be planned and organised.Interactive white boards are used
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This unit describes the grammatical rules of future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous in the English language. It explains how they are formed and what is their u
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Unit 7 is a continuation of unit 3, this time expanding on three areas of language: vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Practical methods to use Engage, Study, and Activate are introduced. I found the
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While teaching a new language to students, they should be exposed to it, understand it, its construction and practise. Learning vocabulary is very important in early stages. Learner’s receptive voca
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East Hodge
This unit describes the grammatical rules of phrasal verbs, passive voice, relative clause and modal auxiliary verbs in the English language. To give a short definition of each, in the passive voice s
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In this language I learned that its important that students have to opportunity to learn the meaning and vocab of different words in English and be exposed to it as often as possible. I also learn to
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Eden Isle
This unit is about teaching special groups, and focuses mainly on teaching beginners, teaching children, and teaching business english. We go through what kind of beginners there are, and how they can
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I was worried about this unit that it's going to be hard to understand because of the verb + ing/past simple verb/was/were/had been but I feel better now because it gave me a clear picture of each and
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I've learnt a great deal from this chapter. Due to the nature of the a one on one 50 minute class, I usually uses the Straight Arrow methond to conduct my classes. By learning various new methods, suc
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This unit covered many topics in grammar that I was only somewhat familiar with and provided a much-needed review of. I had heard the term passive voice many times before in regards to grammatical str
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This chapter explained not only the importance of having a class textbook, but the multiple factors which determine its success in the course. When listing the advantages and disadvantages, price was
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This unit was helpful for how to choose the language point you want to focus on in any given lesson; whether it be vocabulary, grammar or language function. The example lessons on each language point
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This unit is about lesson planning. It describes the various needs to plan for both new and experiences teachers. It goes over, and gives an example of a filled in lesson plan, as well as a blank plan
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As I have understood the unit one was about the characteristics of a good and professional teacher as well as a motivated learner, who individually possess some fixed attributes which intend to work t
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This unit was chapter 11 called teaching receptive skills and was discussing reading and listening and how they tie into an ESA lesson. More specifically, how they tie into everything we do from enter
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This unit is very useful for me because it made more clear about the sentence structures and i got more confidence to teach the students, because this part is very basis but most important part when s
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Unit sixteen covered the five conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals sentences use ‘if’ and refer to the past, present or future. In these types of sentences, there are two clauses, the
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Unit 5 teaches about classroom management and explains in details different methods how to promote healthy teaching and learning environment. Healthy teaching and learning environment will facilitate
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This unit is about the responsibilities of both students and teachers inside the classroom. One part discussed the motivations, experiences, and behaviors of the learners based on their age group. Ano
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This unit focused on speaking and writing or productive skills. Speaking should focus on accuracy and fluency, but not at the same time. Accuracy should be the focus of the study phase where students
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Unit 11 describes about the receptive skills which are the listening and reading. Listening and reading are equally important among other skills. They are developed among the students without using th
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After studying this unit, I know the importance of a lessons plan. It can help teachers think logically through the stages in relation to available time. It can also help you focus on your target lang
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I learned in the lesson how important it is to have the students talking English. The best way for students to learn is to have them talk as much as possible, even if they're making mistakes. I also l
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The unit on future tenses is important as are the other units within the TEFL Course. It allows me to understand the various kinds of future tense groups and gives me perspective as to how various sce
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In this lesson, I discovered what a gerund is, a verb ending in ing taking the place of a noun. Other than this, everything I learned in this lesson was a review from grade school. It was nice to refr
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Fifth Ward
This units introduces all the present tenses that a teacher has to to teach his students from all levels.It represents the levels,usages the forms and the exceptions. I have learnt new reasons for lea
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A teacher can never be a teacher without a set of students who listen and want to learn. This module helps the future teacher set up and manage the classroom properly and efficiently. It is important
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this section deals with the forms and usage of the past tense.It can be confusing when learning how to use the past tense when there are many irregular verbs for the simple past and no guiding rule so
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Modal auxiliary verbs are added before the main verb to place emphasis or description to the verb. Often such expressions carry information such as requests, obligations, the degree of certainty, etc.
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this unit provides a presentation of the available types of esl exams in the world.it also highlights the importance and benefits of the valuation system for the learner,the various reasons that mo
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Unit 1 reflects the information on what makes a “good teacher” and what makes a “good learner”. There are some characteristics that a “good teacher” should possess, like be a good manager
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Forest Hill
This unit contains information on how to teach future tenses. The future simple form is easy enough to understand using a subject + will + a base form verb. Some examples are: I will play tomorrow, sh
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