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This unit discusses the present tenses. Present tense is ahead of the past and behind the future. It describes the 'here and now'. Similar to the last unit I had no idea what most of the conversationa
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Abita Springs
The receptive skills are reading and listening. Reading for a purpose helps us to achieve our goal. Reading for entertainment is pleasurable and enjoyable. There are some skills regarding reading. The
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I become more aware of just how difficult it must be for students wanting to learn English as a second language as this course progresses into the complexities around tense choices and conditional sta
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In this unit, I learned about the qualities, roles and responsibilities of a good teacher. As I want to be an online English teacher in the future, this unit is helpful for me because this gives me an
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This was a challenging chapter to learn and I still feel I do not fully understand the material it discussed. I will need to review it. It went in depth on the topics of pronunciation and articulating
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The unit on teaching pronunciation and phonology is a long one which highlights information that is rarely shared and taught in detail by teachers to students. There are many variations and sub-topics
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My colleagues believed it's near impossible to balance rapport and discipline. Become to friendly and your students will take advantage of the relationship to shirk difficult subjects such as grammar;
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Amite City
The main idea of this unit is that how to manage a class. Classroom Management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relexed manner and maintaining discipline. There’
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The future simple tense is used to show future facts, promises,predictions, assumptions, spontaneous decisions, threats etc. ‘Shall’ or ‘will’ can be used for simple future tense. The future c
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This unit was a good follow up to the present tense unit and similarly a great refresher as not only has it been quite a while since grade school (when I initially learned these terms) but I learned E
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In this short Unit about teaching new language, I am informed of what to keep in mind when teaching vocabulary and grammar. In particular, I should keep in mind of what the students need to know about
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Unit 3 covers upon the methods and techniques that can be used during the class. The task of this Unit is to enhance the process of teaching English by empowering and facilitating teachers to work pro
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This unit, chapter 15 discussed the evaluation methods of students' language level. This included through tests: placement level, progress tests which gauge memory and acquisition of knowledge or what
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I loved getting to watch the real life examples, I have experienced both of these types of teachers in my own schooling. Lesson 1 was disappointing because I find that majority of teachers work that w
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Unit 1 described the qualities of good learners and good teachers. It also discussed the role of the teacher and the different levels of student language proficiency as well as the importance of under
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This unit is about receptive skills which are reading and listening. It is necessary to know that both are equally important. The point is as a reader or hearer we have to combine a new information wi
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This unit talk is about productive skills:speaking and writing, which are equally important as receptive skills. And also teach us how we can apply this while we have class. In speaking part, there ar
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In this section of the course I learned about what makes up a "good" teacher and student along with the rolls of both. From this i learned that i believe that being the organizer of the class is very
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As a future English teacher, it is essential to have a vast knowledge of the syllabus and how to relay the information accross as easily as possible. Past tenses are important for the students to gras
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This unit talks about how to manage a class. With the use of gestures, eye contact and voices it helps to the control and make the class interesting and fun. This unit also talks about how the class c
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Banks Springs
this unit represents an excellent revision of some of the most important grammar rules any teacher need.the rules and instructions it provides are basic but at the same time can get surprisingly compl
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This unit consists of two videos. One is an example of a correct lesson, and one is an example of a failed lesson. Clearly the second video is of the correct/successful lesson. The teacher in the firs
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Unit eighteen covered modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs. Modal verbs are utilized before another verb to add meaning to the main verb. Model verbs can be used to express obligation,
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Unit 7 describes intensively the concept in teaching new language specifically the vocabulary, grammar and functions. It is important to note that whatever the levels of your students are, they should
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Unit twenty covers issues that a teacher may encounter. When teaching the first lesson, experienced teachers use activities rather than utilize the course book. By doing this the teacher establishes r
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Baton Rouge
Unit three covered the theories, methods, and techniques for teaching English. The unit covered the different methods dating from the seventeenth century to present the methods and approaches used tod
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In this unit we looked at some different techniques for teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing. I personally found it interesting the differences in the writing we use compared to
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Bayou Blue
I learned in Unit 5 that a confident and flexible teacher can easily inspire students and, consequently, manage them towards effective learning. One of the keys to successful classroom management is b
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Bayou Cane
this section explains the rules and exceptions of the 4 main present tenses.It gives definitions and examples of each type of present tense and their usage.The unit points out that learners of Englis
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Bayou Country Club
Unit seventeen covered teaching equipment. There are many teaching aids that a teacher can utilize in a classroom to make lessons more engaging and effective. Boards can be utilized for writing, drawi
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Bayou Gauche
I learned from Unit 11 that both receptive and productive skills must be incorporated in a lesson for balance and for creation of more integrated skills. Receptive skills – reading and listening –
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Bayou Goula
This chapter explained how language students learn to read, write, speak and listen in order to grasp the new language. There are different interests and motivators for each student, causing the teach
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Bayou L'Ourse
This unit talks about teaching special groups like teaching beginners, teaching children, teaching individuals and teaching business english. Teaching beginners are grouped into 1. The absolute begin
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Bayou Vista
Encouraging learners requires many different teaching roles to ensure ongoing motivation, confidence and a desire to continue learning. As a teacher the need to role model excellent grammar and pronun
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Based on my understanding of Unit 15, assessment is necessary to monitor student levels and progress. Students must be informed of how well they are performing in class and how far they have come alon
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Belle Chasse
This unit talks about lesson plans and how they are made. There are three main functions of working plam]ns: these are An aid of planning, A working document and A record. There also some basic princi
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Belle Rose
Conditionals are used to express hypothetical situations and consequences. The five types of conditionals are zero, first, second, third, and mixed. All conditionals are formed with the "If" clause, g
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It is quite useful to know how to manage a classroom for teaching and learning purposes. Building rapport is well noted. Employing more gestures so student talk time is increased is also particularly
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I now know the future tenses are subdivided into seven sub tenses, namely the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going+infinitive, the present simple, the
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Unit 12 discusses the productive skills such as speaking and writing. Although they are different in terms of how they could be developed among learners, both of them are intended for communication. H
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I continue to find it hard to remember with the different tenses ,appropriate time ,action and usage which goes where when having to pick a written answer although I am a competent speaker of English
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I myself had taught Kindergarten, Elementary, and High school students. Therefore, the information presented about younger learners in this unit resonated very much with me. Whereas the business Engli
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This unit is about learners and teachers and the traits,factors and methods which can ensure success for a teacher of EFL; and her students.A section focuses on the learner encompassing the desired qu
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I have learnt that students of EFL face lots of challenges with both productive skills but writing is probably more challenging as factors such as having a different alphabet,writing in a different di
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In this unit, I reviewed the value of lesson planning and practiced planning a few lessons. Some important reasons for writing a lesson plan are: to have a reference to look at during the lesson, to k
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A constructive unit of how to manage classes and class room seating. Also explanations on students (possible problem) behaviour in class and how to tackle the most common issues. Very welcome tips and
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In this unit we get to know about different Evaluation Process and techniques, Evaluation is very important at every level of life ..we can say only the "Process" is different in respect to what we ar
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Bossier City
As much as teachers need to be flexible in the way they present a lesson, it cannot be denied that planning is necessary especially for novice teachers. Lesson planning ensures that learning goals and
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I learned from Unit 13 that an effective teacher includes pronunciation in English language teaching. Pronunciation is important because it reflects feelings and personal reactions of the speaker. Alo
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For the teaching in the class will meet variety students types. This units helps me to arrange the class atmospheres. And is very useful to how to control or make the activity which students particip
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