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This was a very intensive lesson, in that I had little knowledge of the difference in just the present tense. Having the formulas for each tense will definitely come in handy when teaching. This is on
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For teaching one should need to know importance about every aspect of language or text or dialogue.So in this unit we get to know the 4 basic skills of any language ie Receptive(reading,listening) an
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I learned a lot about the different present tenses namely the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Specifically, I was confused about the usage of each p
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Lockport Heights
This unit explains how to manage an English class to be effective as much as possible. It points out that according to the situation and type of the activity a teacher have to decide whether to contro
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From this unit,I learned that what is better to do at the first class with a new group.There is no rush to teach the language points .Sometimes get to know each other first can relax the learning atmo
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Unit thirteen covered pronunciation and phonology, dealing with the areas of intonation, articulation, stress, and the international phonetic alphabet. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch
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From this unit , I learned that how should the teachers can use the course book better.How to process a class more successfully.We as a english teacher should always be creative about the class activi
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I learned that there are a lot of different types of form for present tenses. There is present simple form, present continuous form, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I learned that ther
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Being new to teaching English formally in a classroom this was a good introduction to maintaining order, attention and engagement in a classroom. Many factors dictate how to best engage the students a
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Learning about receptive skills was a different kind of a lesson. Understanding how students learn through reading and listening was fascinating to say the least. As a teacher these past four years
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This unit talks about lesson plans and how they are made. There are three main functions of working plam]ns: these are An aid of planning, A working document and A record. There also some basic princi
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From this unit, I have got a clear picture of speaking and writing usage. Just like reading/listening, speaking and writing are both equally important. For accuracy we need to be careful with spelling
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The biggest things I took from this unit are the importance of having an easy going positive attitude, of starting simple when explaining things, and of the importance of eliciting as much as possible
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Unit 16 illustrates the conditionals and reported speech. In this unit, I learned the various types of conditionals and how they are formed. Types of conditionals include zero, first, second, third an
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In this unit i have learned classroom management. The skill of organizing the class, individual student within the class and what takes place within the class. How to use eye contact, gesture and the
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This unit covers the ESA process of teaching in a classroom. ESA stands for Engage, Study and Activate. This unit describes each stage in detail and what each of those stages is comprised of. It ex
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills to the students. It is about how we understand written and spoken language different, due to the possibility of reading things over and over versus only he
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This unit is about troubleshooting, common problem situations, and how to overcome this in relation to for example the first lesson of a new class. We get tips to different activities for the first le
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As a future English teacher, one needs to know the subject being taught and be passionate about it. Apart from the above mentioned, one needs to have a vast knowledge of the subject. This module teach
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Unit 11 teaches about two receptive skills – listening and reading, which are equally important and should be equally applied with other two skills – speaking and writing. The Unit notes that list
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the components of language emphasized in this particular unit are most neglected in teaching english language but are very important in recognizing the subtle yet very important information that lies
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this unit i have learnt the basics of student evaluation . the necessity , uses and advantages of it . how to use it correctly . i have also learnt that it keeps the teaching and learning together and
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This unit is a little bit difficult for me. After going through this unit, I learnt a lot. And I know more information about Pronunciation of English. Before that, I was always confused about the acce
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There are five kinds of learners identified in the unit; the absolute learner, the false beginner, the adult learner, the young learner, and the learner without Roman Alphabet. It's intriguing that t
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In this unit, number 19 we learned about teaching special groups such as young learners and business students. I liked this section of the course because it offered advice on one on one classes, and a
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In this lesson I found it helpful knowing how to use the first lesson. I'll be a new teacher so knowing how to start will be really important. I think dealing with difficult students might be tougher
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This unit was all about classroom management. This unit covered a variety of different ways and methods of managing a classroom. From different ways of arranging your seats all the way to how you wr
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This unit covers the structure of Future tense, and is not too different from Present and Past tense. Obviously Future tense related with future prediction or future activity like decisions or future
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Mer Rouge
Unit 20 shows the most common problems that teachers can face with during the class and the ways how to solve them. The most vital knowledge the teacher should possess is how to deal with the first le
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This unit is about productive skills known as speaking and writing. Both of these skills are used to communicate and interact with people. There are different types of activities in relation to speaki
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The last unit was about problems that a teacher may face in an English classroom. There are a number of solutions to the common problem in a class. These problems could be as follow: the first lesson,
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This chapter explains the multiple tests available to students to assess their English capabilities. I was unaware that Cambridge exams are some of the world leaders in certification for ESL students.
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There are more tenses in the future but most have less usage compared to the present or the past. The future simple tense is easy to form, only adding the auxiliary verb "will" before the verb. It can
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In this unit, it covers 3 parts of grammar: modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. We examine modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, as well as brief overview of phrasal verbs and r
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In this unit, we know that whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed
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This unit was about a comparison between an effective teacher and an inexperienced one. In the first video, the teacher has made too many errors like not being aware of students needs. He could not in
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As a native speaker I mainly learned English by ear so this is a great refresher on the names of the present tenses and forms. I definitely take communication for granted as a native English speaker a
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This unit is about course books and lesson materials. It goes through the usages of authentic and created material, and the advantages/disadvantages of them both. This unit also covers what to look fo
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Wow... definitely fun to watch the videos of a class outside of Korean culture. I loved the energy of the teacher and the ability he had to show how not to do it as well. I am definitely going to be
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As teaching in China,Chinese school put a lot of emphasis on grammar. It's taught as though it is a seperate course from English. Therefore, the students excel at grammar when it comes to writing and
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Unit 9 titled Planning lessons is about lesson plans and the ESA format. It revolves around the Engage, Study and Activate plans and discussing there is no special way in which a plan must be written.
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this unit introduces different methods of learning a language and how approaches have altered over time with an increasing focus on student talk/participation time.we are informed about the importance
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Unit One covered the basic understanding of the role of teachers and the different types of students which may appear in the classroom. Teachers have many different roles, but all good teachers seem t
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Due in part to human nature, there are many different types of learners and teachers, and the key to being an effective teacher is to keep these differences in mind and adapt one's teaching style depe
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The list of example activities for Engage opened my eyes to what I should have been doing in class. My past lessons were admittedly unimaginative as I stuck to the course book, never critically questi
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Unit 3 tell us about the different methods and techniques that are used by TEFL teachers in the classroom.The most commonly used are:Audio-lingualism,presentation,Practice and Production(PPP), Grammar
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First impressions last. This unit covers dealing establishing rapport with students on the first day. I enjoyed this unit as it reminded me of some of my 'first classes', and the tone that was set. In
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In this unit I learned the dynamic between the teacher and student and what makes a successful teacher. Part of being a successful teacher is using a variety of teaching methods. There are a variety o
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Morgan City
There are different types of classes such as beginners class, class of individuals, teaching children, English for specific purposes and finally the monolingual and multilingual class. Each type of c
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Chapter seven was very confusing, because speaking in the future seems so simple but now, after seeing all of the written rules I’m not too sure I’ve been using the future tense correctly. The sub
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