TEFL Reviews

Rates Easy TESOL
I personally, have taken a lot out of this course...
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Rates TESOL Celta
Despite not being extremely excited about having to do this course while traveling in Africa, now that I'm in unit 20 I can honestly say that I feel so well-equipped as I prepare to return to china in mid February to resume teaching at an international high school...
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Rate Recognition TESOL
I think the most important thing that I have learned in this course is the lesson planning materials...
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Rate Inclass TESOL
I am a kind of person who loves to study and get new knowledge from everywhere around (either it a course book, movie or a talk with somebody)...
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Rate Genuine TESOL
I have learnt a great deal about the english language – in particular about grammar that I take for granted...
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Qualified TESOL Schools
This course has really taught me things about the english language I didn’t even know existed like the way we form sentences and why we do it that way...
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Qualifications TESOL Courses
I have gained a large amount of knowledge on how to structure lessons plans and feel very confident walking into a classroom teaching from a lesson plan...
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Qualifications Respected TESOL
I’m not sure what I initially expected this course to be like; but I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations...
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Qualifications Onsite TESOL
I gained back knowledge about english that I have completely forgotten about within my years of education...
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Provider TESOL Teaching
Though I have had a few years of experience as an english teacher before taking this course, I believe the course has helped me in numerous ways...
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Provider TESOL Cert
Perhaps the most striking piece of this course is how little I actually new about english grammar...
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Provider Short TESOL
One of the biggest things that I learned from this course was the way to structure classes effectively...
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Provider Professional TESOL
I have gained the tools I need to go out and teach english to students of any age or background...
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Provider Legitimate TESOL
As I come to the end of this course I also approach the completion of my university undergraduate degree...
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Provider Complete TESOL
This course has been very helpful for me to gain a better understanding of grammar...
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Programs TESOL Diploma
Personally, this course was a great refresher for teaching practices in the classroom...
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Programs Legitimate TESOL
This course is a great introductory for what is to come when I begin teaching english abroad...
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Programs Global TESOL
After completing this course I think I gained the most information in the english language...
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Programs Fast TESOL
To summarize what this course has taught me cannot be accomplished in just a paragraph or two...
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Program TESOL Teaching
I have gained an understanding of EFL needs and teaching methodology, and a concise overview of grammar for teaching EFL students...
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Prices Diploma TESOL
This course has been quite enlightening and educative to me, both in terms of teaching and in terms of grammar construction and usage...
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Price Fast TESOL
Through this course, I have learned a range of things, including how to organize a lesson, different methods of teaching the language, areas of english to especially focus on, and more...
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Price Celta TESOL
From this course, I have revised and refreshed my knowledge of the english language...
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Price All TESOL
This comprehensive online DVD course has given me the opportunity to learn some creative teaching ideas that are effective in the classroom setting...
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Preparation TESOL Teaching
I have gained working knowledge of how to teach basic english grammar and other english concepts...
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Preparation TESOL Diploma
I think I've learned a lot, but I also have learned that I need to do a lot more study of english grammar...
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