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Companies Highest TESOL
Through this course I have gained a more thorough knowledge of the basics of english grammar, as well as useful tools for communicating this information to students who are learning english as a second language...
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As a native english speaker, I learned how to look at english as a foreign language...
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I have personally gained a greater understanding of the most effective way to teach english to non-native speakers...
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Dates Recognised TESOL
This course has taught me several valuable skills, as well as given me confidence in my own knowledge of english language teaching that I will take with me into the classroom...
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This course was structured very well...
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Achieving TESOL Diplomas
I feel like this course really opened my eyes to a lot about the english language and teaching in general...
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Accreditation Good TESOL
This course has made me not clueless about what will be expected of me in my new job...
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Class Intensive TESOL
Taking this online tefl course taught me methodology behind teaching english as a Second Language...
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Cost Legit TESOL
Personally, I've learned that preparation is key to the beginning of successfully teaching...
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Complete TESOL Cities
It seems to me that the most important thing which I have gained during this course is the knowledge about the need of dividing one’s lesson in the stages; engage, study, activate...
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Company TESOL Weekend
This rich and various course has meant for me the chance to deepen two main language areas: teaching skills and language awareness...
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Company TESOL Celta
For me especially, as I had prior teacher training (but not as a language teacher), this course provided me with a foundation for understanding grammatical structures in english and being able to explain them...
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Company Recognition TESOL
I have been interested in taking this class for a few years now as a vehicle for enabling me to teach ESL students when I retired from 30+ years of teaching and working with Special Education students and their families...
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Company Onsite TESOL
Admittedly, before I took this course, as a college educated, native-english speaker, and self-professed writer, I was a little cocky about my own abilities and wasn't sure how much new information I would gain from this online course...
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Company Combined TESOL
I have learned there is so much preparation work that goes behind teaching just one lesson...
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Company Affordable TESOL
I have realized that I still have a lot of study to do to become fluent in using the more advanced structures of english grammar...
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Companies TESOL Teachers
Personally this course made me realize just how much I have forgotten about the english language...
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Companies Respected TESOL
Having grown up in an english speaking country (US), there are many things that I take for granted in terms of english grammar...
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Companies Onsite TESOL
While working through the 20 units of this course, I have learned a great deal...
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Companies Legit TESOL
I currently teach 30-48 month olds at an international school in South korea...
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Companies Inclass TESOL
I think a lot of what I gained through this course is discussed in Task 3 (Why complete a tefl course)...
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Companies Genuine TESOL
From this course, I have gained a further appreciation for the career I've chosen, and developed my skills in organizing and planning lessons...
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Companies Credible TESOL
Being a teacher in South korea, I have experienced the classroom and various scenarios that I hadn't experienced when teaching in America...
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Companies Combined TESOL
I started this course with teaching experience but absolutely no background in teaching EFL, nor any background in english except for the fact it's my native language...
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Colleges Distance TESOL
This course has exposed me to a wide range of tools and understanding concerning the art of teaching english to all types of students...
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College Global TESOL
Taking this course has helped me deconstruct any preconceived notions I had about teaching english as Foreign Language...
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Class Location TESOL
This ITTT online course has provided me everything I need to teach english as a foreign language...
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Cheapest TESOL Schools
I have learned much about organization of activities and exercises and how they can dictate the flow of a lesson...
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Cheapest TESOL Language
This course has been a tough yet very useful one in helping to further my career as an english teacher abroad...
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Cheap TESOL Centers
As for me, as I have already been teaching for a few years full time, it was more that this course acted to fill in gaps in my knowledge, and to improve on some areas I had room for improvement in...
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